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Visionkeeper – What Is Courage? – 13 August 213

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What is courage? Courage is daring to be the only light that shines in the darkness to help others to see their way. It is well-known that those who are awakening others are often times ridiculed and labeled to be ostracized by the public. It is not easy to stand tall and proud under such circumstances, but that is exactly what having courage is all about. It is not easy to know the truth while living amongst the lies and that takes courage as well. Everything it seems the light workers are doing at this time calls for great courage and stamina to stay the course and not waver. This is why our community of light workers must be here for each other and support one another when they stumble or just plain succumb momentarily to the pressures of the dark. We all have our moments and we know we all need one another to coexist in life. There needs to be a light workers gathering somewhere so we can all touch and meet and share our light.  Imagine the energy at that gathering! I think a large part of having courage is also being able to ask for help. For so long many have sought to become self-sufficient as that was the trend of our times, but in doing so we shut out understanding of our oneness and saw asking for help as weak rather than strong. Continue reading