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‘US Should Stop Contradicting Itself, Send Geneva II Invitation To Iran’ – 14 January 2013

RT logoThe US should not send mixed messages to Tehran over its participation in the upcoming Geneva II talks aimed at ending the Syrian conflict, as it could potentially damage a P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, political analyst Kaveh Afrasiabi told RT.

RT: How important do you think Iran’s participation in the upcoming conference is?

Kaveh Afrasiabi: Well I think it is very important since Iran is a strategic state in a strategic alliance with Syria dating decades and is highly involved directly and indirectly in the Syrian theatre. Given the complex and multi-faceted nature of the Syrian conflict that involves the regional states and proxy wars and so forth, it is very important to get Iran involved, so there would be mediation not only between the Syrian government and the opposition, but also between competing regional states, principally Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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John Ward – Investors: Five Reasons Why Money Must Die – 13 January 2013

econcartCROPThe distance from now to the inevitable is, by definition, finite

Tell me, have you ever read 2000-2013 The Corporate Issuance Global Frenzy: what role for US Quantitative Easing? by Marco LoDuca of the European Central Bank et al?

G’wan…bet you haven’t. I have, and now my brain hurts. Simplistic is bad, but simple is good. Impenetrable is worthy, but clarity and vision are worth more. Continue reading

Lucas – The People Are Readied For Accepting War And Be Drawn Away From The Economic/Social Problems That Can Not Be Solved – Do Not Let You Be Drawn Into That – 10 January 2013

Logo Lucas_square_wordsIn England the PM and its cabinet is creeping in war-time propaganda into the news and statements as it was done before in world war one. In America speculations on war are played out in fear-mongering talk in mainstream media and some others that keep regurgitating that what they get fed as news. Now this time China is the bad boy as it has now the possibility to have a moon base and shoot down satellites of the USA by a space based weapon. Are we not yet familiar with all this warmongering talk and the star wars program that was shot down already several times. A time ago we had Syria and Iran via a push from Israel to get us a world war and now China is the scapegoat. It becomes clear the economic and social injustices of the old crumbling financial and control system is needing a new incentive to get their agendas pulled through. Total control over the planet via multiple agendas like: UN agenda 21, TPP and in so many other ways is not enough anymore pushing for war as a solution is now upped. Heating up the people in making racial conflicts happening, instigated false flags, black-ops, having religious conflicts focused upon like the Vatican that says there will be more Christians persecuted and killed in Muslin countries in 2014 and having civil unrest brought about. The focus is also on broadening explanations of what  terrorism is, the listening in on everything via the NSA scandal is misused for having you focussed upon only that… If you see through it all you see the big picture… Do not let yourself be drawn into this as it is not you who wants war with your fellow humans but a select small group of people who have yet not understood there is no hierarchy and control over humanity anymore. More people see what is the bigger picture and wake up from the initial first shock of all that what was a big lie, they were brought up in, taught, and fed by governments and mainstream media. Your whole world got a big lie. But if you get over it you can see we can take up the power within us to make a change together and fix this all and make this a place where we can have all abundance, peace, freedom and equality without loosing our own unique identities as humans.  Stop believing the world as it was. Know the world as it is and always was ment to be. A cooperative, peaceful world of creators of beauty, love and infinite possibilities from oneness. The oneness brought about by reconciling, balancing out, opposites to make our true being shown again.

Love and Light,


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ActivistPost – Kim Dotcom On Being Spied On, SWAT Raided, And Privacy Activism – 6 January 2013

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Laura Bruno – Laura Daligan – The Snow Queen And The Frost Faeries – 6 January 2013

laura-of-the-rocksPerfect story time for a day when much of the Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow and bitterly cold temperatures!

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Natalie Glasson – Celestial White Beings – Soul Awakening And Creations – 6 January 2013

natalie glassonIt is with immense love that we, the Celestial White Beings, step forth to greet you today. We surround you in the love that is shared with us from the Creator enabling you to boost your own alignment and connection with the Creator.
It is a time of tremendous wonder and magic upon the Earth, there are many meaningful and powerful opportunities manifesting which will not only allow you to boost your inner power but your belief in the Creator within your being and reality. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 5 January 2013

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

We are moving into a time of accelerated changes and it will be a time of much information being given that will have humanity reeling from trying to comprehend what is occurring. The mainstream media will be involved in the dissemination of much of this material. It is the wake up call to all the inhabitants of the Earth and many lights will turn on within the hearts and souls of awakening humanity. This is a time for which you have been prepared and your calmness and equilibrium will be very necessary in keeping the balance in Earth’s energy field as the people cope to understand. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Love The One You’re With – 3 January 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

First written 6/2012, the following article was featured on Gail Goodwin’s beautiful website, Inspire Me Today, again today.  Sign up there to receive daily encouragement in this coming year of great changes!  This message still holds, love the one you’re with.

Fall in love with yourself. This is it. You are here now on purpose, in this unique, exquisite body with your brilliant mind and enormous heart. Burst out of the constraints of “should” and “have to” and just “be”. Gracefully dance into freedom. Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – The Beginning Of The Road Less Traveled – 3 January 2013

0e358-removing-the-shacklesLet me tell you about my Dream.

For years and years I have had dream- a driving urge to create a community.  Not just any ol plunked down houses and random people… but to create a true conscious community of people that are creating CHANGE. Continue reading

AMTV – Explained: The New World Order Agenda – 3 January 2013

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