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Tech Heavyweights Facebook, Google, Apple Support Bill Limiting NSA Spying – 18 November 2014

image from www.eff.org
image from http://www.eff.org

Technology companies are pressing the Senate to pass the USA Freedom Act,a bill that would place limits on domestic surveillance operations run by the National Security Agency. They include some of the biggest names in the industry.

Companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, AOL, Dropbox, LinkedIn, and Twitter are pressing the Senate to pass the USA Freedom Act before the 2013 congressional session ends. The Senate is set to debate the bill on Tuesday. It needs 60 votes to clear a filibuster and move forward for an up-or-down vote.

READ MORE: FBI wants to hack computers globally, seeks search warrant expansion

In a letter sent from CEOs of the leading technology companies to the Senate, the executives asked lawmakers to demonstrate leadership and restore the confidence of internet users while keeping citizens safe.

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Lisa Gawlas – Enhancing The Nervous System In Preparation For (The Energy Of) 2015 – 18 November 2014

lisagawlas2What a freakin day in body yesterday, holy shit batman!!!  At first I just thought so much light came thru with the readings, it always pings my eye with my contact in it.  It was so hard to look at the computer screen yesterday, took me hours to write that little sharing I did.  It got to the point, even sitting down for longer than 5 minutes was getting annoying, I would get up, sit down, get up, sit down… then daylight rose, and everything seemed to intensify.  It almost felt like something was crawling under my skin, and it was annoying me.  Sound was annoying me.  My space heater doing its job and warming me up… the warm air it was throwing annoyed me.  Being in a body was super annoying, super sensitive to every freakin thing.  Up and down my spine, i swear there was a golf ball just rolling upwards then downwards and up again… for hours and hours.  At least that kinda felt kewl, didn’t hurt or cause discomfort at all, at least, until it would stop and spread out.  The spreading out activated the nerve endings and it felt like something was crawling under my skin and became super sensitive to everything again. Continue reading

Church Of England Greenlights Female Bishops – 18 November 2014

RT logoIn a historic vote on Monday, Church of England leaders finalized legislation allowing women to become ordained bishops.

The general synod, the Church’s law-making body, passed the change to cannon law with an overwhelming majority in London. Only 30 people out of 480 voted against it.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, described the radical move – first proposed in July – as “a new way of being the Church.”

Though female priests were first ordained in 1994, women were not permitted to take senior posts within the Church hierarchy until now.

Archbishop Welby announced that the Church is already in the process of training women for the posts. The first female bishops are expected to be ordained next year.

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Missouri Gov. Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Ferguson Verdict – 18 November 2014

RT logoThe governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency on Monday ahead of the anticipated grand jury decision surrounding Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson and the potential protests the verdict may bring to that city and others.

Citing what he called the “possibility of expanded unrest” ahead of the impending verdict, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said in a declaration on Monday that the St. Louis County Police Department and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department will operate as a Unified Command “to protect civil rights and ensure public safety in the City of Ferguson and the St. Louis region”.

A grand jury is expected to announce any day if they will charge Wilson with the August killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager.

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China And Australia Sign Landmark Free Trade Deal – 18 November 2014

RT logoChina and Australia have sealed a major free trade agreement worth billions of dollars giving the Australian agricultural sector tariff free access to the massive Chinese market, while China will get greater access to investment projects in Australia.

Ministers from China and Australia signed a Declaration of Intent on Monday, culminating over a decade of work towards the deal. The actual agreement will not take effect until after 2015, when all the legal points have been drafted and translated.

“This has been a 10-year journey, but we have finally made it,” Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said during a ceremony in Canberra.

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Laura Bruno – Origins Exclusive World Premier – 18 November 2014

laura-of-the-rocksFree viewing of this inspiring film through November 22, 2014. Thanks, Lance and Linda!

This video is truly inspiring. It got me outa my
chair, into a whirlwind of canning, dehydrating,
juicing and just enough time for a good long
walk. the video led me to “The health Bridge” and
the 100-day gong talked about by Dr. Pedram
Shojai. I woke up tired today, feeling
overwhelmed. Now I have a plan. Thank you so much.

