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Lisa Gawlas – The Black Hole Of The 24th… – 218 February 2015

lisagawlas2I do believe I am seeing a pattern happening with my brain.  One day its made of peanut butter, the next day clear as a bell, then to peanut butter again and this, a very clear day!!  Yesterday was a fruitless day in reading land, no seeing or hearing and a building of a massive headache in my brain.  I felt hypersensitive to everything, voice, thought, air, didn’t matter.  I decided to take a swim just to see if I could decompress.  I just barely put my ass in the bath water and in complete surround sound I hear “Your life is about to change.”  Like it’s not changing already!!  When spirit talks to me, it’s an incoming voice/energy usually directly in front of me, sometimes to one side or the other, but not ever in full surround sound as if I had an astronaut’s helmet on and the voice came out of the entire helmet.  Whatever they are talking about is not only big, it’s completely.  By the end of the bath, I simply said, bring it on in whatever way it needs to happen, however it affects and changes my life, I’m in for the long haul, for the greater good of whatever we are doing. Continue reading