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US, Japan To Bolster Space Cooperation Over Chinese Threat – 22 October 2014

RT logoThe US and Japan will boost military cooperation in space to counteract China’s growing capability to shoot down satellites, a leading Japanese daily reports. The plan follows recent moves to increase space-based intelligence sharing between the states.

The plan comes as part of the revised Guidelines for Japan-US Defense Cooperation, due to be published by the end of the year, Asahi Shimbun reported on Wednesday.

The plan will fundamentally alter Japan’s previous commitment to the peaceful utilization of space, and put an end to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) only monitoring Japanese space satellites.

The space surveillance functions will be conducted by a special unit to be created within Japan’s Self-Defense Forces after 2018. JAXA’s surveillance functions will be relegated to the new unit in phases.

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From Cuban Missile Crisis To failed ‘Reset’: US Doesn’t Learn Lessons – 22 October 2014

RT logoWith relations between Russia and the United States at their lowest point since the Cold War, this month marks the 52nd anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the world moved perilously close to nuclear Armageddon.

Then, as now, the underlying reason for the breakdown in relations between East and West was US imperialism.

I remember speaking to my father about the Cuban Missile Crisis once. At the time of the crisis in October 1962, he was stationed in Cyprus with the Royal Air Force. Britain had its Vulcan nuclear bombers based there at Akrotiri, where the RAF maintains a base to this day. I remember him telling me how in those fateful days the base was put on a war footing and how everyone believed there was going to be a nuclear conflict between the Western and Eastern blocs.

The crisis unfolded between 15-28 October, after the US detected the presence of Soviet ballistic missiles on Cuba along with hundreds of Soviet technicians and thousands of military personnel. US intelligence had received information on the presence of the missiles and Soviet military personnel on the island from various sources in the days leading up. It was confirmed by surveillance pictures taken by a U-2 spy plane flying over Cuba on October 14.
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John Ward – The Fallen Mighty On Twitter – 22 October 2014

So there you have it: our noble David Cameron who was going to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to stop Juncker from getting the job is now reduced to ordering his MEPs to vote for this nasty pisshead. We are left wondering what strongarm tactics might have been used by the Berlin fridge-magnet to bring our gutless PM into line.

It pains me to offer this, but full marks to Dan Hannan for his rebellion on the issue. Continue reading

Ukraine’s Multi-Billion Dollar Gas Debt: Who Pays? – 22 October 2014

RT logoUkraine plans to buy $770 million worth of gas (2 billion cubic meters) from Russia this winter to keep the heat on. The question is: who is going to pay the bill?

All three parties, Russia, the EU, and Ukraine met in Brussels on Tuesday and confirmed Kiev will pay $385 per 1,000 cubic meters of Russian supplied gas through the end of March. Before Ukraine can start purchasing gas, they need to pay off $1.45 billion in debt.

“There’s one obstacle: Ukraine failed to pay for Russian-supplied gas for seven months,” Oettinger said Tuesday. It will be difficult for Ukraine to find a benefactor, since, as Oettinger pointed out, its credit history is less than stellar. The economy is in ruin and may already need extra IMF money to stay afloat.

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‘Blood On Its Hands’: UK Govt Fails To Find Foreign Criminals – 22 October 2014

RT logoThe British government has been accused of complacency over the deportation of foreign criminals, after one in six offenders living in the UK ‘disappeared’, according to the national spending watchdog.

A report published on Wednesday by the National Audit Office showed the number of foreign criminals living in the UK had shot up by nearly 4 percent since 2006, while the number of deportations fell by 9 percent, compared to figures recorded in 2008.

The report also says around 12,500 foreign offenders currently reside in Britain, either in prison or pending deportation, with the UK spending nearly £1 billion in one year alone trying to locate them.

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Dana Mrkich – Sun Flares – 22 October 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewThe sun is flaring faster than I can keep up! The expected strong one today happened around 45 min after my last post coming in at a M9 ranking which is the next one down from an X flare. It was followed by another M class a few hours later. 

This week it has energetically felt like the Earth is a swaying ship riding some pretty mighty waves (so far 1 X class, 8 M class and some pretty high C class since Sunday). Everyone is holding onto the railings with that feeling of: “Woah, woah, here comes another one, woah another one up ahead, hold on everyone!”  Continue reading

Blackwater Guards Convicted In 2007 Baghdad Shooting – 22 October 2014

RT logoA Washington, DC jury has convicted one former Blackwater guard of murder and three more from the private military company of voluntary manslaughter in connection with infamous 2007 shooting in Baghdad that left 14 civilians dead and 17 others injured.

The jury of eight women and four men deliberated for 27 days before convicting Nicholas A. Slatten, of Sparta, Tennessee., of first-degree murder. The panel also convicted Paul A. Slough of Keller, Texas of 13 counts of manslaughter and 16 counts of attempted manslaughter; Evan S. Liberty of Rochester, New Hampshire of eight counts of manslaughter and 12 counts of attempted manslaughter; and Dustin L. Heard of Knoxville, Tenn. of six counts of manslaughter and 11 counts of attempted manslaughter, the Washington Post reported. Slough, Liberty and Heard were also convicted of using military firearms while committing a felony.

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