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CLN – Birth 2012 Global Movement Aims To Unify 100 Million People To Celebrate The Birth Of A New Era – December 20-22, 2012 – 14 December 2012

Birth-2012-150x150Bestselling Authors, Social Pioneers, Musicians and Cultural Leaders Unite in More than 40 Major Events from Mexico to Australia in an Unprecedented Global Webcast

Los Angeles, CA, (December 14, 2012)  – The end of the long-count Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, has provoked apocalyptic fears, doomsday books and films, and even triggered outbreaks of panic, as recently reported in a December 1New York Times article on Russia’s end-of-the-world anxiety.  By contrast, the far more positive and forward-looking Birth 2012 movement, organized by The Shift Network, offers a creative and hopeful alternative.  Rather than feed fears, the movement aims to turn this marker point into a planetary “birth day” for a new era that is healthy, sustainable, and peaceful.  The conveners recognize the power of this once-in-five-thousand-years turning point to unify people globally around a commitment to create a world that works for all. Continue reading


Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 7 October 2012

Beloved Ones,

The lessons you have been experiencing in the days past now come into alignment with the higher aspects of your Divine essence. Each day will bring a greater acceleration of your spiritual growth and understanding than the one before. You are moving into fast forward in terms of greater comprehension and remembrance of the mission you have come to this Planet to implement. This mission requires that you have learned mastery of your human operating system and the foremost among these is mastery of the mind, the mastering of your thoughts as you go about your daily lives. Continue reading

John Ward – Karlsruhe Decides : Zooks Are Go… – 12 September 2012

Only lawyers could deliver such a result: the ESM is legal up to €190bn, and then it isn’t. The Karlsruhe Court has come up with a sort of three months abortion pill: yes, we’re going to get pregnant, but we’re still thinking about whether we want to start a family or not.

One can picture the scene a year from now: “Ach jah, Frankreich, you get the bailout, and it comes to €3.74. Wolfie says you can have it in three tranches, but every Frenchman caught working sur le noir must be slain”. Continue reading

Der Spiegel – German High Court OKs Permanent Bailout Fund With Reservations – 12 September 2012

(Lucas : Draghi is also pushing for a banking union that will bring more centralized power to the ECB and the ones in power in the (now to establish) ESM and the EU. The bondbuying can go through. Also we await Bernanke tomorrow say QE3. It is highly likely. So we are still putting on the  bandages till the things fall apart anyway.)

Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court has cleared the way for the country to ratify the European Stability Mechanism, the permanent euro bailout fund.

Germany and Europe can both breathe a sigh of relief on Wednesday: The Federal Constitutional Court has rejected a petition to stop the ratification of the permanent euro rescue fund, the European Stability Mechanism. The decision clears the way for the ESM to go into effect.

In a historically significant signal for the euro rescue, the German Federal Constitutional Court on Wednesday ruled there are no grounds to stop the country from ratifying the European Stability Mechanism, the permanent euro bailout fund, and the fiscal pact aimed at bringing economic governance to countries in the euro zone. The decision bolstered stock markets in Europe and around the world and also strengthened the euro. However, the justices at the Karslruhe-based court also expressed some reservations.

The court ordered that ratification can only be completed if it is ensured under international law that Germany’s current maximum liability of €190 billion ($245 billion) can only be increased with the approval of the German representatives in both the ESM Board of Governors and its Board of Directors, court President Andreas Vosskuhle said. “(No) provision of this treaty may be interpreted in a way that establishes higher payment obligations for the Federal Republic of Germany without the agreement of the German representative,” the court states.This also means that Germany’s federal parliament, the Bundestag, must play the leading role in important decisions. Under a German law accompanying the ratification of the ESM treaty, the German parliament must first vote on the positions taken by German representatives in the ESM boards before they can act on them. However, it is still unclear at this point whether decisions will require a vote of the full parliament or the significantly smaller budget committee.

In another significant condition, the court ruled that Germany must ensure that the treaty is implemented in a way that ensures that representatives of the Bundestag, and the Bundesrat, the upper legislative chamber that represents the federal states, are comprehensively informed of the bailout fund’s activities despite the professional secrecy that ESM employees are required to adhere to.

Vosskuhle also noted that the decision on the permanent rescue fund is provisional and that full proceedings would follow.

Germany is the only euro-zone member state that has not yet ratified the treaty establishing the ESM. Without the participation of the EU’s largest member state, the bailout fund has not been able to begin its work yet.

‘Good for Germany, Good for Europe’

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle of the business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP), which is the junior coalition partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, greeted the ruling. “It was a smart decision reflecting the pro-European spirit of our consitution,” he said, adding that the conditions imposed by the court had been necessary and that Germany could not be allowed to become overburdened. “The Federal Constitutional Court has affirmed the policies of the federal government and declared it to be constitutional. That’s good for Germany and good for Europe.”

