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Nobel Prize Winners: Eurozone Recovery Is ‘Dismal Failure’ – 22 August 2014

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“Stunningly destructive” and “dismal failure” is how Nobel laureates describe growth in the European Union after destructive austerity policies and the euro crisis.

Economists are casting doubt on the effectiveness of monetary policy in the 18-member eurozone, which is yet to fully shake off recession and produce sustained growth.

Data from earlier this month shows that economies have broken down, and growth has come to a standstill. The three largest economies- Germany, France, and Italy- all failed to grow.

Nobel laureate and Princeton University economist Christopher Sims warns that the euro countries hit worst by the crisis may be looking for an exit from the failed currency experiment.

“If I were advising Greece, Portugal, and Spain, I would tell them to prepare contingency plans to leave the euro,” the 2011 Nobel Prize winner said.
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Researchers: Tests Show TSA ‘Naked’ Body Scanners Can Be Easily Fooled – 22 August 2014

RT logoWeapons are easily smuggled through so-called naked body scanners, according to new research released Thursday. The devices are no longer used at airports in the United States but remain in other government facilities worldwide.

The Rapiscan Secure 1000 Single Post “backscatter” scanner – called the “naked scanner” by critics because of the images it produced of those inside – cannot detect a weapon hidden on the side of one’s body, according to the team of researchers from the University of California-San Diego, University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins University.

“We performed several trials to test different placement and attachment strategies. In the end, we achieved excellent results with two approaches: carefully affixing the pistol to the outside of the leg just above the knee using tape, and sewing it inside the pant leg near the same location. … In each case, the pistol is invisible against the dark background, and the attachment method leaves no other indication of the weapon’s presence.”

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Laura Bruno – Ebola And Vitamin C And Silver: The Missing Rest Of The Story – 22 August 2014

laura-of-the-rocksI saw the following posted on RMN and thought I’d share it here. As always, I am not offering any kind of medical advice, just sharing something that makes sense to me. In fact, this is pretty much what I’ve already done, figuring that strengthening the immune system is always beneficial. I’ve stocked up on acerola cherry powder (tastes great mixed in with raw cacao, maca, chaga, astragalus and raw goat milk smoothies), camu camu powder (yummy in fresh cantaloupe smoothies with a pinch of cinnamon to go with the pinch of camu), liposomal vitamin C (saving this for if we actually need it), plus, I’ve been making homemade sauerkraut, which is rich in both vitamin C and sulfur, along with probiotics. Continue reading

Humanitarian Convoy Starts Moving, Kiev No More ‘Excuses’ To Delay – Russia – 22 August 2014

RT logoMoscow has accused Kiev of deliberately holding up the delivery of Russian humanitarian aid to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern Ukraine, according to a new statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The ministry says Russia has ordered the convoy to proceed, without waiting for further permission.

The first set of trucks carrying humanitarian aid has left the Isvarino check-point and has started moving along the territory of Ukraine towards Lugansk, a RIA Novosti correspondent on the ground reports.

The Russian customs officers have started to get the second set of trucks, consisting of 34 vehicles, ready to cross the border, according to local customs officials.

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‘Drone-Free LAPD!’ LA Residents Protest Police Spy Drones – 22 August 2014

RT logoProtesters against the use of drones by the Los Angeles police department have gathered in front of LA city hall to demand security forces do not deploy them to spy on citizens.

The LAPD received two cutting-edge Draganflyer X-6 drones from Seattle from federal grants back in May.

The rally was organized by the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition.

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Jon Rappoport – Breaking: CDC Whistleblower Thompson In Grave Danger Now – 22 August 2014

jon7William W Thompson, PhD…the CDC whistleblower…was escorted off the premises of the CDC campus yesterday afternoon. This is what a source has just told me.Therefore, the CDC knows Thompson is the whistleblower.

He’s in danger.

I’ve also been told that the Autism Media Channel, which had posted the video revealing Thompson’s name and outing him, is gone. The site is suddenly gone.

Threats of various kinds, at the very least, will now be applied to Thompson. Legal action, perhaps arrest, perhaps worse. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – CDC Whistleblower Revealed: William Thompson – 22 August 2014

jon7This is a quick one. The Autism Media Channel has posted a short video in which the whistleblower is named: William W. Thompson, PhD.

He was in fact one of the authors of the 2004 De Stefano study that has been accused of hiding true data linking the MMR vaccine to autism.

Thompson once worked for Merck.

Questions abound. Does Thompson know his name has been released? Was it done with his permission? Is he going come forward and make a statement? Continue reading

Senior MP Calls For Intl Commission To Assess US Domestic Crisis In Ferguson – 22 August 2014

RT logoDeputy State Duma speaker Sergey Neverov has called for various international organizations to create a joint group to assess the US authorities’ handling of the ongoing protest in the town of Ferguson.

Neverov, who also chairs the majority United Russia caucus in the Lower House, has told reporters that the international community must not remain indifferent to the crisis situation in the United States – the country that presents itself as a model for democracy. “The events in Missouri have demonstrated that the United States have serious problems based on racial discrimination,” Neverov noted in a comment to the Russian daily Izvestia.

The politician said that United Russia wanted to set up a special commission manned with representatives of the UN, PACE and other international groups that would make contact with participants of the events in Ferguson, Missouri, and investigate the lawfulness of the actions of US authorities and law enforcers.

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3D Printing Drugs – New Technology To Revolutionize Medical Industry – 22 August 2014

RT logoScientists believe they have come up with a way to print drugs, using a 3D printer. They say they can create a capsule, which can be swallowed, and it will also allow doctors to alter a dosage according to the specific requirements.

A team of researchers, from the Louisiana Tech University, believes they have come up with a solution to find a biodegradable material, which could be used to contain everyday drugs, as well as chemotherapeutic compounds for those needing cancer treatments. The 3D printer would be able to create the capsule, meaning that medicine only needs to be inserted before it is sealed, Science Daily reports.

“After identifying the usefulness of the 3D printers, we realized there was an opportunity for rapid prototyping using this fabrication method,” said Jeffery Weisman, who is a doctoral student in Louisiana Tech’s biomedical engineering program. “Through the addition of nanoparticles and/or other additives, this technology becomes much more viable using a common 3D printing material that is already biocompatible. The material can be loaded with antibiotics or other medicinal compounds, and the implant can be naturally broken down by the body over time.”

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Arcturian Message – Being A Multidimensional Leader – 22 August 2014

SuzanneLieWe are in the process of shifting our reality. We say “we” for all dimensions, realities and worlds are shifting into a higher frequency of expression. As it is for the least, it is for the greatest.

Hence, as the third/fourth dimension releases itself from the shackles of the third dimensional reality of illusion and shifts into the fifth dimension of the light of cosmic truth, all the dimensions above the fifth also shift into their next higher dimensional expression

As we make this transition, there is a release, a letting go, of what has been our predominant expression of self. For example, we Arcturians are expanding our baseline frequency from the eighth through tenth dimension into the eleventh and twelfth dimension. Continue reading