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ActivistPost – Roundup ”Weedkiller” Feeds Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, Study Finds – 2 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comSayer Ji
Activist Post

The nightmarish toxicological profile of Roundup herbicide (glyphosate) continues to emerge within the peer-reviewed research, this time revealing its role in supporting the growth of a pathogenic bacteria of great medical significance.

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Royal Navy Warship Embarks On Mission To Combat Piracy – 2 January 2015

RT logoOne of the Royal Navy’s most advanced warships embarked on a five-month counter-piracy operation on Friday.

HMS Dauntless left Portsmouth Naval Base on a routine deployment to the Gulf, where it will be “deterring piracy and keeping the sea lanes open for free and safe passage of merchant vessels,” the Royal Navy said.

The Type 45 destroyer will make several stops in the Mediterranean for training as well as visiting ports in a number of Gulf States to “strengthen ties in the region.”

“This will be a high-profile deployment for Dauntless during which we will provide reassurance to the UK’s allies in the region, while conducting maritime security and counter-piracy patrols,” said the warship’s Commanding Officer, Commander Adrian Fryer.

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Hedging Their Bets: Farage Revealed As Courting City Fund Tycoons To Bankroll UKIP – 2 January 2015

RT logoNigel Farage, who markets his UK Independence Party as a grassroots brigade immune to vested and corporate interests, has been revealed as courting hedge funds and City of London investors to fund his challenge to the mainstream parties.

Although the euroskeptic UKIP leader has publicly claimed he hopes to create a “peoples party” independent of corporatism, he privately encouraged his party affiliates to forge relationships with influential City tycoons.

Documents reveal, while addressing the party’s executive committee in 2012, Farage said “the key to money for us will be the hedge fund industry.”

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Jon Rappoport – Scott Faber: “No One Is Seeking To Ban GMO Crops.” W-H-A-T ? – 2 January 2015

jon7Scott Faber (twitter) testifies before Congress. Wobbly drum roll, sour cymbal crash.

Faber is the executive director of Just Label It (twitter), a group that wants mandatory labeling of foods containing GMOs. He’s also the VP of Governmental Affairs for the powerful Environmental Working Group (twitter).

As the representative of all Americans who want labeling (really??), Faber recently testified before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, about the Pompeo Bill (“The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014” (HR4432)), which, if enacted into law, will put an end to mandatory GMO labeling everywhere in the US. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Cuba Bashing – 2 January 2015

StevelendmanIt’s longstanding. Long ago it wore thin. It continues. Even from supportive embargo-lifting media.

In October, New York Times editors expressed support for lifting it. Calling it “senseless.” Wanting diplomatic relations established. After over half a century without them.

At the same time, outrageously calling Cuba an “authoritarian government that harasses and detains dissidents. (M)any fear speaking openly and demanding greater rights.”

After Obama’s outreach, Times editors called Cuba “a repressive police state.” Polar opposite hard truths. Its government insists it has no political prisoners. Continue reading

Bin Laden Documents To Be Used In Briton’s Terror Trial – 2 January 2015

RT logoA document seized from the home of Osama bin Laden is to be used in a trial of a British man who allegedly planned terrorist attacks in Britain and the US.

Abid Naseer, 28, from Manchester, is accused of planning to blow up New York subway lines to mark the eighth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks. Naseer is also accused of planning attacks on two shopping centers in Manchester, in the UK, and an undisclosed target in Norway.

READ MORE: Drone operators had Bin Laden in crosshairs a year before 9/11

The alleged plot was intercepted by British security services, who said he had nicknamed the attack “the wedding” on social media.

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Stratospheric Earnings: Goldman Sachs Paid Senior UK Staff Top Nonuses In 2013 – 2 January 2015

RT logoUS investment bank Goldman Sachs paid its senior executives the most lucrative bonuses of all UK-based banks in 2013, statistics compiled by Reuters suggest.

The bank’s employees in key high-ranking executive and risk-taking roles were given bonuses of £2.57 million on average – approximately twice the amount awarded by other banks based in Britain.

Reuters’ research, published earlier this week, contrasted salaries doled out by 13 prominent investment banks operating in London. The survey spanned a total of 2,600 City of London employees.

The study also revealed 2,600 City bankers were paid over £3.4 billion in 2013, almost 50 times the average yearly salary in Britain.

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John Ward – Fracking: North Korea In New Energy Breakthrough – 2 January 2015

KimbinocsptnetIn a game-changing announcement this lunchtime, the People’s Peace-Loving Democratic Egalitarian Republic of North Korea revealed that Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un is to head up a mission to frack the sun. Continue reading

iSpy: GCHQ Targets Tech Grads For Fast Track Scheme – 2 January 2015

RT logoBritain’s GCHQ surveillance agency is to target top science and tech graduates to fast-track them into spying and intelligence before they enter the private sector.

The program is loosely based on other fast track schemes such as Teach First, which requires graduates to work in challenging schools before taking up commercial jobs.

It draws its inspiration from the success of Israel’s recruitment of budding tech entrepreneurs into the Israeli Defense Force’s Unit 8200, the military’s surveillance unit. A number of tech graduates who had joined the Unit have gone on to found successful firms – some worth around $10 billion.

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‘It Was Us’: CIA ‘Fesses Up On UFO Sightings In 1950-60s – 2 January 2015

Image from Wikipedia.org
Image from Wikipedia.org

The Central Intelligence Agency has admitted that it was responsible for at least half of reported UFO sightings in the middle of the last century due to its secret, high-altitude reconnaissance flights.

The 1950s and ’60s was an intense period when a number of Americans reported UFO sightings and alien visitations. These sensational events lent cinematic credence to a number of Hollywood space blockbusters, including Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “ET,” and George Lucas’s “Star Wars.”

Now it appears the unidentified flying objects were more fact than fantasy, while the mind behind them was not quite alien.

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