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InquiringMinds – Paris Shooting: Charlie ‘Magazine Murders’ Reveals Evidence Of Deliberate Staging January 7, 2015 By Shawn Helton – 9 January 2015

 Inquiring Minds

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says…A manhunt is underway after 12 people are said to have been shot dead at the headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris – but is there more to the story?

IMAGE: ‘ A cartoon target’ – Inside the small offices of the left-wing satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The magazine’s editor, Stephane Charbonnier (Charb) was one of the reported fatalities during the Paris shooting and is seen being interviewed above. (Photo link cdnds.net)

Planned Attack

We’re told that the main office of the Charlie Hebdo was attacked within two hours after they posted an image depicting so called ‘ISIS’ chief-cum-actor, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, with the message “best wishes.” The BBC and other bid media outlets were quick to capitalize on Charlie Hebdo’s uncanny Tweet, conjuring the fear based propaganda surrounding the new terror brand.

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