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Graham Phillips Released By Ukrainian Authorities – 21 May 2014

RT logoAn RT journalist reporting from Ukraine, Graham Phillips, was released after almost 36 hours of detention by various Kiev security forces.

Phillips says he is feeling ‘ok’ after questioning by Ukrainian security forces and spending a night in detention.

Ukraine’s authorities did not charge him with anything, he tweeted.

“All my work in order, no charges, no deportation, no one laid a hand on me in anger, Ukrainian authorities treated me fairly,” he said.

“All my work in order, no charges, no deportation, no one laid a hand on me in anger, Ukrainian authorities treated me fairly,” he said.

Earlier on Wednesday the Ukraine Security Service finished proceedings against Phillips, and handed him over to the consul of the British embassy in Kiev.

Phillips was detained at a checkpoint near Mariupol in eastern Ukraine on May 20. Earlier on Wednesday, RT received a statement from the country’s Defense Ministry, which confirmed that the journalist’s arrest had been carried out by the National Guard. The National Guard also confirmed Phillips’ detention.

“According to our information, [Phillips] was detained at a National Guard checkpoint, which does not report to us… This journalist was then handed over to law enforcement officials for the violations he committed,” Bogdan Senyk, deputy head of the Defense Ministry’s press service, said.

According to Senyk, Phillips was detained for “filming facilities which are forbidden from being filmed. And this was pointed out to him. His footage proved the violations, as we were told.”

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Dubai Cops May Try Google Glass To Catch Speeders – 21 May 2014

RT logoDubai law enforcers are soon to start using Google Glass technology in order to catch speeding motorists and identify wanted or stolen cars, police told local media.

The wearable computer, installed on a pair of glasses can take photographs and video as well as access the internet. Dubai Police Smart Services Department has been trialing the technology to see if it’s suitable for traffic police’s surveillance purposes, according to Gulf News.
“If it passes our testing criteria as well as we see that it is a useful device, then we might decide to launch it and buy more of it,” Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqitold the Dubai-based English language newspaper.

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Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast for May 21 – 21 May 2014

Uploaded on 21 May 2014 by Tom Lescher Fear wants to know, before I go, What I’m headed for. But when one in heart, mind, and soul, I sail through open doors. So you thought when Mars went direct early this week everything was just going to kick in? HaHa! It was a slow turn around – basically stationary for 4 days but it is now revving up and with the Sun popping into Gemini the prediction is that the train is leaving the station….. all aboard! This 3rd quarter Moon means we have to step back and let go of some stuff …. can’t fit all our baggage on this train into the future…so trust and fly free…….Injoy! nd check out http://www.facebook.com/PassifloraCR for some awesome music from Costa Rica’s rave band Passiflora!

Michigan Protests Plan To Store Millions Of Gallons Of Nuclear Waste Next To The Great Lakes – 21 May 2014

RT logoA Canadian proposal that calls for a nuclear waste storage facility less than a mile away from the Great Lakes is coming under heavy fire from Michigan lawmakers and environmental groups, who are now attempting to stop the project.

Under a plan crafted by energy supplier Ontario Power Generation (OPG), the company would construct a “deep geologic repository” (DGR), which would feature waste storage sites more than 2,200 feet underground to store nearly 53 million gallons of both low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste. The location of the proposed site, however – in Kincardine, Ontario, just three-quarters of a mile away from Lake Huron – has drawn criticism from numerous groups who fear potential contamination.

The fact that Lake Huron is connected to all the other Great Lakes via waterways has also drawn concern, since the five bodies of water make up the largest collection of freshwater lakes on the Earth and provide drinking supplies to tens of millions of Americans and Canadians.

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Fukushima Diverts Groundwater From Radioactive Reactor Into Pacific Ocean – 21 May 2014

RT logoTEPCO, operators of the stricken Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant, has rerouted water flows around the plant straight into the ocean, to prevent it from becoming contaminated after seeping inside the plant.

On Wednesday morning 560 tons of water that had been collected from 12 wells around the plant back in April were flushed into the ocean over two hours.

TEPCO said that the discharge was cleaner than the World Health Organization standard for drinking water, and posed no risk of radioactive contamination.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Tort Of Defamation – 21 May 2014

by James Corbett
May 20, 2014

Early 20th century writer Franz Kafka was known for creating unsettling stories of characters set upon by unseen forces, caught in the labyrinth of modern-day bureaucracy. A lawyer by training, this sense of angst is perhaps best exemplified in his famous novel, The Trial, in which a man is charged with an unnamed transgression by an unknown accuser in an unofficial parallel court system that begins to take over his entire life. This is the essence of the Kafkaesque. Continue reading

Oregon Counties Ban Cultivation Of GMO Crops – 21 May 2014

RT logoDespite the flood of corporate money poured into two small Oregon counties, local residents voted on Tuesday to ban genetically engineered crops from being planted within their borders.

Although Jackson County itself is home to less than 120,000 registered voters, the measure to ban genetically modified crops (GMOs) made headlines around the nation when it was revealed that large biotech companies like Monsanto were pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the area in order to affect the vote’s outcome.

As RT reported previously, Monsanto and five other corporations spent at least $455,000 in an attempt to defeat the initiative, and opponents of the GMO ban had gained an eight-to-one spending advantage as of April. According to the Associated Press, nearly $1 million of the $1.3 million spent during the campaign was used by opponents.

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Modern-Day Slavery A $150Bn-A-Year Business – UN Report – 21 May 2014

RT logoNearly 21 million people are working as modern day slaves, falling victim to trafficking, forced labor and sexual exploitation, a new UN report finds. The illicit market in exploited people generates billions of dollars in profit worldwide.

The report by the International Labour Organization (ILO), which draws on information gathered in a 2012 survey, also found that annual profits stemming from forced labor are three times higher than previous estimates.

“Put into perspective, the 21 million victims in forced labor and the more than US$150 billion in illegal profits generated by their work exceeds the population and GDP of many countries or territories around the world,” the ILO says.

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Méline Portia Lafont – What Kind Of Wave Are We Experiencing At This Time? – 21 May 2014

 MélineBreathe my sweet friends and fellow travelers of Light. We are being absorbed into an exhale of creation, where we plant the seeds through our being and our consciousness level of being which is rising as a result of all the intense integrations that we are absorbing and even start to emanate at this time. We exhale our new birthing Self into this reality, because we are embodying our Divine and true essence more and more on several levels, which our bodies can hold for us at this time.

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Pentagon Deploys Another Warship To Black Sea – 21 May 2014

RT logoThe United States military confirmed on Tuesday that a guided missile cruiser is en route to the Black Sea as worries persist about the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

“I can confirm the Vella Gulf, a Navy cruiser, will be going in to the Black Sea probably later this week,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby told the press on Tuesday, AFP reported.

Earlier this week, RT reported that a military source had told Russia’s Itar-Tass news agency that the US Department of Defense was expected to deploy a ship towards the Black Sea this week as part of what Moscow is considering a wide build-up of NATO forces in the region. Now the Pentagon has confirmed that the Vella Guld will replace the USS Taylor, a frigate that was stationed in the Black Sea until May 12 and preceded by the presence of the USS Donald Cook.

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