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Eric Garner Memorial Burns Down In NYC – 20 January 2015

RT logoA makeshift memorial built in the Staten Island, New York at the spot where Eric Garner died at the hands of law enforcement last year, burned down on Monday evening. Preliminary reports suggest a candle started the blaze.

According to the New York Post, the Staten Island memorial caught fire late on Monday, which was also Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Police sources told the paper that a candle was believed to have accidentally fallen and burned down the memorial.

“Evil set my dad’s memorial on fire tonight, but cant erase his legacy,” Erica Garner, the daughter of the late New Yorker, wrote on Twitter. “Rebuild 2morrow.”

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ZeroHedge – Mr. “QE4” Tells Hilsenrath He Now Wants To “Get Going” With Rate Hikes Soon – 20 January 2015

ZeroHedgeHaving saved the world markets from a 10% correction fate worse than death (or recession) in October with ‘hints’ of reigniting QE4, The Fed’s Jim Bullard is back to his jawboning best. Blaming The ECB’s looming unconventional policy move for the global bond market rally (as opposed to collapsing growth and disinflation), Bullard proclaims the domestic US economy is doing well with tailwinds from low rates and oil prices (just don’t tell the 7,000 Baker Hughes workers this morning) and tells WSJ’s Jon Hilsenrath that he wants to “get going” with rate increases warning that the funds rate is 400bps below normal.

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Chinese Firm 3D-Prints 5-Story House Using Construction Waste ‘Ink’ – 20 January 2015

image from http://mp.weixin.qq.com
image from http://mp.weixin.qq.com

A Chinese company has used 3D printers to create five-story homes using construction waste. The project architects say this is the world’s tallest building constructed using this technology.

The new project is the brainchild of Shanghai-based WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co, who also managed to use 3D printing technology to create a 1,100 square meters villa in the Suzhou industrial park of China’s Jiangsu Province. It is not known how comfortable the buildings will be to live in, but one cannot argue with the cost, the villa complete with interior decoration cost a little over $160,000.

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New Illinois Cyber Bully Law Lets Teachers Access Students’ Social Media – 20 January 2015

RT logoStudents in the state of Illinois can now be legally compelled to give their teachers access to their social media accounts through a new law that’s intended to crack down on cyber bullying, but it raises concerns about personal privacy.

Thelaw— signed by then-Governor Pat Quinn in August and officially added to the books on January 1 — is reportedly now making waves after letters were sent to the parents of students last week outlining the rules.

According to school and state officials, the new cyber bullying legislation gives educators the ability to access the social media accounts of their students, if it’s pertinent to preventing any hostile online behavior, including cyber bullying outside the classroom and school hours.

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ZeroHedge – 2015 SOTU: The Robin-Hood Distribution Plan – 20 January 2015

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Lance Roberts via STA Wealth Management,

NHS SOS: UK Top Doc Says Health Service May Use Private Insurance Model – 20 January 2015

RT logo(Lucas: This is exactly what will be done. Privatising the system. In The Netherlands the system  was just was gradually transformed into a private insurance system. What was an explosion in costs and premiums every year. The insured items and treatments, and care was every year less. Or you should pay more or had to pay an extra premium or price next to your premium. The insurers got enriched by the premiums and billions of profits while fewer services were provided. The insurers got more and more dictating doctors and pharmacist what to treat or not and subscribe or not. The system has nothing to do anymore with health nor care as it is just a profiteering of insurers as corporations that have only profits in mind. Healthcare, doctors and hospitals, treatment and care in general are not in any way to be mixed with business but should be  general services available for all equally.  The corporatization of our world even our political and basics like health, water, energy, public transport, etc, should stop.  We need to get back to common sense and caring for all. Even USA’s privatization of healthcare has not brought access for all to healthcare nor has it become cheaper in any way, this also is the case in my country The Netherlands. It is time to stop the nonsense and all that is going on to enslave humans, control them and even pressure them with taxes, fines, premiums, permits for all sorts of things we do not need or have asked for.  We need to stop the greed culture in healthcare, politics, government, business and financial institutions. Get real you all who have interests in the payments, bonuses and lobbyist gifts and given opportunities in power and control over people. Stop the bribes, embezzlement and fraud taking place in care, pharmacy, etc.  We need to stop the private companies and layers of services that take in the money or do things double just because they can get payments for their services even if they are unnecessary or already done also by others. We need no layers of managers and controllers over those who work their socks off and really work in healthcare.We need only to care and help and share all we can in the right way upon this world, with all humans in mind not just a few taking most. )

