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TheIndependent – Would It Kill Ed Miliband To Start Listening To Captains Of Industry? – 16 August 2014

The Independent

(Lucas: Promises, promises…People still not understand that it does not matter what color of party you vote in… it is just a marginal change and the train runs still along the set track… Do not get fooled…)

By James Ashton

Big business has plenty of reasons not to like Ed Miliband. His pledges to reform  how energy is sold, pounce on unused land and cap banks’ market share if Labour is elected next year would mark a period of unprecedented intervention that has sent a shiver down bosses’ spines.

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TheIndependent – Uproar As MoD Brings In American Giants To Manage Military Procurement – 16 August 2014

The Independent

By Mark Leftly

Unions and industry insiders are up in arms because two US engineering companies have been asked to oversee the way in which the Ministry of Defence runs the £14bn arm that buys military kit.

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X22Report – DHS Is Now Preparing For ‘Anti-Government’ Violence – Episode 442 – 16 August 2014

Uploaded on 15 August 2014  by X22Report
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Natalie Glasson – What Is It To Experience? By Lady Nada – 16 August 2014

natalie glassonIt is with the deepest of love and truth that I enter into your presence, sending streams of sea foam green cleansing and purification vibrations from the 8th ray of light at a Planetary level. Please know that at this tremendous, intense and transformational time of ascension you can always call upon my support, healing and loving presence , I am here as one of the beings leading and supporting deep purification processes especially at a soul level for those upon the Earth. You may Continue reading

CommonDreams – Ferguson Withdraws Militarized Police Force – 16 August 2014


A protest against police brutality on Aug. 14. (Photo: Elvert Barnes/CC BY-SA 2.0/flickr)

With tear gas and riot police out, demonstrators walk in peace for justice

By Andrea Germanos, staff writer

“It feels like there’s been a military occupation lifted off of the area,” Patricia Bynes, Democratic Committeewoman of Ferguson Township, told Democracy Now! Friday.

Such was the change in atmosphere in Ferguson, Missouri, where daily protests since the police shooting on Saturday of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown had been met with tear gas, rubber bullets and tanks, bringing widespread criticism to the nation’s increasingly militarized police departments and evoking images of civil rights battles of the past.

“What’s gone on here over the last few days is not what Missouri is about. It’s not what Ferguson is about,” Gov. Jay Nixon said. “This is a place where people work, go to school, raise their families, go to church. But lately it’s looked a little bit more like a war zone and that’s unacceptable.”

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CommonDreams – A Different Day For Ferguson – 16 August 2014

commondreamsDeclaring “we’re all in this together,” Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, the new police commander in Ferguson, ordered cops to remove SWAT gear and gas masks and then marched and talked with protesters, prompting what observers called a stunning mood change in what had felt like a war zone hours before. Ordered by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to replace clueless, thuggish, over-armed  local police, Johnson, who is black and grew up in the area,  vowed to “break this cycle of violence.” At least for now, the start of change. Thousands also marched in New York and other cities to protest police violence. Ferguson livestream here.

“I understand the anger and fear the residents of Ferguson are feeling, and our police officers will respect both of them….We all want justice, we all want answers.”

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Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 16 August 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take heart! As you watch the turmoil on your earth, realize that any turbulence is ultimately caused by a very great influx of light, that by its very nature will stir up the darkness that has been dormant – both in the world and within human hearts. You cannot take a flashlight into a dark room without seeing all the things that are dusty, dirty, out of place, or in need of being discarded. Likewise as more beautiful and refined energies come to your planet, old pains, old upsets, old angers, etc. come to the surface – both to be revealed and healed. This is happening on a social scale, and on a personal scale for many. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Brandon Turbeville – U.S. Knew About 9/11 Warning, Staged Egypt Revolution: Ex Interior Minister – 16 August 2014

Logo_activistpost-comOver the weekend, the former Egyptian Interior Minister under Hosni Mubarak, Habib El-Adly, gave a speech at his own retrial in Cairo, Egypt. Among a number of generic statements, El-Adly made at least two bombshell claims during his testimony that have received little to no coverage in the Western press.

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Steve Rother – Predictions, Comments And Questions For September 2014 – 16 August 2014

Live streamed on 15 Aug. 2014 by Steve Rother Live event at 11:00am USPacific time. Predictions, Comments and Questions answered on this free event for September 2014. Viewing requires a free account at:  http://www.Paths2Empowerment.com  ( Lucas: It starts at 18.12 mark)

YahooNews – Report: CDC Scientist Kept Quiet About Flu Blunder – 16 August 2014

Yahoo News

NEW YORK (AP) — A government scientist kept silent about a potentially dangerous lab blunder and revealed it only after workers in another lab noticed something fishy, according to an internal investigation.
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