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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Freezing Eggs, Oil Drop, WMD Cover Up – New World Next Week – 18 October 2014

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:
Story #1: Apple, Facebook Paying Employees To Freeze Their Eggs
Silicon Valley Just Got Darker: Freezing Female Employees’ Eggs Is Anything But Kind
Egg Freezing and Seven Other Weird Silicon Valley ‘Perks’
Soccer Fans Upset By Biometric ‘Intrusion’
Millions of Voiceprints Quietly Being Harvested as Latest Biometric ID Tool
You Could Soon Be A Google Search Away From A Prescription
Story #2: Oil Nearly Falls Below $80 on Oversupply
Wikipedia: Brent Crude
Saudi Arabia’s Oil Price ‘Manipulation’ Could Sink The Russian Economy
Peak Oil Is a Lie, They Pump What They Want
Black Gold Deficits
Local News Reacts to Gas Prices Falling Below US$3.00
Oregon Average Gas Prices Drop to Lowest Levels Since March
Story #3: US ‘Covered Up’ Discovery of Chem Weapons in 2003 Invasion
Video: Fox News Interviews L. Paul Bremer About NYTimes’ Chemical Weapons Exposé
Poll Reveals Americans Supported Iraq War in 2003 Far More Than They Admit Today
Video: WMD Lies From Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc
Media Monarchy: Interview w/ Matt McCormick of ‘Buzz One Four’
#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: US Army Drafts Blueprint for World War III
Romania President Says PM Was Undercover Spy
Piers Morgan Is An Ebola Truther
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Previous Episode: Venezuelans Using Bitcoin to Bypass Currency Controls

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Steve Lendman – Reinvented Scoundrel Media History – 18 October 2014

StevelendmanNew York Times editors do it numerous ways. At times in their “Room for Debate” series. Featuring mostly one-sided views.
Crowding out truth and full disclosure. Overwhelming it with Big Lies. On October 17, they headlined “Should Nations Recognize a Palestinian State?
Six views were presented. More on them below. An earlier article said the following:
Debating is an ancient tradition. Socrates and Plato debated political, social, and other issues. The Socratic method involves opposing sides asking and answering questions.

Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Fear, Your Greater Ascension Evolution And Healing By Mary Magdalene – 18 October 2014

natalie glassonGreetings dear brothers and sisters of the light, I honour your journey and existence upon the Earth at this sacred time. It is my wish to bring forth the wisdom of the New Era of Love in order to build your connection, alignment and belief in love within your reality and ascension process on the Earth. There is so much love to be experienced and to be embodied within your being and all around you pulsating from the source that is the Creator. It is time to truly dedicate and commit yourself to the Era of Love, if it is your greatest desire and wish to experience such a reality upon the Earth. It is my wish to share with you wisdom and enlightenment I have received from the Era of Love energy vibration while imagining it as a wave flowing from and through my own being. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Exit From The Matrix: Covert Ops, Cover Stories – 18 October 2014

jon7Every covert op has a cover story, which is designed to conceal the true nature of the operation.

Some cover stories are flimsy, others are meant to function for a short time only. Then they are cast aside and forgotten.

In the early 1960s, I worked with an extraordinary healer, Richard Jenkins, in New York. (I wrote about Richard in my book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies.) His clients included UN diplomats. One day, we began discussing the work of the UN.

Richard said an interesting thing. “The UN is a cover. It’s a pretense of working things out. These men know that, but they don’t care. After all, most of life is a cover.” Continue reading

Sophia Love – 10 Blocks To Agape – Love Quest – Day 5 -18 October 2014

SophiaLoveNewSometimes it seems as if there is no love around you. Serious faces, worried looks and anxious glances fill the heads of the people who walk through your life. Mostly, eyes avoid contact.

In uncertain times, we tend to fall back, at least internally, to a specific state of comfort. If concern and focus on the problem (whatever it is) is where you spend the most time, that’s where your natural zone is and where you’ll head when under stress. Continue reading

Girls In The Army: Norway Passes Bill On Mandatory Military Service For Women – 18 October 2014

RT logoThe Norwegian parliament has voted in a strong majority on a bill aimed at extending mandatory military service to females. If the legislation is approved, all women in the country will be subject to the same conscription conditions as men.

The proposition, which was first announced in June 2013, was passed in Oslo this week, with 96 parliamentarians voting in favor of gender equality in the army. Only six voted against it.

We do not really need more conscripts but we wish to extend military service to the entire age group to attract more motivated and more competent recruits,” Norwegian Minister of Defense Ine Eriksen Soreide said.

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Thousands Turn Out For ‘Britain Needs A Pay Rise’ In London – 18 October 2014

RT logoDownload video (8.51 MB)

The UK’s capital is gripped in ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ rally that is set to see tens of thousands protesters. Trade Union Congress has called the action to highlight how far the real value of workers’ pay has dropped since the crisis broke out.

The march is mapped through London and will end with a rally in Hyde Park. The TUC says at least 80,000 people are taking part; police have not released their estimates yet.

There will also be marches in Glasgow and Belfast. The protesters are demanding an increase of wages and their fair share in the economic recovery they can see some people enjoying.

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Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 18 October 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be kind and gentle with yourselves and one another for everything is bubbling up from the depths within you, within others, and even within your dear Mother Earth. It is a time when the energies are rushing strongly through your physical world. Like the rapidly moving currents of a river after the rains, there is great movement. Everything within that has been stagnant is now getting stirred up. Continue reading

FBI Director Wants Access To Encrypt Apple, Google Users’ Data, Demands Law ‘Fix’ – 18 October 2014

RT logoThe FBI director has slammed Apple and Google for offering their customers encryption technology that protects users’ privacy. “Deeply concerned” James Comey wants to push on Congress to “fix” laws to ensure police can still access private data.

“It’s the equivalent of a closet that can’t be opened. A safe that can’t be cracked,” Comey, speaking at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC, referred to the encryption technology calling the new service “a marketing pitch.”

“But it will have very serious consequences for law enforcement and national security agencies at all levels,” he warned.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

Sweden Deploys Troops Near Stockholm Due To Alleged Underwater Threat – 18 October 2014

RT logoSweden’s armed forces have deployed planes and ships in the waters near the country’s capital due to possible “foreign underwater activity” in the Stockholm archipelago, said the country’s military.

The counter-intelligence operation was carried on Friday night and will continue all Saturday, the country’s military said.

“This will continue until we consider that we are done,” Jesper Tengroth, press officer for the Swedish army, told Swedish TT news agency, as cited by The Local.

He added that Sweden’s forces are now trying “to verify the information we received yesterday, which we assess comes from trustworthy sources, and see whether it has any substance or not.”

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article