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‘Use Lots Of Lube And Enter The Anus Slowly’: Chicago Schools Teach Anal Sex To 5th Graders – 18 November 2014

Slide from Waters Elementary School's Sexual Health Education curriculum for Grade 5 (Screenshot/Waters Elementary)
Slide from Waters Elementary School’s Sexual Health Education curriculum for Grade 5 (Screenshot/Waters Elementary)

Parents at an elite, magnet elementary school in Chicago were “horrified” when they saw the “obscene” sexual education materials their fifth graders would be learning. The curriculum included condom demonstrations and discussions of anal sex.

Andrew Jackson Language Academy (AJLA) hosted several parent workshops during report card pickup on Wednesday, including a meeting on Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) sex ed curriculum. Parents were given a binder that included the materials and topics that would be discussed, including the benefits of female condoms for extending sex and increasing pleasure, the use of lubrication and how to insert condoms into the anus for anal sex.

Parents were notified of Wednesday’s presentation in a letter from school principal Mathew Ditto. The letter said a CPS representative would be at the meeting where “we will share the lessons and information that will be taught to your child.” CPS has said some of the lessons are even intended for children in kindergarten, DNAinfo reported.

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‘Who’s The Government Working For?’ Cameron Backing TTIP At G20 Slammed By Campaigners – 18 November 2014

RT logoDavid Cameron’s pledge at the G20 to fast-track a controversial EU-US trade deal has infuriated trade unionists and campaigners, who fear the permanent privatization of the NHS and erosion of Britain’s food standards.

Speaking at the summit in Brisbane over the weekend, Cameron said claims that TTIP would result in a National Health Service sell-off were “bogus nonsense.”

Signaling his intention to take on Britain’s trade unionists and others who oppose TTIP, the prime minister told G20 delegates he intends to fire “rocket boosters” under the EU-US trade agreement – a landmark deal he stresses that could bolster the British economy by £10 billion.

“It is time to take on some of the opponents of this deal and expose the arguments against it,” he said. “This is good for Britain – good for growth and British families.”

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Facebook Kicks Political Campaigns Off Of Social Network – 18 November 2014

RT logoSocial media has without a doubt revolutionized the way politicians conduct their campaigns, but policy changes from Facebook will see to it that a popular tool for reaching voters over the web will soon vanish.

Facebook said back in spring that revisions to its Graph application and the way developers work with it will be rolled out over the course of a year, culminating with an April 30, 2015 deadline in which changes would occur permanently across the board.

Those changes — updates to Graph’s application programming interface and the associated terms of service agreement for developers — were met with little discussion outside of the community of coders who implement the app’s API for use in other software. This week, though, Yahoo News writer Jon Ward reported that the change could be colossal for political campaigns ahead of the 2016 presidential elections because candidates will not be able to rely on a social media tactic that’s been credited with being incredibly successful for the efforts of United States President Barack Obama.

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US Child Homelessness At All-Time High – 18 November 2014

RT logoIn the United States, one child in every 30 – or 2.5 million children – was homeless in 2013, marking an all-time high, according to a new comprehensive report that blames the country’s high poverty rate and lack of affordable housing, among other causes.

The report, ‘America’s Youngest Outcasts,’ released by the National Center on Family Homelessness was prepared using the “most recent federal data that comprehensively counts homeless children, using more than 30 variables from over a dozen established data sets.”

The 2.5 million figure is based on the US Department of Education’s count of 1.3 million homeless children in public schools, and estimates of homeless preschool children left out of DOE data.

The National Center on Family Homelessness – part of the private, nonprofit American Institutes for Research – said the top causes of youth homelessness include America’s high poverty rate; lack of affordable housing across the US; the lingering ramifications of the Great Recession; racial disparities; high rates of and challenges that come with single parenting; and the manner in which trauma, especially domestic violence, “precede and prolong homelessness for families.”

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