The group Mehr Demokratie (“More Democracy”), together with 37,000 German citizens, had sued at the country’s highest court to halt the ESM’s ratification. The group alleged that Germany was entering into “unlimited and irreversible liability risks.” Peter Gauweiler, a politician with the conservative Christian Social Union who is a prominent critic of the German government’s euro rescue policies, and the Left Party had claimed that accepting the new liabilities would be irresponsible.

There are also critical voices within Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union party, which has largely stood behind her policies in rescuing the euro, but is also home to some of her greatest adversaries in the crisis. Wolfgang Bosbach, a notorious critic of the euro rescue, expressed skepticism about the court’s ruling. Depite the conditions imposed by the court, he said, Germany still carried enormous liabilities. “I have mixed feelings about the ruling,” he said. On the one hand, it has strengthened parliament’s hand in Berlin. But he also warned that it only created the appearance that the upper ceiling on Germany’s liability would be limited to €190 billion. He argued that if the European Central Bank purchases government bonds in an unlimited manner, as the bank has said it may do, that would also increase Germany’s potential liability.

German President Free To Sign Treaty

Following Wednesday’s ruling, German President Joachim Gauck is now free to sign the ESM treaty, which was already approved by Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, in June. The ESM can only go into effect with his signature.

The permanent euro bailout fund will operate in parallel with its predecessor, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), for a period, completely replacing it by mid-2013. The ESM will be equipped with €700 billion in capital but will only be able to lend a maximum of €500 billion.

In accordance with its share capital in the European Central Bank (ECB), Germany is providing guarantees for 27 percent of the ESM’s funds. Germany is required to provide €22 billion in cash to the fund as well as guarantees totalling close to €170 billion. But critics fear that Germany will have to provide far more cash and guarantees in the end.

Despite firm words of warning in the past, the court has never ruled against the ratification of a major EU treaty and most politicians in Berlin, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, expected that the constitutional guardian in Karlsruhe would give its blessing to the ESM.Stock markets across Europe showed gains following the Karlsruhe ruling. Eurostoxx, an index of blue chip European companies, rose briefly by 1.2 percent — to close to 2,580 points. Spain’s leading index, Ibex, also rose for a time by over 1 percent exceeding 8,000 points. Meanwhile, Italy’s FSTE rose by more than 1 percent, bringing it to a total of almost 200 points.

The euro also rose on the news to $1.2906, its highest level since mid-May.

Check SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL later for further updates.


http://www.spiegel.de link to original article

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 12 September 2012

(Lucas : Discern yourselves in everything you read, hear and see, it might be  not your truth, a distorted truth or even a blatant lie. )
The fact that much is happening in your world has not gone unnoticed, and for those who are just awakening to it, it seems that chaos reigns. Your traditional trusted institutions such as your banks are being seen for what they really are, but as yet the answers to their problems have not surfaced. However, the plans to cover such an eventuality as their collapse have been formulated. As with much of our allies work, it is ready to be implemented and waiting the right opportunity to be introduced. The old corrupt system will not be retained, and the new one is receiving support for the far reaching changes that it will bring. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Financial Alert : Germany’s Constitutional Court Decision Either Means A Rapid Eurozone Financial Collapse, Or Inevitable Hyperinflation – 12 September 2012

(NaturalNews) The financial collapse of the Eurozone may be upon us. This Wednesday, September 12, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany must decide whether it is legal for Germany to participate in the financial bailouts of other nations in the Eurozone.

The court has been inundated with tens of thousands of petitions (not just petition signers, but tens of thousands of individual petitions) demanding the court say NO to the bailouts and stop draining Germany’s economy to rescue the failed debt spending of other nations. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 9 September 2012

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Dutchsinse – USA Shutting Down Nuclear Reactors When They Come Up For Review !! – 10 August 2012

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Erik Garcés – Government Is Responsible For All Things? False! – 5 August 2012

The false and outright dishonest claims made in the above image are brilliantly debunked by Erik Garcés in the article below. The history of independent innovation (and Government’s obstruction of it) could not be more clear when you look at the FACTS as opposed to state-sponsored propaganda.

Each and every one of these patently false claims can be refuted.
Clockwise from noon:

1. Ports existed long before tyrannical governments decided this was a wonderful way to parasitically fleece the traders of the world. Phoenician, Roman, Greek, Chinese and so many other cultures were shipping via sea thousands of years ago.

