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2,000 Dead Snow Geese ‘Basically… Just Fell Out Of The Sky’ In Idaho – 18 March 2015

RT logoVolunteers and Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) staff members spent the weekend collecting the carcasses of about 2,000 migrating snow geese that died mid-flight. Its officials believe the birds were killed by avian cholera.

“Basically, they just fell out of the sky,” IDFG spokesman Gregg Losinski told Reuters.

Snow geese breed on the tundras of Canada and Alaska during the summer, and spend the winters along both American coasts, as well as in marshes, grasslands and wet areas near ponds. These birds were migrating back to their nesting grounds in Northern Alaska from the southwestern US and Mexico, and died while stopping at Idaho’s Mud Lake and Market Lake Wildlife Management Areas, IDFG said in a statement.

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2,000 UK Troops, RAF Spy Plane Bound For Jordan To Combat ISIS – 10 February 2015

RT logoThe UK will send 2,000 specialist troops and a spy plane to Jordan to aid its efforts to defeat the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), a government source has revealed.

The decision follows criticism from the Commons Defence Select Committee that the UK was not committing sufficient troops or resources to the area.

An initial group of 60 military planners will join a coalition HQ in Jordan, which will be used to co-ordinate support of Kurdish and Iraqi troops, followed by a further 2,000 who will mainly act in a training capacity, the source told the Express.

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2,000 Bombs A Year? Japan’s Plan To Reopen Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Stirs Concern – 14 July 2014

RT logoReactivating a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant could provide Japan with enough plutonium to produce up to 2,000 atomic bombs a year, a US expert has warned. The “reckless” move could destabilize the region, as Japan’s neighbors rush to compete.

Henry Sokolski, executive director at the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, urged the House Foreign Affairs committee to hinder the reopening of the nuclear reprocessing facility in Rokkasho, North Japan.

The plant itself was supposed to begin operations in October 2013, but its reactivation was delayed by new safety regulations. The operators of the facility, which, according to the IAEA, has an annual capacity of 800 tons of uranium, or 8 tons of plutonium, say it should be up and running by this October.

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John Ward – The Continuing Story Of Why Microsoft Needs To Be Dismantled And Sold Off, # 2 – 2 July 2014

JohnWI know it’s boring and all that, but I’ve been having this farcical debate with Skype for some days now about not being able to sign into my contacts, using the supplied security methods, because I’m temporarily using an emergency notebook.

I don’t know of a single other net-based comms service that is phased by one signing in from another pc, but Skype is very happy to sell you addons, just not for you to get to your contacts and use the service. This is palpably obviously very bad for the company’s velocity of usage….which must be suffering, because they now have a mass-produced response for when everyone asks whereTF have my contacts gone. Continue reading

Over 300 Dead, 2,000 Missing After Landslide In Afghanistan’s North-East – 2 May 2014

Image from maps.google

Image from maps.google

Some 2,100 people are missing and 350 are dead after a landslide triggered by heavy rains buried a village in north eastern Afghanistan, officials said. The landslide in the Badakshan province also buried some 300 homes under rocks and mud.

There were more than 1,000 families living in that village,” Naweed Forotan, a spokesman for the Badakhshan governor, told Reuters. “A total of 2,100 people, men, women and children are trapped.”

So far, only eight people have been rescued, TOLOnew reports.

Rescue crews were on the scene but didn’t have enough equipment and were appealing for more shovels, the province’s governor, Shah Waliullah Adeeb said.

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2,300 Tubes Containing SARS Virus Samples Missing In France – 17 April 2014

RT logoA major French biomedical research body, the Pasteur Institute, have launched an investigation into the disappearance of some 2,300 test tubes containing samples of the SARS virus. The loss was discovered during an inventory.

The Pasteur Institute filed a so-called ‘complaint against X‘ on Monday over the lost SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) samples. According to French law, such complaints allow law enforcement agencies to investigate a certain case, without targeting specific individuals or companies.

The distinguished research body has also announced it has closed its P3 laboratory, where the samples of the potentially deadly virus were kept.
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