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ZeroHedge – US Government Proposes “Sugary-Food Tax” To Curb Obesity – 19 February 2015

ZeroHedgeThe totalitarian arm of the ever-growing government appears to know no limit. In today’s “oh no they didn’t” moment, the US Government’s diet panel has dictated proposed one more oppression of American’s freedom to choose:


On the bright side, the government approves of “lean meat” as compatible with healthy eating. The bill, introduced by Rep. Juan Candelaria, D-New Haven, would impose a tax of 1 cent per ounce on soft drinks – including sweetened teas, energy drinks and soda – and candies that are high in sugar and calories.

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ActivistPost – Google Chairman On Obsolete Man: ‘The Internet Will Soon Be Part of You’ – 19 February 2015

Logo_activistpost-comMelissa Melton
Activist Post

While sitting on a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland recently, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt told everyone that the Internet will soon “disappear.” What he meant is not what it sounds like he meant, however.

During a webcast of the panel discussion, Schmidt was asked for a prediction about what he believes is the future of the Internet. “I will answer simply that the Internet will disappear,” he replied.

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ActivistPost – Why The Free And Open Internet Is Never Going To Die – 19 February 2015

Logo_activistpost-comJoshua Krause
Activist Post

It appears that the Internet’s Wild West days are coming to an end, much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone who uses it. Last week, the FEC announced their desire to regulate websites like Drudge, and President Obama called for the government to rein in the Internet, and regulate it like a utility. Obviously, these developments have the potential to destroy everything that makes the Internet great.

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Pay To Protest? Campaigners Reject Govt Bid To ‘Privatize Dissent’ – 19 February 2015

RT logoFurious campaign groups across the UK have rejected the government’s proposed ‘pay to protest’ measures, warning they will not hire private companies to facilitate anti-government rallies.

Their announcement on Thursday came shortly after Scotland Yard told protest groups it will no longer monitor traffic adjacent to protest sites in Britain. The force had previously carried out this role for decades.

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Data Black Market: New Free Platform Lets Whistleblowers Sell Secrets For Bitcoins – 19 February 2015

RT logoWhistleblowers have got a new place to leak sensitive data anonymously and even get money for it. DarkLeaks, the free platform for sharing secrets where sellers and buyers never meet, makes it possible for users to legally avoid the long arm of the law.

“There is no identity, no central operator and no interaction between leaker and buyers,” the developers’ statement says.

The DarkLeaks service is free software, which can be downloaded from the Internet together with its source code, and where all operations with files take place.

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Britain’s ‘Gagging Law’ Stifles Political Debate On Key Election Issues, Charities Warn – 19 February 2015

RT logoCharities say controversial new lobbying legislation prevents them from campaigning on crucial general election issues, and is a “chilling” assault on free speech.

In a sharply worded letter to government ministers, Britain’s largest charities jointly demanded the UK’s recently introduced “gaggling law” be repealed.

Over 160 signatories, including representatives from the Salvation Army, Save the Children, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Age UK and Amnesty International, called for the Transparency of Lobbying Act to be scrapped.

They said the legislation interferes with charities’ work and is ensnaring them in costly and counterproductive bureaucracy.

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‘Women’s Lives In Serious Danger’: Govt Fails To Protect Victims Of Abuse, Say MPs – 19 February 2015

RT logoThe government’s ongoing work tackling violence against women and girls internationally has failed to filter into the UK’s domestic policy, a select committee has revealed.

A report from the Joint Select Committee on Human Rights, published on Thursday, warned that in spite of Home Secretary Theresa May’s commitment to addressing the issue, and schemes such as the Girls Action Strategy, the government were failing to provide enough support services for victims.

Since the coalition government came to power in 2010, many shelters providing refuge for victims of domestic abuse have closed, with women’s rights groups claiming the move had set back protection services by 40 years.

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ZeroHedge – How Germany Is Blowing Up The European Union – 19 February 2015

As Germany is set to reject a Greek loan extension request (and no, international press, that is not the same as an extension of the bailout program), Steve Keen uses proprietary numbers issued by the OECD – which is supposed to be on Germany’s side?! – to show how dramatically austerity has failed in Europe- that is, if the recovery of the Greek and Spanish economies was ever the real target. It certainly failed the populations of the countries.

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NATO Member Turkey To Buy $3.4 Billion Worth Of Incompatible Chinese Antimissiles – 19 February 2015

RT logoThe Turkish military is determined to buy long-range anti-missile systems from China, even though they wouldn’t be compatible with NATO weapons. Security concerns have been raised by other members of the alliance.

Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, in a written statement to the parliament, gave an assurance that the contract would go ahead.

“The project will be financed with foreign financing. Work on assessing the bids has been completed and no new official bid was received,” the minister said.

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Lawyers ‘Illegally’ Spied On: UK Govt Comes Clean, But Denies ‘Deliberate Wrongdoing’ – 19 February 2015

RT logoSecretive policies employed by British intelligence agencies to monitor privileged conversations between lawyers and their clients are illegal under European human rights law, the UK government concedes.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the government admitted policies applied since 2010 did not meet the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), but denied “deliberate wrongdoing.

The government’s rare concession comes ahead of a legal challenge by Libyan exile Abdel Hakim Belhaj and his wife Fatima Boudchar, who are suing the British state for its role in their alleged rendition to Libya in 2004. There they were imprisoned and tortured.

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