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Jon Rappoport – Not Everything Is “Predictive Programming” – 16 March 2015

jon7The term “predictive programming” is used to describe film and literature that portray dystopian futures, predict these futures…but are covertly aimed at preparing audiences to accept those futures.

Under that definition, any science fiction novel or film could be casually classified as mind control programming.

There is a deeper point to be made here. Science fiction, among its effects, stimulates the imagination of its readers or viewers. Continue reading

Netanyahu Tried To Cancel Mossad Briefing For US Senators On Iran Sanctions – Report – 16 March 2015

RT logoIsrael’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unsuccessfully tried to block a Mossad briefing for US senators, which was aimed at warning the lawmakers that the new Iran sanctions bill could cause a collapse of nuclear talks, Time magazine revealed.

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The briefing, which took place on January 19, included six US officials traveling to Jerusalem for a meeting with Israeli intelligence agency Mossad on the new Iran sanctions bill. Mossad was to warn US lawmakers, among them Republican Senator John McCain, that new sanctions could falter nuclear talks with Tehran.

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Moscow’s Landmark 16th Century Novodevichy Convent On Fire – 16 March 2015

RT logoThe bell tower of Novodevichy (New Maiden) Convent in Moscow, one of the city’s main tourist attractions, is on fire. The blaze is concentrated on scaffolds surrounding the tower, which is under reconstruction. Firemen are working at the scene.

The fire was reported at 22:41 local time. Firefighters arrived four minutes after receiving the emergency call.

Witnesses say the fire can be seen above the walls of the monastery, though authorities have not provided any information on the size of the blaze. However, some sources say the surface area of the fire is about 100 square meters. The cause of the blaze is currently unknown.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Episode 302 – How To Free Your Tax Cattle – 16 March 2015

Good morning, Mrs. President. I’m a representative of the shadow government that put you into power. I have some bad news; a resistance movement has sprung up to challenge the existing power structure. Allow me to explain…

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Hundreds Pay Tribute To Unarmed Black Teen Shot Dead By Police In Wisconsin – 16 March 2015

RT logoHundreds of people have attended the funeral for the 19-year old Tony Robinson Jr. , an unarmed black teen shot dead by police officer in Madison, Wisconsin. Family of the victim asked the mourners to leave social and political concerns at the door.

READ MORE: Protest after ‘unarmed’ black 19 yo shot dead by Madison police

About 1,600 people have gathered near Wisconsin high school field house to pay tribute to Tony Robinson, also known as Terrell, Reuters reported. According to local news outlets the funeral drew about 1,000 mourners.

People were heading to the school’s secondary gym where the screen showed the moments from Robinson’s life.

“Too many of our children are dying before their time,” Rev. David Hart told mourners. “We must not accept that narrative that has become all too common.”

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Vatican Endorses Military Force Against ISIS ‘Genocide’ – 16 March 2015

RT logo(Lucas : that is your good old Vatican and belief system for you. It is just the old over and over… no hallelujahs but be ready for war… amen!)

The Vatican’s line on ISIS has taken a new turn, as its ambassador in Geneva suggested that if a political settlement is impossible, military force should be used against the jihadists. He also said the form of intervention should be defined by the UN.

In an interview with Catholic magazine Crux, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi used the word “genocide” to describe the terrorist group’s campaign of executions and ethno-religious persecution through northern Syria and Iraq.

“Otherwise we’ll be crying out in the future about why we didn’t so something, why we allowed such a terrible tragedy to happen,” the Vatican’s top diplomat at the United Nations said, suggesting military force in the absence of a political solution.

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300 Arrested At Montreal Protest Against Police Brutality – 16 March 2014

RT logoCanadian police surrounded an annual protest against police brutality in Montreal, arresting 288 people before the demonstration had barely started.

The police claim the protest was illegal as the participants did not warn the authorities of their itinerary.

Montreal’s 18th annual protest against police brutality was cut dramatically short Saturday when police rounded up the participants. Minutes into the demonstration, riot officers converged on Jean-Talon Street and began detaining protesters. According to protesters there was a strong police presence, with police horses, cars and a helicopter on the scene.

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‘Serene’ Referendum: Italian Region Votes On Restoration Of Venetian Republic – 16 March 2014

RT logoAs Crimeans make their way to the polls this Sunday, another region further in the heart of Europe is also deciding its fate in a referendum: the Italian region of Veneto, which is voting on whether to break with Rome.

The independence movement insists the industrial northern region’s wealth is being drained by Rome’s mismanagement of the financial crisis.

Following in the footsteps of Scotland and Catalonia, Venice – the capital of the Italian region of Veneto – will be holding a referendum to form an independent republic. About 3.8 million people in the region are eligible to vote in the referendum, which runs through Friday.

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ZeroHedge – BofA Warns: VIX Spells Trouble – 16 March 2014

ZeroHedgeMarkets are showing increased signs of investor anxiety, warns BofA’s Macneil Curry. The Friday breakout in the VIX Index says that this anxiety will likely persist into next week. Indeed, Curry adds, the VIX has based from its highest levels in over a year suggesting that investors are more susceptible to bad news and defensive behavior than at any time in the past 12 months. Several markets look particularly susceptible to this change in sentiment.

From an equity perspective, the Nikkei stands out. Its breakdown from 5 week Flag support says its medium term downtrend has resumed, targeting last summer’s range lows between 12,400/13,400.

In FX, the Japanese ¥ is particularly well placed to benefit. The bearish weekly reversal in $/¥ and close through 101.40 says it is resuming its medium term downtrend for 99.06 and eventually the 92/94 area. Finally, regardless of the larger outlook for risk assets stay bearish CNH.

Via BofAML’s Macneil Curry,
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Mish / Mike Shedlock – Crimea Votes Overwhelmingly To Rejoin Russia; Truce Until March 21; Goodbye Hryvnia, Hello Ruble; McCain Wants Military Aid For Ukraine – 16 March 2014

MishMikeShedlockCrimea returns to Russia It’s a done deal. Nothing can be done about it. An Exit poll shows Crimeans Choose to Join Russia in Vote

A majority of Crimeans chose to join Russia in a disputed referendum, exit polls showed, deepening the worst crisis between Russia and the West since the end of the Cold War.

A total of 93 percent voted today in favor of leaving Ukraine to become part of Russia, the Republican Institute of Social and Political Studies said, citing exit polls from the vote in the Black Sea peninsula. The Ukrainian government, the European Union and the U.S. all consider the referendum illegal. About 1.5 million Crimean voters were eligible to take part, according to the region’s prime minister. Continue reading