Britain’s most senior doctor has warned the National Health Service may be forced to abandon the provision of universal free healthcare, as the organization faces further government cutbacks.

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, the medical director of the NHS in England, said the NHS model, where tax payers fund the service (free at point of use), would not be “sustainable in the longer term.”

Speaking to the Guardian, Sir Bruce said: “If the NHS continues to function as it does now, it’s going to really struggle to cope because the model of delivery and service that we have at the moment is not fit for the future.”

He added that huge social changes were needed if the NHS was to survive, including encouraging British people to use hospital services less in order to reduce pressure.

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Forgive And Forget? Greece’s €317Bn Debt In Focus Ahead Of Elections – 20 January 2015

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Greece’s anti-austerity SYRIZA party is leading in opinion polls days ahead of a general election on Sunday. The country’s massive €317 billion debt remains a key point of disaccord among experts and politicians.

Recent polls show SYRIZA is leading among voters and is three percent ahead of the ruling New Democracy party, according to a survey published in the To Vima newspaper on Sunday.

Should the leftist Coalition of the Radical Left Alliance (SYRIZA) win the election on January 25, it will abandon austerity measures in favor of its own program to repay the national debt, said the party’s leader Alexis Tsipras in an interview with local Antenna TV channel.

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ActivistPost – Think It All Started With Phones And Email? The NSA Used To Copy Our Telegrams – 20 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comAaron Dykes and Melissa Melton
Activist Post

“What if we could build a national data warehouse containing information about every person in the United States? Thanks to secret interpretations of the PATRIOT ACT, top-secret Fourth Amendment exceptions allowed by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and broad cooperation at the local, state, and federal level, we can!”

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Super Rich Gather In Davos To Tackle Shrinking Economy – 20 January 2015

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The world’s most rich and powerful businessmen, heads of state, and even celebrities are gathering in Davos, Switzerland for the 43th annual Davos ‘World Economic Forum’ to discuss business among the glitz and glamor.

Monarchs, CEOS, tech billionaires, and musicians descend upon Europe’s highest city January 21-24.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘The New Global Context’, oil prices, climate change, the rise of China, deflation across the eurozone, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and income inequality are set to top the agenda.

Away from Switzerland, all eyes will be on the European Central Bank and its President Mario Draghi, who is widely expected to announce at least a €500 billion quantitative easing package for Europe, as the eurozone hasn’t managed to get its economy growing after nearly 5 years in recession.

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Ban The bomb! Anti-Nuclear MPs Debate Trident, Call Renewal ‘Waste Of Money’ – 20 January 2015

RT logoThe future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent was debated in Parliament on Tuesday, hours after a Scottish opinion poll found nearly half of Scots oppose renewing the Trident program.

Parliament’s debate on Trident comes weeks after the Ministry of Defence (MoD) published a report revealing the cost of the program’s “assessment phase” will increase by an additional £261 million this year.

Renewal of Trident, which is based just 25 miles west of Glasgow, is expected to cost £20 billion.

The cost of the overall program over the next 25 years, however, is estimated to be £80 billion.

Tuesday’s debate was called by the Scottish National Party (SNP), Green Party, and Welsh national party Plaid Cymru, with the intention of demonstrating “opposition to Trident renewal in Westminster.

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