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UK Column News – 18 December 2014

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Police Investigate 3 Murders In Alleged Westminster Pedophile Inquiry – 18 December 2014

RT logoThe Metropolitan Police are investigating the suspected murder of three boys in relation to the so-called Westminster pedophile ring, which allegedly serially abused boys during the 1970s and 80s.

Officers taking part in the investigation of the so-called “VIP” abuse ring have appealed for victims to come forward with information relating to the inquiry.

Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald, who is leading the investigation, made a public plea for witnesses on Thursday.

I appeal to men who were subjected to abuse 30 years ago to come forward. We are also investigating the murder of three young boys – we are determined to find answers.”

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Obesity Can Be Viewed As Disability – EU Court – 18 December 2014

RT logoObese people can be considered disabled if extra weight hinders their “full and effective participation in professional life,” the EU Court of Justice has ruled. The decision could have dramatic consequences for employees across the continent.

Obesity can be classed as a disability if “it hinders the full and effective participation of the person concerned in professional life on an equal basis with other workers,”the court said.

Its decision follows a claim by Karsten Kaltoft, a Danish child minder who was dismissed by the local city council in 2010 for reportedly being unable to bend down and tie his shoelaces. Kaltoft’s weight was more than 160 kilograms at the time of the claim, and his body mass index (BMI), a measure of relative weight, was 54, while the overweight category starts at 25.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 983 – Financial Survival: Technocracy, Eugenics, And Depopulation – 18 December 2014

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Every week James joins Alfred Adask on Financial Survival to discuss politics, economy and society. This week they discuss rule by technocrats, the driving ideology of eugenics, and depopulation…Bill Gates style.

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US Media In Propaganda War With Global Anti-Fracking Activism – 18 December 2014

RT logoAs 2014 comes to a close the American mainstream media has represented the most aggressive attack on global environmental movements that defend peoples’ right to live in healthy and clean environment worldwide.

The current attacks against anti-fracking everywhere seem to be locked in step with the growing pressure by the Obama administration on many countries to join trade agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP Americas-Asia) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP US-EU), and the anti-environmental rhetoric has been revved up to almost hysterical proportions. This year has seen such “revelations” as: the Ecuador vs. Chevron saga of international litigation that paints the lawyers representing a population hurt by environmental and economic devastation as swindlers and extortionists. Many allegations presented in this year’s book by Paul Barrett ‘Law of the Jungle’ were verifiably true, however the narrative concentrated only on one side of the legal fight while Chevron’s own violations of the law and ever changing games of judicial jurisdictions were given a pass resulting in what became a de-facto PR job for the company.

What has become interesting is the role of the mainstream US media that until now appeared to be journalistically neutral on the issue of big oil and big gas vs. the environmental movements. Notably the sea change has played out by a mainstay of the US news eco-system, National Public Radio (NPR). Not only has it started to take sides by quoting very skewered and unverified rumors in regards of the progress of the case in US courts, but it also created a new media reporting narrative that trumps everything done so far in the mainstream even by the standards of corporate owned media.
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TTIP Won’t Lead To NHS Privatization, Deputy PM Claims – 18 December 2014

RT logoThe controversial EU-US trade deal, TTIP, would not be backed by the British government unless national control of public services is guaranteed, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has insisted.

The government would ensure EU negotiators provided written agreements guaranteeing there would be no threat to the NHS from private companies, Clegg said.

Speaking to students in a debate organized by Bite the Ballot on Tuesday, Clegg said he was aware of fears that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would undermine the National Health Service.

In an attempt to assuage anxiety over the agreement, he said he would only endorse TTIP if it was “crystal clear” that the British government would maintain control of public services.

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Jon Rappoport – Monsanto: Science And Fraud Are The Same Thing – 18 December 2014

jon7Imagine this. A killer is put on trial, and the jury, in a surprise verdict, finds him not guilty. Afterwards, reporters interview this killer. He says, “The jury freed me. It’s up to them. They decide. That’s what justice is all about.”

Then the press moves along to members of the jury, who say: Well, we had to take the defendant’s word. He said he was innocent, so that’s what we ruled.

That’s an exact description of the FDA and Monsanto partnership.

When you cut through the verbiage that surrounded the introduction of GMO food into America, you arrive at two key statements. One from Monsanto and one from the FDA, the agency responsible for overseeing, licensing, and certifying new food varieties as safe. Continue reading