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‘US Unilateral Actions To Protect Its Interests Let Other Govts Use Same Excuse’ – 21 January 2015

RT logoUS should hold itself to a higher standard and stop acting unilaterally and violating international rules whenever it feels its interests jeopardized, said Nick Sarwark of the Libertarian National Committee on President Obama’s State of the Union speech.

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RT:President Obama appealed for bi-partisan support during the address. Has he got it from smaller parties like yours?

Nick Sarwark: I think that the President is going to face a tough road in the Congress that is primarily run by the Republicans now. The Libertarian Party agrees with him on a few points. We agree with him that we have to show more leadership by finishing the job of closing Guantanamo, we agree with the opening of relations with Cuba.

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ActivistPost – Overstock Is Creating A Decentralized Blockchain Stock Market – 21 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBy Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to the communications director of Overstock.com Judd Bagley about their early adoption of bitcoin, the philosophy that motivates them, and their latest project to innovate a transparent decentralized stock market on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Baker Hughes Slashes 7,000 Jobs As Falling Price Forces Big Oil Austerity – 21 January 2015

RT logoThe world’s third largest oilfield services company Baker Hughes Inc. plans to slash 7,000 jobs due to reeling oil prices, which are pushing big oil to cut production and new projects.

“This industry can’t simply hope and wait for oil to climb back over $100 a barrel. Instead, we must adapt to a new reality of sustained lower commodity prices,” Martin Craighead, CEO, said during a conference call discussing 4th quarter earnings on Tuesday.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil, the most common blend in the US, is priced at $46.40, less than half its value in September of 2014. Bank of America has forecast oil could drop as low to $31 per barrel in 2015.

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Davos Participants Not Interested In Higher Oil Price – Ex-Russian Finance Minister – 21 January 2015

RT logoThe Davos forum participants are mostly oil importing countries and aren’t interested in interfering with OPEC’s policy, since they receive billions in benefits from falling oil prices, ex-Russian finance minister Aleksey Kudrin told RT.

In November OPEC decided against cutting oil production and let market forces balance the price. No one plans to stop it or come up with other decisions, said Kudrin ahead of the forum in Davos.

“Moreover, the world is interested in OPEC staying onside, as the whole world receives benefits of around $1.5 trillion from falling oil prices, since it cuts spending on energy products,” he said.

“This adds more than 1 percent to global economic growth, that’s why mostly consumers, importers of energy products gathered here. They are not interested in the situation changing and prices starting to rise.”

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John Ward – Eurozone Analysis Special: Gold, Grexit, Draghi And The Petrodollar – A Veritable Wicked Web – 21 January 2015

DragoldptKing Midas in reverse?

The Gold Rush has a distinctly directionalised feel to it. The Slog wonders whether there might be a much bigger game in play

As gold yo-yoes up and down between $1295 and $1303 on the overnight markets, it’s now official: the shiny stuff is on its longest rally for nearly a year. In a level-playing-field kind of world, one would look at the global slump, ClubMed teetering on the brink and Draghi’s desperation, concluding, “Flight for safety – this is the breakout…pile in!” Continue reading

No Iraq Inquiry Until After Election – Ministers Outraged – 21 January 2015

RT logo(Lucas : A perfect example how Britain’s populous is being played and defied, no justice and no inquiry and staged outrage.  “It sounds like:  We can’t be bothered now with inquiries or better said: We are not going to investigate this at all. We first pull the elections through that will bring in a non-common law dictatorship Britain ruled by a few controllers and enslaving the Brits totally.)

The extensive inquiry into the effects and legality of the 2003 invasion of Iraq will not be published until after the 2015 General Election, leaving those who believed its conclusion should be put before voters dismayed.

It was revealed on Tuesday that the chairman of the inquiry, Sir John Chilcot, will outline the reason for the prolonged postponement in aletterto David Cameron on Wednesday.

A cross-party selection of backbench MPs were due to debate the release of the report of the inquiry, which last took evidence from a witness in 2011, on January 29 and were expected to demand immediate publication.

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Russian Spy Ship In Havana Ahead Of US Delegation’s Historic Visit – 21 January 2015

RT logoThe Russian Navy’s intelligence collection ship, the Viktor Leonov, has docked in Havana just a day before the arrival of an American delegation. The Russian warship is moored in open view of a pier usually used for cruise ships.

The ship’s visit, unannounced by the Cuban authorities, comes as the US and Cuba are attempting to restore diplomatic ties broken in 1961.

The Americans will conduct the first official negotiations with the Cuban leadership in more than half a century.
The Viktor Leonov is part of Russia’s Northern Fleet and is fitted with a wide range of intelligence equipment, a crew of 220 and high-tech electronics.

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