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InquiringMinds – Where We Pay For Example, Interest Free, The Value Of Our Homes Only, And Not Three Times The Value Of Our Homes Which Happens At Present By Way Of Banker Interest;- Rex +- 20 December 2014

Inquiring Minds

It is my hope that a world awakening to the criminal intent of those that have ruled this planet for hundreds of years, will push the private banking that controls each nation into the history books; and go back to using interest free treasuries; where the wealth within each treasury belonging to the people of each nation, could be used, interest free, for the benefit of the people and individual nation; where we pay for example, interest free, the value of our homes only, and not three times the value of our homes which happens at present by way of banker interest; with two thirds of our money paid into the mortgage going to the private bankers (Rothschild) in profit. Continue reading

FBI Mishandled Evidence Throughout United States, Report Says – 20 December 2014

RT logoFBI agents all over the United States have mishandled, wrongly labeled and even lost evidence pertaining to criminal investigations, a critical internal review has found. The Bureau is even storing more weapons and drugs than it has documented.

According to the internal report, obtained and first reported on by theNew York Times, many of the problems could be traced back to the transition to a computer storage system dubbed Sentinel. When that system went online in 2012, it was meant to make searching through evidence much more efficient – particularly compared to sifting through paper files – but problems with the technology have caused setbacks.

More seriously, however, were issues concerning missing evidence. In fact, some 1,600 pieces of evidence have been signed out for four months or more before they were returned. In one case, a piece of evidence has been out since 2003.

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Dick Cheney Should Be In Prison, Not On ‘Meet The Press’ – Greenwald – 20 December 2014

RT logoJournalist Glenn Greenwald said Dick Cheney is able to brag about the success of torture on weekend news shows because the Obama administration has decided to shield torturers rather than prosecute them.

In a wide ranging interview about the CIA torture report, prospects for the 2016 presidential race, US-Cuba relations and the Sony hack, Greenwald told HuffPost Live that the discussion about the torture report is distorted since we are not hearing from the victims of torture themselves.

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In an interview on‘Meet the Press,’ former Vice President Dick Cheney claimed that torture “worked” and announced he would “do it again in a minute” if given the opportunity.

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ActivistPost – Judge Napolitano On How Government Is Violating Natural Rights – 20 December 2014

Logo_activistpost-comBy Reason TV

“Jefferson and Madison and William O. Douglas and everybody that took a stand for human liberty would be turning in their graves,” roars Judge Andrew Napolitano about President Obama’s decision to use drones on American citizens. Napolitano discusses how presidents have used war and domestics threats to massively increase the reach of the state and reduce natural rights of citizens.

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Ferguson Prosecutor Says Witnesses Lied Under Oath To Grand Jury – 20 December 2014

RT logoSome witnesses obviously lied while testifying under oath to the Ferguson grand jury that ultimately declined to indict 18-year-old Michael Brown, said the St. Louis county prosecutor in charge of the case, Bob McCulloch.

Speaking with KTRS radio, McCulloch said his goal was to have any individual who claimed to be a witness testify before the grand jury.

“Clearly some were not telling the truth,” he said.

Specifically, McCulloch noted that one woman in particular who said she witnessed the shooting but “clearly wasn’t present.” According to McCulloch, “she recounted a story right out of the newspaper” that matched up with the account of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Brown on August 9.

Notably, the account given by this witness, identified as Sandra McElroy by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, was scrutinized in great detail by investigators, who eventually concluded she could not have seen the shooting like she said she did. McElroy claimed she saw Brown charge at Wilson before he was shot.

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Obama: Keystone XL Pipeline Does Not Benefit Americans – 20 December 2014

RT logoRepublican leadership in Congress has said authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline will be its first order of business next year, but President Barack Obama said the project would be of small benefit to Americans.

During his year-end press conference, President Obama said building the Keystone XL pipeline – which would run from the Canadian tar sands into the United States – would not lead to lower gasoline prices for Americans. Additionally, Obama said it would create a couple of thousand temporary jobs until construction is completed, but the project would mainly benefit Canadian oil companies that need to get their oil to the Gulf of Mexico in order to see it on the world market.

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At issue in Keystone is not American oil. It is Canadian oil that is drawn out of the tar sands in Canada,” said the president. “That oil currently is being shipped out through rail or trucks, and it would save Canadian oil companies and the Canadian oil industry an enormous amount of money if they can simply pipe it all the way through the United States down to the Gulf.”

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Penis-Injury Lawsuit To Rise Again – Federal Appeals Court – 20 December 2014

RT logoA man who severely injured his penis during a fall off a ladder can move forward with his lawsuit against Home Depot and the equipment’s manufacturer because the case had been thrown out improperly by the previous judge, a federal appeals court ruled.

In 2008, Kurt Stuhlmacher’s parents purchased a ladder from Home Depot so that he could work on the roof of a cabin he was building for them. Stuhlmacher was using the ladder for the first time and had just begun to put together the rafters when the ladder fell, the court documents said. He grabbed on to a rafter for a moment and then fell on the right front rail of the ladder, striking his groin. As a result of the fall, Kurt injured his shoulder.

“The more significant injury, however, was to his penis,” Judge Ann Williams wrote for the three-judge panel. Doctors later diagnosed Stuhlmacher with Peyronie’s disease, “which causes extreme pain during erection and prevents him from having sexual intercourse.”

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