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CommonDreams – Outside FCC And Nationwide, A Singel Call : “Save The Internet!” – 15 May 2014

common-dreamsOutside FCC and Nationwide, a Single Call: “Save the Internet!”

‘FCC’s plan would allow companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to create a two-tiered Internet, with a fast lane for those who can afford it — and a dirt road for the rest of us.’

– Jon Queally, staff writer

(Credit: FreePress.net)

Outside the Federal Communications Commission and around the country on Thursday, defenders of the “open internet” are rallying to protect the essence internet freedom by protesting proposed rule changes now under consideration at the FCC.

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UK To Torpedo EU’s Net Neutrality Laws Over Child Porn – Report – 15 May 2014

RT logoLegislation which aims to enforce the ‘net neutrality’ principle in the EU, would be reportedly blocked by Britain, on the basis that in the bill’s current form it restricts governments’ ability to ban illegal content without a court order.

“We wouldn’t support anything that restricted our ability to block illegal material,” a UK government spokesperson told BuzzFeed. “We do not support any proposals that mean we cannot enforce our laws, including blocking child abuse images.”

The European Parliament adopted in April the draft legislation, which says that internet service providers should treat all traffic equally and cannot take money from certain services, like the video streaming provider Netflix, for preferential treatment of their subscribers.

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US ‘Not On Path‘ To Aid Rebels In Winning War Against Assad Regime – US General – 15 May 2014

RT logo(Lucas : comment: Really?)

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The US is not providing Syrian rebels with all they need to win the war against President Assad, as the armed opposition doesn’t have the government structure to provide goods, services or security, nor the counterterrorism capability to fight Al-Qaeda.

Syrian rebels have no force capable of holding government to administer aid and wage attacks against the current Assad regime, General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Atlantic Council, a think tank in the field of international affairs, in Washington, DC.

“They need the force they have now, which is trying to protect local villages and try to harass the regime and level the playing field. They need something that eventually will be able to hold ground,” he said.

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OpEdNews – Robert Reich – Tim Geithner And The Wall Street Bailout Redux – 15 May 2014

OpEdNewsTimothy Geithner’s new book about the financial crisis, “Stress Test,” is basically an argument that the Wall Street bailout succeeded. That’s hardly surprising, given that Geithner was in charge of the bailout when Treasury Secretary (as was his predecessor at Treasury, Hank Paulson), and so has an inherit interest in telling the public it succeeded.

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‘US Against Elections In Syria Fearing Assad Might Win’ – 15 May 2014

RT logoThe victory by Assad in Syria’s elections will give him additional democratic, electorally-bestowed legitimacy and that is the real reason why the US government doesn’t want an elected government, geopolitical analyst Brian Becker told RT.

RT: President Obama has just met with the Syrian opposition leader Ahmad Jarbar, but won’t talk to the official government representatives or President Assad. Why is that?

Brian Becker: I think it’s an indication that the Obama Administration in spite of the fact that its policy has completely failed, in spite of the fact that its policy of funding, of fueling and arming the armed opposition to the Assad government with the idea that it would invariably succeed in overthrowing the Assad government, in spite of those set-backs to its policies, it’s hanging tough so to speak, showing that it is bestowing the legitimacy or power of the US with the armed opposition.

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Washington-Led World Project Is On The Offensive – 15 May 2014

RT logoAuthor: John Wight is a writer and commentator specializing in geopolitics, UK domestic politics, culture and sport.

Both in Syria and eastern Ukraine people have mounted a courageous stand against a determined assault by the West, proving that in the last analysis the desire for freedom, dignity, and justice can never be denied.

More significantly, the people of Syria and eastern Ukraine have succeeded in exposing the hypocrisy of those who peddle abstract concepts of democracy and sovereignty while actively working to undermine and subvert them.

The evacuation of Homs by rebel fighters in Syria recently marks a significant milestone in the life and death struggle for the future of the country, and the wider region, that has been raging these past three years. While the rebels have not yet been completely defeated, it is clear by now that the Syrian government of Bashar Assad is no longer in danger of being toppled, which given that it seemed inevitable two years ago constitutes a major turnaround and transformation in its fortunes.

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OpEdNews – Herbert Calhoun – A Tale Of Two New York Cities – 15 May 2014

OpEdNewsIn this book, “The Divide,” the intrepid reporter, Matt Taibi, raises a series of provocative questions, the answers to which, for those of us who are paying attention, tend to get to the bottom of what is ailing our country, and gets there very quickly indeed. Theses questions are densely pack in two broad-based criminal vignettes that cut across class, race and local New York City ethnicities.

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‘Knee Deep’: 50,000 Gallons Of Oil Spills On LA Streets – 15 May 2014

RT logoA ruptured oil pipe near the city of Glendale, Los Angeles County, has caused a massive leak as 50,000 gallons of crude oil spilled onto streets, which is knee high in some places, the Los Angeles Fire Department reports.

The leak from a 20-inch pipe was first reported at around 12:15 am local time. The oil line was remotely shut off, the Los Angles Fire Department (LAFD) said in a press release. The oil spill has covered approximately a half-mile area, and is knee deep in some spots. The leak, which was sprung near 5175 W. San Fernando Rd., has spill has affected some commercial businesses.

“Oil is knee-high in some areas,” the fire department said in a statement. “A handful of commercial businesses are affected.”


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Worst Crisis In Decades: Vietnam Riots Over Chinese Drilling Spread, Killing More Than 20 – 15 May 2014

RT logoMore than 20 people have died and over 100 were injured in Vietnamese riots, signaling the worst breakdown in relations with China in decades. This follows China’s oil drilling in disputed waters. Hundreds of Chinese have now fled to neighboring Cambodia.

At least five deaths were reported to be Vietnamese, with the rest having been described as mainland Chinese.

The mass rioting included over 20,000 workers on Tuesday, before they split into smaller groups and started attacking factories near Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon.

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Lisa Gawlas – The Winds Of Change Are Blowing…- 15 May 2014

lisagawlas2What an energy bath we are getting, holy cow even!!  For me personally, it felt like I woke up in a brand new sea of salt water, my eyes stung pretty much all day long, it eased up as the day went on, but man, it really felt like we hit a brand new sea of energy and we went in with our eyes wide open!

As I seen this incoming energy yesterday, thru the days connections, it is special indeed.  First of all, it came in with the shine of the full moon energy, (how did I miss that before! lol)  Plus, it came in on a triple 5 day (5-14-14) (I swear, for as much as I see, there is so much right in front of me that I miss!!)  We cannot discount the 1+4 energy as well, new beginnings (1) as we finish up an earth cycle (4) times two.  Here in goes to the old earth as well as the new earth.  One can ask, if this earth is new, how could we have finished a cycle already.  Well, just think, January thru April… the massive pounding and rearranging our bodies have gone thru (and still lingers on a bit even now.)  If we allowed, we were stripped of the old world energy, reconfigured our mental energy to align with our heart energy (two minds working as one,) our Soul blue prints wiped from our “old life” as we were inlaid with the new.  The very cells of our body changed out and enhanced to the new light frequency of the Garden of Eden, and our expanded abilities that laid dormant until we reached this new earth, started to come online.  That’s one hellofa completion!! Continue reading