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Salmond Resigns After Losing Scottish Independence Referendum – 19 September 2014

RT logoScotland’s First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) is resigning from office after losing Thursday’s independence referendum.

Scots voted to stay in the UK following an intense campaign. The ‘No’ campaign rallied 55 percent of votes against 45 percent ‘Yes’ votes.

“We lost the referendum vote but Scotland can still carry the political initiative,” he told journalists and supporters.

“For me as leader my time is nearly over but for Scotland the campaign continues and the dream shall never die.”

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Laura Bruno – A Place To Be Endured – 19 September 2014


“It began with an unblinking, unfettered generosity of spirit…a conscious choice to simply plant trees into a land bereft of habitat.”

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Lisa Gawlas – Blood Moon, Lunar And Solar Eclipses Of October – 19 September 2014

lisagawlas2Boy, when spirit said it is going to appear as if September is moving slowly, they weren’t kidding.  Time wise, it is zooming, but all that is happening in  it, energetically and for many, personally, seems to be creeping slower than a turtle.  Even in the readings, we are still in a massive choice point.  Granted the presentation of the field changes slightly every day, but our position in the imagery, not so much. Continue reading

‘Gagging Act’ Pushed Through UK Parliament Denounced As Anti-Democratic – 19 September 2014

RT logoAt a time when Britain’s media lens remains firmly fixed on the outcome of the Scottish referendum, the UK government has quietly pushed through a Lobbying Act that critics claim is highly undemocratic.

Enshrined in law on Friday, the anti-Lobbying Bill raises serious concerns about an ever-increasing democratic deficit in the United Kingdom. The legislation seeks to impose stringent limits on the amount of money organizations can allocate towards political lobbying during electoral campaigns.

Following its addition to Britain’s statue books, trade unionists and rights activists throughout the nation have condemned the bill, which considerably compromises the political leverage of think tanks, charities, NGOs, trade unions, and political campaigners throughout the UK.

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‘Sanctions War’ Has Nothing To Do With Ukraine; It’s Just A Pretext – Rusal CEO – 19 September 2014

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The Ukrainian conflict was just a trigger for the sanctions, which demonstrated the failure of all previous efforts to set up healthy relations between Russia and the West, Russian tycoon and head of Rusal, Oleg Deripaska, told RT in Sochi.

“I think the sanctions have nothing to do with Ukraine. Ukraine was just a reason. [The sanctions] were a failure of any attempt which was taken in the past to build normal relations between Europe and Russia – from both sides,” Deripaska told RT at the Investment Forum in Sochi.

Oleg Deripaska said the West started pressing Russia before the first sanctions were imposed – just ahead of the Sochi Olympics.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – So What Does The World Bank Do Exactly? – 19 September 2014

JamesCorbett4James Corbettworldbank

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Mysterious Unidentified Spying Cell Towers Found Across Washington, DC – 19 September 2014

RT logoWashington, DC is littered with surveillance devices designed to trick surrounding mobile phones into logging onto signal-lifting networks, thereby allowing for tracking or call-monitoring purposes.

While traveling around the capital city with Washington Post reporters, a top executive using his company’s mobile-security technology detected as many as 18 such devices mimicking legitimate cell towers around the city, especially in sensitive areas around the likes of the White House, the US Capitol building, and foreign embassies.

Aaron Turner’s company Integricell is one of many outfits that has developed technology to indicate surveillance devices – known as ISMI catchers – used by police, intelligence entities, private individuals, and others to track surrounding devices or to even spy on phone calls.

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