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Active Volcanoes Near Japan Nuclear Reactor Are Safety Threat – Panel – 17 October 2014

RT logoA Japanese volcanologist has refuted early claims that two nuclear reactors stationed near a hotbed of volcanic activity were safe, stating that it is impossible to predict an eruption accurately outside the time span of a few days.

The Sendai nuclear power plant in southern Japan could quite easily be the source of a national disaster should a cauldron eruption take place at one of the surrounding volcanoes posing an immediate threat to the site, Toshitsugu Fujii, head of a government-commissioned panel on volcanic eruption prediction told a press briefing on Friday.

“It is simply impossible to predict an eruption over the next 30 to 40 years,” Fujii said. “The level of predictability is extremely limited.” He added that prediction can happen only in the space of hours or days.

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Jon Rappoport – Ebola Vaccine Commercial – 17 October 2014

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3D-Printed Huts To Revolutionize Home Building In Poor Countries – 17 October 2014

Photo from WASProject websitePhoto from WASProject website

An Italian company believes they have come up with an idea that could improve the lives of hundreds of millions. They have developed an easily transportable printer that can build houses out of natural materials, such as mud or clay.

The technology is relatively simple, and was designed by the Italian based company, WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project), and one of its main attributes is it can be assembled in two hours.

The printer has three arms with a six-meter reach in height. So it can build houses to a much greater height than is usually the case with a mud hut. Another difference is the method of construction, which makes the dwelling much stronger. Instead of using large square blocks, small triangles are used, allowing the house to bear a much greater load.

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Ebola Going Viral: From Fashion To Music – 17 October 2014

RT logoThe Ebola rumor mill has gone into overdrive, with the deadly virus one of the hottest topics of conversation. RT looks at six of the craziest Ebola story’s to have made the headlines around the globe.

1) ISIS and Ebola

The Islamic State and Ebola – the two hottest news topics in October, so why not fuse them together to create a story nightmares are made of? An expert says IS terrorists could travel to West Africa, deliberately infect themselves and then cause chaos by traveling by air.

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John Ward – The Banker’s Haldane The Oldies’ Money – 17 October 2014

haldanewafer“Not even one leeturll weffer-theen rate rise for you…”

This was Andy Haldane of the Bank of England talking this morning:

“I’m a bit less on the front foot than I was three months ago…..In the global economy, certainly we’ve seen some of the energy of the recovery reduced, we’ve seen global growth prospects revised down a bit and here in the U.K. we’ve seen inflationary pressures from wages but also from oil prices, from commodity prices also heading south.”  Continue reading

UK Confronts Terror Surge, Resurrects Medieval Treason Law To Charge Brits – 17 October 2014

RT logoBritain is confronting an “exceptionally high” number of terror-related cases, Scotland Yard revealed. This comes as the Foreign Secretary said Britons returning from Syria could be tried for treason under a medieval law.

In an effort to tackle rising extremism and stem the threat of terror attacks on British soil, police have arrested hundreds of people on terror-related charges.

They also claim to have removed around 1,000 articles of terror-promoting material from the web each week, and to have charged about a dozen people who have returned from Syria.

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British Big Pharma Warns Ebola Vaccine Will Come ‘Too Late’ To Halt Spread – 17 October 2014

RT logoOne of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies says a vaccine to tackle Ebola will “come too late” to curb the current epidemic, as the UK and other European countries begin screening passengers for the virus at international airports.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a British multinational that produces pharmaceuticals, biologics and vaccines, said a working vaccine would not be readily available until late 2015, by which time the epidemic may have spread far beyond West Africa.

The statement follows warnings from the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO) that there could soon be more than 10,000 new cases of Ebola per week if the spread of the disease is not curbed quickly.

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John Ward – The World As Seen Through A Prism. No, Make That ‘Prison’ – 17 October 2014


The Neolibs now finding themselves routed on all fronts, the solutions to being found out are getting odder and odder. There’s a belter in the Barclaygraph this morning:

pensionclipFriedmanites eh, doncha love ‘em? Having already made money increasingly without worth (then zirped we Silvers on such savings as we have) the rabid rabbits at the IEA – the Mad Handbag’s favourite looney bin – say “lets steal half the State pensioners’ incomes, and give a tax cut of no use to them because they don’t earn”. Nyyeece. Continue reading

‘Scandalous’: 1.6M UK Pensioners Living In Poverty – Report – 17 October 2014

RT logoMore than one and a half million British pensioners are “floundering” on low incomes and consigned to poverty, a report by elderly care charity Age UK suggests.

The research, How We Can End Pensioner Poverty, published on Friday, reveals that poverty among pensioners is rife in Britain, with 1.6 million living below the poverty line and a startling 900,000 living in “severe poverty.”

While Age UK acknowledges the number of this category of British pensioner has fallen since 2000, the charity warns progress has stalled recently.

The charity’s research reveals the single biggest cause of pensioner poverty in Britain is older peoples’ failure to claim from the £5.5bn state benefit they are entitled to. These benefits would amount to an extra £1,700 per year, or £33 per week, for the claimants in question.

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ISIS In Syria Train Iraqi Pilots In Captured Jets – Monitor – 17 October 2014

RT logoIslamic State militants in Syria are training Iraqi pilots who joined the group to fly in three captured fighter jets, Reuters reported citing witnesses.

“They have trainers, Iraqi officers who were pilots before for [former Iraqi President] Saddam Hussein,” said Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). “People saw the flights. They went up many times from the airport.”

The “same resources” have told SOHR activists that the Islamist fighters seized three aircrafts after taking control over the military airports in Aleppo and al Raqqa provinces.

The group has reportedly been flying the planes over a captured Syrian al-Jarrah military airbase in the northern Aleppo province, which was among the areas in Syria seized by islamists this year.

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