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ActivistPost – Chemtrails Exposed: A History Of The New Manhattan Project – 17 February 2015

Logo_activistpost-comPeter A. Kirby
Activist Post

“Discoveries and inventions are not terminals; they are fresh starting points from which we can climb to new knowledge.” – Dr. Willis R. Whitney, founder of General Electric Laboratories

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Russia To Build First Oil Refinery In Uganda – 17 February 2015

RT logoA Russian consortium led by Rostec subsidiary RT Global Resources together with partners Tatneft and VTB Capital have won the tender to construct a $3 billion oil refinery in Uganda with capacity for 3 million tons a year.

“Rostec’s victory in this tender is the first such achievement by Russian companies in Africa… Transfer of Russian technology will be implemented during the projects settlement,” RIA quotes the Rostec announcement.

It will be the first oil refinery to be built in Uganda. It is strategically important for Uganda “since the country has no access to the sea and its economy is experiencing a significant dependence on external suppliers,” Rostec added.

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‘Complicit In Gaza’s Misery’: Pro-Palestine Activists Shut Down UK Arms Factory – 17 February 2015

RT logoAn arms factory in southeast England was occupied by activists on Tuesday morning in protest against its sales to Israel and Afghanistan. Protesters say the company is complicit in “Gaza’s misery,” where 2,137 Palestinians were killed last summer.

Instro Precision Ltd in Kent was besieged by activists at 5am on Tuesday, who occupied and shut down the factory.

Taking to the roof, campaigners unfurled a banner demanding Instro “stop arming Israel.” Four protesters remained on the building’s roof, while 10 stood at ground level.

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ActivistPost – Freedom Of Speech In Australia And The HPV Vaccine – 17 February 2015

Logo_activistpost-comJudy Wilyman
Activist Post

In January 2015 a US medical practitioner of many years experience was prevented from touring Australia and speaking publicly about the medical literature on vaccines. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, was due to speak in venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide at pre-booked venues that had been publicised months in advance. Yet on 27 January 2015 she cancelled her tour citing concern for her safety and those attending. Most venues had cancelled her talks because pro-vaccine lobby groups (many of whom are promoting industry interests) threatened their livelihood. Pro-vaccine lobby groups are claiming that a debate of the medical literature on vaccines “is a danger to public health”.

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Three Suns In The Sky: Chelyabinsk Witnesses Rare Halo Effect – 17 February 2015

RT logoCitizens of Chelyabinsk, near Russia’s Ural mountains, were awed by a rare optical illusion produced by ice crystals in the winter air on Tuesday.

“Weather in the Urals fell to -23 to -25 Celsius. This led to the formation of tiny hexagonal ice crystals in the air above, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. The sunlight refracts through them, creating the halo effect,” regional meteorologist Galina Sheporenko told TASS news agency

Screenshot from YouTube user Shuriksandr

Screenshot from YouTube user Shuriksandr

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#DidGCHQSpyOnYou? Privacy Rights Group To Ask On Your Behalf – 17 February 2015

Privacy International

Privacy International

Privacy International has launched a website offering to help people discover whether British spy agency GCHQ illegally obtained their data from their US counterpart the NSA.

Participants submit their name and email address to Privacy International. Their details will then be sent to GCHQ and the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) as part of a large-scale inquiry.

The campaign follows a ruling by the IPT earlier this month that judged intelligence sharing between the US and UK prior to December 2014 was unlawful because the public were unaware they were being spied on.

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Cameron Meets Sultan Of Brunei, Renews British Garrison Deal – 17 February 2015

RT logoBritain will continue to station troops in Brunei for another five years to help maintain the armed forces’ permanent presence in South Asia, Downing Street announced. The deal comes as activists condemn Brunei’s human rights record.

Prime Minister David Cameron renewed the long-standing agreement at a meeting with Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah at Chequers, the PM’s official residence in Buckinghamshire.

UK troops in Brunei will also undertake extreme environment training.

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Jon Rappoport – Mind Control: Bury Logic, Bury Imagination – 17 February 2015

jon7Here are several notes from the years 1999-2010, while I was preparing my collection, The Matrix Revealed. They take up the subject of reality-construction, mind control, mind freedom, and creative power.

“You have to understand that there are dimensions. In the dimension we call the world, a person needs logic. He needs it badly. He needs to be able to analyze and take apart things and put them back together again. He needs to identify flaws in reasoning and discover deceptions. He needs to recognize formal arguments and trace them all the way through from assumptions to conclusions. But in the dimension where creative power operates, where things happen that most certainly impact this world, all bets are off. He needs to understand and experience and launch a kind of vast freedom for his own imagination that takes him entirely out of the realm of being a normal person, a provincial “realist,” a mechanically thinking human. He has to go light-years past that. He has to stop pretending he is some kind of scientist. In other words, he has to stop burying his own creative power. Two dimensions, two capabilities.” Continue reading

‘Equal To Slavery’: Tories To Force Jobless Youth Into Unpaid Work – 17 February 2015

RT logoYoung people who are out of work, education or training for six months will be required to do unpaid community service in order to qualify for benefits if the Conservatives win the general election in May.

The current system of Job Seekers’ Allowance (JSA) pays unemployed young people £57.35 a week with no definitive cut-off, while people aged over 25 receive £72.40 a week.

Under Tory plans, the JSA would stop after six months and be replaced with a Youth Allowance, which would only be paid if the recipients undertake 30 hours of mandatory community work and 10 hours of job hunting each week.

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UN Security Council Should Give Political Impetus To Minsk Agreements On Ukraine – 17 February 2015

RT logoThe day after a ceasefire for eastern Ukraine was agreed in the Belarusian capital, the Russian delegation at the UN Security Council proposed a draft resolution in support of the Minsk agreements.

The draft was worded in a depoliticized and compact manner. Starting with a confirmation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, it firmly states that there is no alternative to a peaceful political solution to the grave situation in the eastern regions of the country. Russia wants the Council to endorse the “package of measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements” adopted by the Contact Group and to welcome the declaration made by the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France in support of that package. Finally, the draft calls on all parties to fully implement the agreements, including a comprehensive ceasefire.

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