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Lee Harris – November 2014 Energy Forecast – Multiplying Love And Shifting From Density To Light – 2 November 2014

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Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 2 November 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

Many of you have been dedicating yourselves to the greater purification of your mind patterns and thought patterns. Now that the emotional patterns are almost balanced and made neutral, the thoughts become the next area of observation and recalibration. This work is something that only you can do, there is no one else that is in charge of your thoughts or how you choose to think within your mind. There is more than one way to perceive and look at things within the situations that come up in your lives. There is more than one way to respond in your mastery of them, however, through lifetime conditioning people most times tend to respond and react in the same old patterns that never brought them success before. This, in all likelihood is why the same type of situation keeps cropping up in their daily living. Continue reading


John Ward – The Paedofile/Hackgate Connection : More Evidence Casts Doubt On Savile Claims – 2 November 2014


There was always a time overlap between the start of Hackgate, and the sudden discover by a media-goaded Met that every paedofile in the world worked at the BBC.

The Slog pieces together the two sagas’ links, and asks the 64 billion Dollar question: did fear of the Hackgate/Elm House fallout ’cause’ the sudden national obsession with DJ gropers?

In the second of two articles in the Mail on Sunday today, it is revealed that a former cancer patient who wrote to Jimmy Savile and received cash help to save her life wants £60,000 damages for what she claims was a series of sexual assaults…but the accusations are not looking good under examination.

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North Korea Modernized Soviet Missile-Capable Submarine – Report – 2 November 2014

RT logoPyongyang is modernizing once obtained decommissioned Soviet diesel submarine capable of carrying ballistic missiles either for active service or as a test bench for constructing a similar sub of its own, South Korean government sources say.

North Korea “imported a Soviet-era Golf-class diesel submarine and modified it,” Yonhap news agency has reported, citing a government source.

The Soviet Union constructed various modifications of Golf-class diesel-electric submarines, also known as ‘Project 629’, starting from 1958. The sub was capable of carrying three single stage liquid-propellant ballistic missiles (types vary on different modifications of the subs), with one nuclear warhead and six torpedo tubes, which could use nuclear torpedoes as well.

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Violent Clashes In France After Protester Killed ‘By Police Grenade’ – 2 November 2014

Riot police have clashed with protesters as crowds rallied agRT logoainst police brutality in several French cities after the death of an ecology protester, apparently caused by a police stun grenade.

Following the death of 21-year-old ecology protester Rémi Fraisse, rallies took place in Nantes, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux and Avignon on Saturday.

The Nantes and Toulouse demos turned violent, with masked and hooded protesters throwing projectiles and tearing down street signs. Security forces retaliated by firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowds.

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Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – Radical Change Intensifies – 2 November 2014

rick2Volume #107, November, 2014
Rick DiClemente

Radical Change Intensifies

Why is this time so important? It’s because of the existing square between Uranus and Pluto that represents volatile revolution. These two joined forces in October of 1965 – did you notice any revolutionary energies from 1960-1969 when they were traveling in unison? In the past three years, they have been at a right angle to each other (a tension aspect in astrology called a “square”). This is why these two have repeatedly been triggered during that time, and explains the ensuing friction. These two heavyweights of astrology are seismic collective forces. Continue reading

DL Zeta – Timelines Of Transcendence Transport Us Into The New Time – 2 November 2014

DLZetaDuring this powerful time, new energies are filtering onto the earth plane, seeding times of deeper awakening. Seers and other light beings are receiving visions designed to bring awareness to anything that has held them in limiting scenarios. Transcendence is a primary theme now as we are asked to move beyond old identities into new and often as yet unimagineable realms of being. The new energies allow us to transcend limiting beliefs that exist at the root of limiting careers, relationships, identities and much more. In a sense, these energies are even assisting us in transcending ourselves – or who we believe ourselves to be. Continue reading

Jim Self – Planetary Update – November 2014 – 2 November 2014

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Jon Rappoport – Exit From The Matrix: Never Give Up On Artists – 2 November 2014

jon7Artists are telling us something, whether we want to believe it nor not. They’re telling us to listen more deeply to what is there or could be there in us, no matter where we find ourselves, in what situation, at what position in our lives. They’re telling us there is liberation.

There is liberation from the ordinary. From the repetitive, from the soulless, from the machine, from the dead end, from the false veneer of happiness, from the pretensions of wisdom, from the bottled beliefs, from the prepackaged satisfaction, from closed systems, from whatever holds us in check.

The artist, whether he is exclaiming Yes or No, is exploring realms beyond society and what it purports to offer. Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Dreams And Other Realities – 2 November 2014

LarryLarsonWhat about bad dreams? Are those things that are going to manifest?

When you experience releases of energy that have backed up within your vortex in dreamtime, those are discharges, like lightning or static. They are not indicators of anything that is going to manifest. They do however indicate contrast that you are holding within yourself.

In your dream states you have access to your entire nonphysical vibrational field. Therefore things that are pressing upon you, either consciously or unconsciously, will appear in dreaming where there is no resistance. That you feel those “pressing upon you” means they are indeed pressing; their vibrational energy has built to a point where their manifestation in some form is imminent. However if you have changed the course of your thinking and believing so that you are focused upon the good life, then they are going to discharge in a dream state, or elsewhere in your life experience where they are of little consequence.

As always, when you experience negative emotion you should shift your thinking to focus upon what you do want in your life experience, rather than opposing or fearing something that you do not. A negative experience in dreamtime is a big clue that you are holding some negative thought or belief within that is wanting your attention.

By identifying the feeling activated by the dream you can… Inner Circle Members click here to continue reading. 
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Blessings of abundance and life,
~ Twelve

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