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BRICS Say Failure To Enact IMF Reforms Damages Institution’s Legitimacy – 15 November 2014

RT logoBRICS countries’ leaders are disappointed by the US block on IMF reforms to help developing countries have more influence internationally. They called for the G20 to ratchet up pressure if America doesn’t ratify the 2010 IMF reform by the end of the year.

“The leaders have called for G20 to plan a discussion of options the IMF will present in January 2015 in case the US doesn’t ratify the 2010 reform by the end of this year,” said a joint statement released by the BRICS countries at the G20 summit.


The statement also says, “The leaders have confirmed their disappointment and serious concern about violation of the 2010 IMF reforms and the impact it has on the fund’s legitimacy and trust towards it.”

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Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – “Root Chakra Grounding” – 15 November 2014

DjwhalKhul(Channeling begins)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. We’ve been working a lot with colors and 3rd Eye development and kind of a lot of other things so today I want to talk about the Root Chakra and how to work with the elements in nature in relationship to the Root Chakra.

The grounding to the planet is more challenging right now because of what is going on in the Heavens and really just energetically in general. So if you would imagine your Root Chakra in the shape and the color of the planet Earth and see it as a rather large chakra. Continue reading

Los Angeles Police Using CIA Software To Track Criminals, Ex-Cons – 15 November 2014

RT logoNew software used by the Los Angeles Police Department shows not only where crime is most likely to happen, but also tracks ex-cons and others likely to commit crimes. Civil rights groups are concerned over its use for entrapment and data collection.

Dubbed ‘LASER,’ the software program was developed by the CIA’s venture capital arm and connects the dots from 15 separate sources of data to draw links and connections for combating crime. Ultimately it is able to analyze street crime locations, as well as ex-cons and their alliances, the Associated Press reported.

Under the program, a crime intelligence unit creates a list of people’s names, which patrolmen routinely gather when doing street stops and arrests. The lists are marked for information only and include a photo and the license plate numbers of vehicles that people use. This information becomes the starting point for analysis and investigation.

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US Navy Deploys Laser Weapon To Persian Gulf For First-Ever Combat Mission – 15 November 2014

RT logoThe US Navy has deployed its first ever combat laser. The futuristic weapon has boosted the arsenal of the Fifth Fleet’s command vessel in the Persian Gulf. The laser is said to be effective against numerous small targets, such as Iran’s gunboats.

A 30-kilowatt-class Laser Weapon System has been equipped on the USS Ponce amphibious transport ship since late August, Navy officials told Bloomberg.

The device is capable of focusing beams from six solid-state commercial welding lasers into a single strong beam, which can be used both as a blinding warning shot and as a weapon capable of setting fire to a drone or small boat.

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Lisa Gawlas – Thoughts, Creation, Clarity And Getting Out Of Park!! – 15 November 2014

lisagawlas2Wow, what a brighter, more colorful place the field is since the 11:11.  I would have never thought that we could actually bring in more light, but we did, purer light maybe.  The radiation is different than it ever has been before and much more alive… feel-able??  I am really running out of words to share the genuine depth of who you are, how you are, outwards.  The color spectrums that showed up in every reading yesterday, beyond any color spectrum I have ever experienced.  Even the colors are more alive, filled with the indescribable light I just mentioned. Continue reading

Republicans Threaten To Impeach Obama If He Issues Executive Action On Immigration – 15 November 2014

RT logoRepublicans are warning that they may pursue efforts to impeach US President Barack Obama if he goes forward with plans to use his executive authority to implement immigration reform.

On the heels of post-Election Day remarks made by President Obama last week, Republican Party representatives said the GOP should consider countering any attempt from the White House to unilaterally weigh in on immigration reform with an order of impeachment.

Last Wednesday, Obama warned that he will take whatever lawful actions he feels are necessary to “improve the function of our immigration system,” following years of unsuccessful efforts from Congress to accomplish as much on its own. The White House says that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has previously pushed back on efforts from Democratic lawmakers to introduce immigration reform, and the results of last Tuesday’s mid-term elections will soon see to it that the GOP has a majority in the Senate as well next session.

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Facebook Upgrades Its Overcomplicated Privacy Policy – 15 November 2014

RT logoFacebook has once again attempted to simplify and update its privacy policy in the midst of widespread criticism that it’s too long and complicated for its users. Its new illustrated policy is 70 percent shorter than the old.

A final draft of Facebook’s privacy policy will come into effect shortly after November 20. Until then users are welcome to send their feedback, propose changes or ask questions.

Facebook has introduced its new “Privacy Basics”, which it hopes will help its 1.35 billion users better understand how the privacy policy works.

“Privacy Basics offers interactive guides to answer the most commonly asked questions about how you can control your information on Facebook,” Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer wrote.

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John Ward – UK Politics Analysis: Anything Could Happen, But Nothing’s Going To Change – 15 November 2014

I continue to wonder if politicians ever listen to anything they’re told, or even read newspapers. In a long and hopelessly lightweight profile of Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in today’s Sarky Telegraph, Mr Hammond says that EU immigration reform is “nowhere near as black and white” as Brussels-am-Berlin pretend. Personally I think it couldn’t be more black and white: Both Merkel and Juncker have gone out of their way to make clear the the Union’s ‘four basic freedoms’ are non-negotiable….and one of them is free movement across borders. Were they to change this, the next country to ask for it would be France, followed closely by Greece. But Phil guffaws his way through the interview, concluding “It is not the case that Britain will be unable to actively reduce the number of migrants coming to the UK”. I give up. Continue reading

House Approves Construction Of Keystone XL – For The Ninth Time – 15 November 2014

RT logoThe US House of Representatives voted for a bill to begin construction of Keystone XL, a controversial $7-billion, 1,200-mile oil pipeline between Canada and Nebraska. The project had repeatedly failed to get sufficient support in the Senate.

“This will create other economic activity. This will ripple out through the economy,” boasted Republican Bill Cassidy, the sponsor of the House bill, following a 252-161 vote.

But the timing of the vote is more to do with a Louisiana Senate race, than with any immediate prospects of construction.
A mirror bill will go to the Senate on Tuesday, proposed by Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. Landrieu and Cassidy face a December 6 run-off for a Louisiana seat, and the incumbent Democrat wanted to bolster her economic credentials, by passing a bill that is popular with local voters, whose part of the Keystone pipeline is already complete, and awaiting connection with Canadian tar sand oil that will fill it to capacity.

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NASA Invents Self-Destructing Bio-Drone Made Of Fungus And Bacteria – 15 November 2014

RT logoA biodegradable drone made out of fungus, bacteria and wasp spit built by NASA-affiliated scientists may pave the way for future spyware, which would simply self-destruct if it crashes, leaving behind only minute remnants.

The biological drone would simply melt away, according to its designers. “No one would know if you’d spilled some sugar water or if there’d been an airplane there,” Lynn Rothschild of NASA’s Ames Research Center in California told New Scientist. The model was conceived by a group of scientists from across Stanford, Brown and Spelman College.

The bio drone completed its first flight earlier this month at the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition in Boston. It is primarily made of a fungal material called mycelium – the vegetative part – and looks a little bit like a cardboard drinks holder.

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