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Bill Ballard – Super Solar Flares And The Incoming Big Buzz – 2 February 2012


One of the largest solar flares in history was unleashed January 28 2012. It marked entry into full consciousness for those choosing ascension. This is the single greatest event in  history activated to raise the frequency of both Earth and humanity. This frequency increase marks the beginning of humanity’s return to an awakened state.

We have been asleep since the Fall of Atlantis. This is the time we have been waiting for! Be thankful you are alive on Earth. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 2 February 2012

We will soon be seeing the many changes that we have been alluding to in the recent past. It will come on the heels of the coming arrests that are taking place and will continue until all who have been at the feet of the goings on in this world for so long are taken care of, and brought to the awareness of the public. When that happens then there will be an ongoing parade of changes that will skyrocket and bring so many people to a new realization of what they have been being told as lies and deceit. When this takes place then there will be a mass reorganization not only of the political, and financial systems, but also of all systems on earth. Not only that, we will see a vast restructuring of the way people look at their lives and how it has evolved to the point in which they see how they have been in bondage for so long. Continue reading