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ActivistPost – Four And Counting: States Consider Bill To Turn Off Resources To The NSA – 22 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comActivist Post

State efforts to stop warrantless NSA spying are off to a fast start in the 2015 legislative session.

Just two weeks into this year’s legislative season, and with many legislatures not even in session yet, legislators in four states have already introduced bills to ban material support or resources to any federal agency engaged in warrantless spying.

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‘Serious Setback’: Amnesty Blasts Spain’s New Penal Code – 22 January 2015

RT logoHuman rights watchdog, Amnesty International, has slammed a planned reform of the Spanish criminal code, which reinstates life sentences and introduces harsher prisons terms for breaching public order.

The amendments, proposed by the ruling Popular Party, are almost sure to be passed before the Spanish general election, planned for December.

The bill has already passed the country’s lower house of parliament after gaining the support of 186 MPs, with 144 against.

The final step is approval by the upper house, the Senate, where the conservative Popular Party also enjoys a majority.

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‘Davos Geniuses Ill-Equipped To Recognize Economic Structural Problems, Address Inequality’ – 22 January 2015

RT logoIt’s doubtful the Davos forum will address unemployment as the participants are more concerned with what model of car they should buy than care about people who work for living, says Curtis Ellis Executive Director of the American Jobs Alliance.

RT:CEOs are less optimistic about the world economy this year than last, why is that do you think?

Curtis Ellis: Because the world economy is in a bad shape. There are structural problems with the global economy that the geniuses of Davos are ill-equipped to address or even recognize. We have this neo-liberal agenda of austerity what used to be called “structural adjustment,” but really ought to be called cronyism for those at the top that just decimates the income of people who work for a living. And those are the people who essentially drive the world economy by buying things and consuming things. So if they don’t have any money, the economy stalls.

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John Ward – Analysis : Why The Future For A Healthy Human Species Is Local Not Global – 22 January 2015

JohnWIf you have the time before your first meeting, I’d be grateful if you made the effort to read this analysis. And if you agree, then please pass it on.

There are far too many of us. I must’ve written the assertion here a hundred times over the last seven years, and every month the problems of that reality become more and more obvious.

To be clear about it, this is not some scientific equation point I’m trying to make. It’s not about land and air and population expansion: that’s a pointless debate that goes round in circles: I do think water is a vital resource and will become a key geopolitical factor in the future unless governments wake up, but this isn’t an eco-conservation wonk plea. It’s about pack-size and complexity – about the fundamentals of social anthropology. Continue reading

Joint Decisions: Jamaica Govt Approves Possessing A Bit Of Pot – 22 January 2015

RT logoJamaica’s cabinet has approved a bill, which would legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis. It would also allow the development of a medical marijuana industry. The bill will go to the Senate later this week for approval.

Marijuana, or ‘ganja’ as it is known locally, has long been associated with the Caribbean island country. Bob Marley and the Rastafarian community did much to promote the use of the drug, but it always remained illegal. Things are about to change, with Justice Minister Mark Golding saying he expects to introduce the legislation to the Senate by the end of this week.

READ MORE: Marley Natural: Reggae icon’s heirs launch global ‘holy herb’ brand

“The development is long overdue and comes after years, and, in recent times, heavy pressure from what is now a diverse and broadening group of stakeholders on human rights, social, economic, scientific and medical grounds,” director of the Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Taskforce, Delano Seiveright, said in a statement, as reported by the Jamaica Observer.

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Labor Ministry Prepares Bill On Blacklisting Civil Servants For ‘Losing Trust’ – 22 January 2015

RT logoA fresh bill seeks to set up an official list of people sacked from the civil service over graft and unethical behavior, to make it more difficult for them to get a new job.

According to the draft, prepared by the Russian Labor Ministry and posted on the official web portal for public discussion, the new rules will apply to civil servants at federal and municipal level as well as military personnel. It will also apply to workers in law enforcement agencies, state corporations and other state organizations such as the Central Bank.

The sponsors of the bill explained it was necessary because people fired from service “because of loss of trust” might try to conceal the real reason of their sacking when they look for another job.

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Wes Annac – Cannabis: Time To End The Social Conditioning – 22 January 2015

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Even though it’s becoming clear that the ongoing legalization of cannabis benefits the same interests who’ve profited from its illegality, it’s a step in the right direction.

I think it’s legalization is important to the creation of a new paradigm, and its demonization has benefitted the people in power for nearly a century – the same people who, again, now profit from its legalization but fought tooth and nail to convince us it was bad (successfully in most cases). Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Reminders, Resources, And Acknowledgements – 22 January 2015

laura-of-the-rocksJust a few things I find myself repeating in various forms to clients, blog readers, friends, family and acquaintances:

1) We’re now in Mercury Retrograde. Don’t be surprised by lost or delayed emails and snail mail, extra typos, messed up travel plans, miscommunications, overreactions and misunderstandings. Par for the course, folks. You can, however, find ways to thrive during a Mercury Retrograde. For those who could use some refresher tips, here’s a 2012 article with all sorts of explanations and suggestions. Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Fortelling Futures – 22 January 2015

JamyePrice2012closeupAs you embark on your year of creative power, you are focusing part of your energy from your now moment into your Future. This has been a nebulous pursuit from the human perspective, for the functionality of your heart/mind has not been taught as valuable to the future beyond its ability to put action into order for creation.

Even those that believe it to be powerful do not often fully trust the mechanism, for it is not as understood as action creating result. To feed someone that is hungry is obviously valuable. Yet for those that do not understand the power of the mind/heart complex – to Love that same person and see their beauty and capability is a lovely gesture, but ineffective for results. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Suddenly 2015 Feels A Whole Lot Like The Delusional Financial Euphoria We Saw Before The Dot-Com Crash – 22 January 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) To fully understand the insanity of modern-day delusional “everything is awesome!” thinking, you have to rewind to the years of 1998 – 2001. Back then, both the mainstream media and citizen masses were all riding the delusional mind game train that supposed we could all get rich by trading each other pieces of paper with larger and larger numbers written on them. It was called the “dot-com boom” and it was a wildly popular mass delusion that swept up nearly everyone.

The irrational exuberance of the time, you must understand, seems wildly insane in retrospect. But in the midst of the dot-com insanity, people were mortgaging their homes to buy dot-com stocks. Financial news hosts were telling us that “all the laws of economics have now changed” and that we no longer had to pay any attention at all to actual company earnings. The new paradigm, we were promised, would create money from nothing from the sheer valuation of dot-com companies that had no customers, no profits and not even any revenues. (Those of us who invoked the fundamental laws of economics and company valuations were immediately labeled “doom and gloomers.”) Continue reading