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Personal message to you.

Found myself today in a strange conflict. I rather not wanna publish negative news. I’d rather publish a lot of fun and positive news. Because it is better to stay in the light in that way. But also I see a lot of it is relevant to know about for those who haven’t yet or are being awakening. Information is needed to make up your own minds and choices on your path.

I’ve talked about a lot in my writings in my blog. And my message is clear. Why have to disclose the truth ourselves. And that is why I still put important negative news on my blog. But the nice stuff and happy news I will publish also.

I am glad to see a lot of people now blogging, sharing info and having a talk about it. That’s the way forward. Little by little the news is also seeping trough in the mainstream media.  It looks like there are changes up hand. SaLuSa channeled by Mike Quinsey told also about that in his last channeling of the 15th of july.

I see also a lot of people talking about ascension. That’s great. But for me personal is being in the now what has to be. I do what I can do to spread the message. I hope all of you will support others in their efforts as i will be doing.

So be the ones you have been looking for. And Be in the now in love and light.

With Love and Light,