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24-Hr Public Strike Grips UK – 200,000 Protest Pay Freeze – 15 October 2014

RT logoStriking public sector workers have caused widespread disruption to UK services including museums, courts and job centers, as a 24-hour national walk-out grips the nation.

Around 200,000 members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) are taking part in the nationwide action, held in response to ongoing pay freezes and government cuts to the public sector.

The union said many of its members have faced a 20 percent real terms pay cut since 2010, due to the government’s pay freeze and a 1 percent raise cap. It further claimed that low-paid public sector workers are forced to claim in-work benefits in order to make ends meet.

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John Ward -New Brit On ISIS Death Row: Yet Again, He Is Not What He Seems – 15 October 2014


The mainstream media keep on telling us new candidate for decapitation John Cantlie is nothing more than “a very talented gung-ho news photographer”.

But once again, it doesn’t entirely add up. Continue reading

Washington Concealed US Troops Exposure To Chemical Weapons In Iraq – Intel Docs – 15 October 2014

RT logoAmerican soldiers discovered more than 4,990 chemical munitions in Iraq, according to Iraqi and US officials and previously classified intelligence documents, which may now be in the hands of Islamic State militants.

For much of the duration of the Iraq War, which saw US soldiers open a military invasion against the Ba’athist country in March 2003 amid tremendous international outcry, US forces “repeatedly encountered, and on six occasions were wounded by, chemical weapons” leftover from the Iraq-Iran War, reported the New York Times.

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The hefty eight-part report, largely based on interviews and highly redacted intelligence documents, said “17 American service members and seven Iraqi police officers…were exposed to nerve or mustard agents” between 2004 and 2011.

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UK Troops May Train ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels In ISIS Fight – 15 October 2014

RT logoBritish ministers are considering plans to train ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels in the fight against the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL), the UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said. Meanwhile, Britain’s most senior bishop has called for a “just peace.”

Speaking to the BBC, Fallon said UK troops could be deployed to a country neighboring Syria, most likely Jordan, to provide training.

It remains unclear which rebel groups precisely could be suitable for training, or what a British training mission would comprise of. Experts have previously raised concerns over who the appropriately “moderate” rebels are.

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John Ward – I Love You Big Boy…Stick It To Me! – 15 October 2014

chainsNew research conducted by the International Multicultural Fluffies team at Aston University suggests that, in the light of contemporary economic beliefs, 97% of voters are incurably masochist.

In a press release issued to the Dudley Gleaner this morning, IMF team members cited the following as key indicators of the accuracy of their findings:

* People are paying twice as much in real terms to watch Premiership football that gets less interesting with each year, and for which the players are paid up to £250k a week. But 57% of spectators think Rupert Murdoch is “a great broadcaster presenting what the People want to watch an’ there’s none of dem Marxists at Sky innit?” Continue reading

Fracking Triggered 400 Earthquakes In Ohio, Study Finds – 15 October 2014

RT logoA new study on the practice of hydraulic fracturing has found a direct connection to some 400 micro-earthquakes in an Ohio town. This is the second report on the Utica Shale this year. The town is one of very few where the quakes took place on a fault.

The new study, published Tuesday in the journal Seismological Research Letters, focuses on the eastern town of Canton, Harrison County, and three particular wells. It has found that the three wells operated in September-October 2013 in the Utica Shale caused 10 quakes of magnitude 1.7-2.2, among others.

But the case of Harrison County is one of a very few where, according to seismologist and lead author Paul Friberg, the quakes happened on a fault line.

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Global Oil Glut Sends Prices Plunging To 5-Year Low – 15 October 2014

RT logoOil prices have hit a 5-yr low after the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted a sharp drop in global oil consumption, cutting its forecast for global demand growth by about 22 percent.

The Paris-based energy watchdog cut its forecast for world oil demand this year by 250,000 barrels a day, according to its monthly report, published Tuesday.

In response, Brent crude tumbled below $87 per barrel, and at the time of publication, was trading at $84.04 per barrel. That is more than a 27.5 percent drop since June, when turmoil in Iraq drove up prices to $116 per barrel.

The monthly IEA report predicts oil supply and suggests the massive increase in production will further drive down prices. The sputtering world economy’s lack of demand is no match for the abundance of oil. Demand from the world’s biggest consumer of oil, China, has dropped to 290,000 barrels per day, a more than 60 percent fall.

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ZeroHedge – Dow Drops 1500 Points In 3 Weeks, Nasdaq Enters ‘Correction’ As VIX Breaks 30 – 15 October 2014

ZeroHedge From 17,350 intraday highs “proving the recovery is here,” we are 1500 points down just 3 weeks later. The Nasdaq just fell 10.5% from its highs, officially in correction. VIX broke above 30. Perhaps, just perhaps, the gap to fundamentals is finally about to be filled…

Dow ugly…

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Choose Your Epidemic: More UK Soldiers Fighting Ebola Than Terrorism – 15 October 2014

RT logoMore British soldiers will be sent to curb the Ebola crisis than to fight terrorist groups, including the Taliban and the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL), as the UN warns the deadly disease is “winning the race.”

Around 750 British troops are on their way to Sierra Leone to help set up medical centers and train staff on the ground in an effort to contain the virus, which has so far killed more than 4,000 people.

In contrast, only a small ‘specialist’ team is involved in US-led airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said the UK “had to act” the stop the spread of the disease and that British troops were necessary to “get the outbreak under control.”

“Unless it’s brought under control, it’s going to spread across West Africa, into Europe and the UK,” he added.

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Russia Develops Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor, Offers China Role – 15 October 2014

RT logoRussia is developing a hybrid nuclear reactor that uses both nuclear fusion and fission, said head of leading nuclear research facility. The project is open for international collaboration, particularly from Chinese scientists.

A hybrid nuclear reactor is a sort of stepping stone to building a true nuclear fusion reactor. It uses a fusion reaction as a source of neutrons to initiate a fission reaction in a ‘blanket’ of traditional nuclear fuel.

The approach has a number of potential benefits in terms of safety, non-proliferation and cost of generated energy, and Russia is developing such a hybrid reactor, according to Mikhail Kovalchuk, director of the Kurchatov Research Center.

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