2a. Electricity is only as reliable as the customer base demands it to be. Unreliable electrical networks around the world tend to be government operated monopolies. Moreover, power for manufacturing existed long before electrical transmission. Water wheels operated by individuals or small companies on privately held land predated modern monopolistic utilities.2b. Monopolies made possible by government force are what Public Utilities Commissions are. They deny any real sense of competition and ensure that the local utility company maintains its franchise. Have you ever seen an electric or cable company lose that franchise?2c. Fair access to electricity? Who has ever been denied electricity? If you live on rural land did you expect the utility to provide you with access to the grid for free?

3. Standard Currency for the transaction of goods? Sorry but your money, the US dollar is issued by a privately owned, for tax exempt profit, central bank. Each dollar in circulation is a dollar PLUS 6% interest to that private banking cartel. This is why as time goes on the prices of goods and services always rise; because the money is always worth less and less. Had we true competition in currencies as existed before the creation of the misleading named ‘Federal’ Reserve banks, people would have had a choice to avoid the dollar.

4. Tax payers do not pay for fire services in most American localities. Indeed, the modern tax payer supported fire service is a creation of 20th Century statists…

5.Trade Agreements are nothing more than a gang of criminals from various crime families (ie: China and the US government) agreeing on how much protection money they will extract from the private sector for the privilege of doing business across the artificial boundaries between the criminal gangs.

6.Standard Date and Time? Sorry to burst your bubble but that was an agreement between private railroads in the 19th Century to allow more efficient scheduling of trains across time zones.

7. Internet Access? While the US Military may have created the network technology, it was private investors who saw the civilian potential of this technology. Indeed, the elites now rue the day as more and more people awaken to their manipulations of society because of the internet.

8. Fair access to radio waves? You mean how that criminal gang called government unilaterally decided they could maintain an artificial scarcity and control the flow of information by ‘licensing’ radio and TV stations?

9. Property crime occurs primarily due to two factors: opportunity and motivation. Because of a down economy due to that private banking cartel (see #3) the motivation exists now at a greater level, but mostly due to the criminal government’s insistence on a monopoly on the use of force, crime has spread exponentially. In localities where self-defense is not criminalized, the rates of crime are dramatically lower than where firearms are restricted.

10. Proper Drainage. People were ensuring that their localities had proper drainage for thousands of years before statists insisted that government be responsible for all things.

11. Driving Standards. The nanny state treats citizens as moronic fools who cannot exist without the constant supervision of an all-encompassing government. Does anyone really think that without the police extracting revenue from drivers that the roads would really be unsafe? Insisting otherwise is to deny the existence of the instinct of self-preservation. Moreover, that police officer who chases down the driver doing 70 in a 65 zone has to himself significantly exceed the speed limit. So it’s reckless for you to drive five over the limit but OK for the cop to 75 just because he is the ‘law’? What absurdity!

12. The Postal Service? I had to stop a moment and stop laughing… The USPS exists only because it’s a monopoly (keep seeing that theme huh?) and the proof positive is that FedEx, UPS or DHL con provide the same service faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

13. Tax Payer funded road. Roads exist because people found a need to travel, usually for commerce. Roads were around thousands of years before the criminal gang called government figured out that they could own a monopoly on them and extract tribute.

14. Fair access to telephone networks? See #8.

15. Spelling and grammar teachers? Again, I had to wait a moment to stop laughing! We wouldn’t be having this conversation had the public education system worked. Oh wait a minute, it does work as intended. Because a people meaning to be free and self govern must by definition be well-educated, well-informed and engaged.

16. Trademarked name. Nope, the government need to be involved using taxpayer funds to ensure that my name is not misused by others. That’s my personal responsibility.

Whenever a return to natural law, which governed the Earth before the advent of the State, is mentioned the typical responses are cries about “anarchy”. We don’t have to go from one extreme (today’s police state) to wanton chaos in the streets.

This is the lie that State supremacists roll out when a proposal to restrict government is raised. Government, that necessary component of collectivism which enables the legally sanctioned violence of State to be directed at anyone who dare resist the confiscation of their hard earnings for redistribution to those most favored.

An undeniable truth of life is that government creates NOTHING, produces nothing, and the operation of government to do anything other is merely the confiscation of one person’s wealth or productivity to another, in the least efficient means possible. Enabled by the brute force or threat thereof by government thugs.

If we can understand that government is really violence hiding behind the color of law, and that all initiation of force is immoral: then we can see clearly that the only legitimate function of government is to protect the rights of the innocent, AND NOTHING ELSE. We must never allow these fundamental facts to be concealed behind nonsense cries of fairness and compassion…

http://www.shiftfrequency.com link to  article /www.jeenyscorner.com link to original article

Red Ice Creations Radio – Interview With The Late Rik Clay – 2012 Predictions, London Olympics, NWO, Royal Family… Its Time To Wake Up –

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