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TheIndependent – Banks Should Be Allowed To Revive Securitisation Responsibly, Claims Deputy Bank Of England Governor – 2 June 2014

The Independent

Sophia Love – Oneness: The Force Of Creation – 2 June 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

In Dan Millman’s “The Laws of Spirit” is found this wonderful explanation of Oneness:

“The ‘you’ who refers to it as ‘my’ house is of course separate from the house…The ‘you’ who refers to it as ‘my’ body – is that ‘you’ also separate from the body? …Language reflects our fundamental view of reality…The ‘you’ who speaks through the body, who refers to ‘my’ house, ‘my’ body, ‘my’ soul, ‘my’ higher self, is, in the truest sense, pure Awareness itself.”

This life force coursing through everything is, in every sense, creation itself.  It never stops.  Never. It is constant.  As are you.
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Wes Annac – Enlighten Yourself: Acceptance And The Angelic Realm – Part 1/3 – 2 June 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Staying true to the decision I outlined in a recent article, I’d like to start examining some of what’s been said by the prominent spiritual teachers of our past and present about the path of enlightenment. I’m starting to realize the relevance of enlightenment to our spiritual evolution, and as such, I’d like to present as much material about it as I can. Continue reading

FBI On Nationwide Manhunt For ‘Armed And Dangerous’ Political Consultant – 2 June 2014

RT logoAuthorities in the United States are conducting a coast-to-coast manhunt for a San Francisco, California man suspected of getting his hands on a cache of explosives and believed to be armed and dangerous.

Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesman Peter Lee told reporters over the weekend that an ongoing investigation brought them to the apartment of Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II on Saturday, where officials executed a search warrant but were unable to locate the suspect: a 42-year-old former consultant with an active social media presence and described by one acquaintance as “a nice guy.”

A crew of two dozen FBI agents, hazardous material personnel, police officers and firefighters were on the scene when the raid was carried out, the San Francisco Gate reported, and authorities closed down much of area while they scoured Chamberlain’s apartment at 1831 Pole Street for evidence.

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Top US CEOs Make 330 Times More Than Average Employees – Study – 2 June 2014

RT logoThe average employee in the US will have to work 331 years to earn the annual salary of an average Fortune 500 CEO, according to the AFL-CIO’s 2013 Executive Paywatch.

The ratio of CEO pay to worker pay has increased by more than 500 percent in the last thirty years. In 1983, the average CEO made 46 times the average worker’s pay packet. The ratio quadrupled through the decade to 195 times in 1993. Highly paid CEOs of companies employing low wage earners are fueling economic inequality, which continues to grow.

The CEO salary data was sourced from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data for the latest fiscal years, covering around 3,000 corporations, most listed in the Russell 3000 Index.

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Lisa Gawlas – The Living Energy Of June-July, Of Shambhala! – 2 June 2014

lisagawlas2Of all the things that I realized these last few days, this one revelation took me by the biggest surprise.  It’s not the earth herself that is doing all this “shifting,” it’s us!  Earth was created to house vast amounts of frequencies or dimensions to allow all those incarnate to have whatever experience they wanted to have upon her life system.  Over the span of eons of time, it has been important for us to experience as many frequencies as we could leading up to this extraordinary moment in time.

If we look at it all like piano keyboard, we were all born into middle C, then we choose which other keys (frequencies we were going to explore while in body.)  Lingering on some notes, running from others and learning to play several of the notes together at one time.  This really does lead to the mastery of life.  Not avoiding the various notes, but playing in them, learning them, understanding their uses, potentials and harmonies. Continue reading

‘West Hard Pressed After Syrian Islamic Insurgency It Supported Backfired’ – 2 June 2014

RT logoBoth the EU and the US are confused as they are anti-Assad, but they are disturbed at the turn of events where Islamist insurgents seem to have an upper hand, Paul Lashmar, investigative journalist at Brunel University, told RT.

RT:Last week a UK man was found guilty of terrorism in Syria. And that’s amid Westminster’s vocal support of Al-Qaeda linked rebels in the war-torn country. Isn’t there some sort of discrepancy?

Paul Lashmar: The UK position on Syrian terrorism is confused. Initially the UK was supporting the insurgency against President Assad and it seemed that the Free Syrian Army was supportable. But things got terribly confused by the fact of the rise of Islamic element insurgency. So what you have got is that the British now are in a very difficult situation, because on the one hand they have supported these very people, but now they are concerned that the people who are going to fight will be Islamists, jihadi insurgents, who are going to come back with terrorist skills and are going to apply them in Europe or in the UK. So they have legislated against them. I think they are really very confused and it will have all sorts of major ramifications that they have clearly not thought about at all.

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‘Syrian Elections Show Real Western Contempt To Democracy’ – 2 June 2014

RT logoThe West has been calling for democracy in Syria for years, and when the elections took place they not only denounced them but actually prevented some Syrians from voting outside the country, political writer and journalist Dan Glazebrook told RT.

RT:Do you think it will be possible for these elections to actually go ahead during the war?

Dan Glazebrook: Yes, they are going to go ahead, but obviously it is going to be difficult – the talk is that in the rebel-held areas it’s going to be difficult for them to take place, the rebels have boycotted the elections. Do not forget you have millions of Syrians abroad as well. The voting has already started in Lebanon and elsewhere. Millions of people are flooding the streets in Lebanon to go and register their vote. So the Syrian state is organizing them to the best of their ability.

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Los Angeles Sues JPMorgan Over ‘Predatory’ Mortgages To Minorities – 2 June 2014

RT logoThe City of Los Angeles has charged JPMorgan Chase & Co. with imposing discriminatory loan conditions that minority borrowers couldn’t afford, creating a foreclosure crisis that hit property values by $78.8 bn and created a $481 mn loss in tax revenue.

LA City Attorney Mike Feuer accused the US’s largest bank of engaging in “a continuous pattern and practice of mortgage discrimination in Los Angeles since at least 2004, by imposing different terms or conditions on a discriminatory and legally prohibited basis,” according to the lawsuit filed in a US District Court.

Los Angeles said JPMorgan loans made between 2004 and 2011 in predominantly black or Hispanic neighborhoods were 2.19 times more likely to go into foreclosure than loans in mainly white areas. The bank is charged with driving low-income home buyers into costly “subprime loans” – complete with perplexing small print conditions – when other more attractive lines of credit were readily available.

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TheIndependent – Rolf Harris Accused Of ‘Deliberately Lying’ To The Court After Prosecution Discover 1970s Video Of Him In Game Show Filmed In Cambridge – 2 June 2014

The Independent

The 84-year-old entertainer, artist and musician had previously given evidence in which he claimed he had not visited the city until four years ago

By Rob Williams

Quote: Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris was today accused of deliberately lying to the court after prosecutors revealed television evidence that appears to contradict his claim that he could not have visited the location of one his alleged assaults.

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