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Moscow To Beijing In 2 Days: China To Build $242Bn High-Speed Railway – 22 January 2015

RT logoChina is going to build a $242 billion (1.5 trillion yuan) high-speed rail link between Beijing and Moscow. The line will cut the journey time from five to ‘two days’, say Chinese authorities.

The railway will be 7,000 kilometers long and go through Kazakhstan, reports Bloomberg citing Beijing’s city government on the social networking site Weibo, China’s alternative to Twitter. The railway will make travel easier between Europe and Asia, the statement said.

China is actively promoting its high-speed railway technology and sees Russia as an especially attractive market because of its strained relations with Western countries over Ukraine.

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Theresa May Accused Of Blocking UK Embassy Reopening In Iran – 22 January 2015

RT logoHome Secretary Theresa May has been accused by the Foreign Office of blocking attempts to reopen the British embassy in Iran because of her refusal to back down on immigration.

May could undermine negotiations to rebuild political relations with Iran, a senior government source told the Times.

“The Home Office refuses to open a visa service while undocumented Iranians remain in Britain. It’s definitely holding things up,” a Foreign Office official told the Times. A government source revealed that there was “a lot of frustration” within the department over May’s interference.

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ZeroHedge – Bloomberg’s Handy Guide To Why Falling Prices Are Horrible For You – 22 January 2015

 ZeroHedgeWith almost perfect comedic timing, Bloomberg unleashed the mainstream media’s Draghi-confirming raison d’etre for QE… explainining why – shock horror – deflation is bad for you. No matter that the QE efforts of The Fed (and BoJ) entirely (totally and utterly) failed to spark any increase in inflation expectations, we must try try try again. However, despite the exuberant disgruntlement with deflation that Bloomberg offers, Portuguese economy minister Guindos had something ‘odd’ to say this morning: “European deflation is positive.” We are sure he will issue some clarifying statement soon enough walking back such a dangerous and anti-authority comment.

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Venezuela Adds New Currency Market To Save Ailing Economy – 22 January 2015

RT logoVenezuela will modify its complex currency controls and add a third new exchange system where dollars will be offered through private investors. This is to combat the black market and keep the existing three-tier model, said President Nicolas Maduro.

The official exchange rate to the dollar will remain fixed at 6.3 bolivars for government imports, payments for essential food and health services. The two other existing currency auctions, where the dollar was sold for 12 and 50 bolivars, will merge into one.

“This is the decision I have taken: a system of three markets,” Maduro said Wednesday at Venezuela’s National Assembly “This exchange system is a transitory system to attend the country’s development needs.”

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ZeroHedge – Daniel Hannan Exposes Davos’ Narcissistic Corporatist Racketeering – 22 January 2015

Davos Man… derives most of his income, directly or indirectly, from state patronage. If he is in the private sector – and he is more likely to be a lobbyist, politician or bureaucrat than a businessman – he’ll be an instinctive monopolist, keen to persuade ministers and officials to raise barriers against his potential rivals.

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‘Social Media Encourages People To Live Lives Online And Accept Big Brother’s All Seeing-Eye’ – 22 January 2015

RT logoAnnie Machon is a former intel­li­gence officer for the UK’s MI5, who resigned in 1996 to blow the whistle. She is now a writer, public speaker and a Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Today we live our lives through the internet but we have to take a responsibility to protect our privacy as our governments can’t guarantee that intelligence agencies don’t spy on us, former MI5 agent Annie Machon told RT.

RT: What do you think about the situation with whistleblowers?

Annie Machon: I think we’ve had over the last few years a number of amazingly brave whistleblowers come forward. And I think it’s been good because of the degree of criminality they have been exposing for the public good, and also to raise the profile of the concept of whistleblowing, how important it is within functioning democracies to have the regulations of last resort exposing wrongdoing. I suppose the downside is that America particularly and also the UK seem to be waging a war on whistleblowers. So rather than taking their evidence, investigating allegations of criminality, and seeing that justice is done what they are trying to is incarcerate the whistleblowers, persecute them rather than protect them. And it would be nice to be able to see 2015 as the year when they are given proper legal protection and their disclosures are properly investigated.

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Davos: The Blob’s Big Day Out – 22 January 2015

RT logoPatrick L Young is expert in global financial markets working in multiple disciplines, ranging from trading independently to running exchanges.

Spending $40,000 to rub shoulders with Al Gore, bunches of politicians, a herd of CEOs, and a tribe of consultants? Davos sounds as appealing as a 5-star weekend in Guantanamo Bay.

Davos represents the triumph of the blob – stasis and hot air surrounded by inaction. All hyped by a dismal media avoiding hard questions while enjoying the ‘bling’ and ‘glamour’ of being atop a Swiss mountain with thousands of bureaucrats.

Read the delegate list: this isn’t so much a 1 percent great elite gathering as the AGM of the blob itself. Politicians addicted to spending other people’s money meet pen pushers administering multinationals in a bid not to make progress but to resist it, as change challenges the blob. Amidst this race for mutually beneficial economic stasis sit a horde of consultants coveting identikit presentations. In the background live TV beams vanity interviews into corporate foyers throughout the world. If you are a big investor it makes sense: Pay to assess which blob members may be worth backing.

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ActivistPost – Facebook Censorship: What They’re Not Telling You – 22 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comBy Paul Joseph Watson

Facebook’s censorship tools are not just about ‘fake news stories’. Facebook’s new ‘flagging’ feature will allow agenda-driven political agitators, governments and corporations to control the narrative and all but silence dissent.

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ECB Announces Milestone €1.14Trn ‘Easy Money’ Program – 22 January 2015

RT logoThe European Central Bank announced it will embark on a fully-fledged quantitative easing program from March, which will break down to €60 billion per month. The move is made to counter a triple-dip recession in the eurozone.

“Under this expanded program, the combined monthly purchases of public and private securities will amount to €60 billion, intended to be carried out to 2016,” Draghi said Thursday. The bank will buy €1.14tn ($1.3 trillion) in government debt, a decision that will inject extra money into supply, spurring a devaluation in the currency.

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‘Serious Setback’: Amnesty Blasts Spain’s New Penal Code – 22 January 2015

RT logoHuman rights watchdog, Amnesty International, has slammed a planned reform of the Spanish criminal code, which reinstates life sentences and introduces harsher prisons terms for breaching public order.

The amendments, proposed by the ruling Popular Party, are almost sure to be passed before the Spanish general election, planned for December.

The bill has already passed the country’s lower house of parliament after gaining the support of 186 MPs, with 144 against.

The final step is approval by the upper house, the Senate, where the conservative Popular Party also enjoys a majority.

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