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Web Encryption Leads To ‘Unethical’ Spy Practices – Ex-GCHQ Chief – 23 January 2015

RT logoThe increased use of encryption technologies, particularly in everyday services such as email, will lead spy agencies to commit “ethically worse” behavior, such as hacking individual computers, a former GCHQ boss has warned.

Speaking at the London School of Economics (LSE), Sir David Omand said increasingly secure encryption technologies, which currently allow users to message and email in private, mean agencies are unable to intercept mail, and could be forced into more direct spying methods.

Following evidence leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, both GCHQ and its US counterpart were found to be spying on millions of people’s private data. The revelations caused public outcry, leading to calls for web firms to make data more secure.

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PayPal, Google Join Apple In Crimea Exodus – 23 January 2015

RT logoThe newest part of the Russian Federation, the Crimea peninsula is now cut off from PayPal and Google products and services, as sanctions forbid US companies from providing services to the region.

“Unfortunately, currently we are not able to provide our services to the clients in Crimea. We apologize for any related inconveniences,” a PayPal spokesperson told TASS.

All PayPal and Google Adsense accounts registered in Crimea will be frozen starting February 1, 2015. However, Crimean residents have been complaining on social networks the service stopped over a week ago, TASS reports.

The payment system lets users make internet money transfers free of charge, and is a subsidiary of eBay.

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Jon Rappoport – Deflated Balls And Shrinkage – 23 January 2015

jon7The Patriots deflated their balls and experienced shrinkage, yet they won handily. This suggests, at the very least, an alternative lifestyle.

The Colts favored bigger balls…they lost.

Shall we therefore conclude that emasculation and feminization triumph?

In the other playoff game, Russell Wilson, a devout believer, wins against Aaron Rodgers, who says God doesn’t care who comes out on top in football.

This sets up a Super Bowl showdown: God (Russell Wilson) vs. deflated balls and shrinkage (Tom Brady).

Or: traditional religion vs. the social engineering of men. Continue reading

Mapping New World: Rosetta Reveals First Results Of Host Comet Probe – 23 January 2015

RT logoThe ESA has released an unprecedented close-up view of comet 67P and a description of its surface features. An intricate picture, delivered by the Rosetta space mission, raises new questions about the origins of the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet.

Initial results from seven of Rosetta’s 11 science instruments, which collected data during the approach to and upon arriving at Comet 67P last August, were published in a special edition of the journal Science, the European Space Agency (ESA) said in a Thursday press release.

READ MORE: ‘Rotten eggs & horse pee’: Rosetta probe sniffs comet 67P…and it stinks!

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Israeli PM’s Unscheduled Congress Speech Causes Diplomatic Uproar In Washington – 23 January 2015

RT logoA rift is emerging between the US and Israel, after Barack Obama’s administration hit out at Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu for speaking to Congress without consent.

The Democrats say they are in the dark about Prime Minister Netanyahu being allowed to speak to Congress about Iran. The party says the Israeli delegation did not consult them and they therefore broke protocol. The Democrats were also fuming with the Republics after the Grand Old Party’s Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, gave the Israeli PM the go-ahead.

“It’s out of the ordinary that the Speaker would decide that he would be inviting people to a joint session without any bipartisan consultation,” said Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader at a weekly news conference, which was reported by Reuters.

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Hyper Report – 150122 – Silver Fabric – 23 January 2015

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London Mayor Brandishes AK-47 On Iraq Frontline During Trade Talks – 23 January 2015

RT logoLondon Mayor Boris Johnson met British troops assisting Kurdistan against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) on Thursday during a surprise visit to crisis-ridden northern Iraq.

The Conservative mayor posed for photographs holding an AK-47 on the frontline, where British troops are helping Kurdish fighters battling Islamists.

He also met with UK officers who are training Peshmerga fighters, the improvised military of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The mayor’s visit was prompted by an increased threat level in London, following the Paris terror attacks.

Accompanied by the Sun newspaper’s political editor, he attended specially scheduled talks in Kurdistan’s capital, Erbil.

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‘Easy Money’ To Worsen Inequality In Europe – George Soros – 23 January 2015

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The decision by the European Central Bank to begin €1.14 trillion quantitative easing (QE) program will eventually reinforce inequality within Europe and have serious political consequences, billionaire George Soros told RT in Davos.

“Excessive reliance on monetary policy and attempts to enrich the owners of property will not relieve the downward pressure on wages,” said Soros to a question from RT during a news conference in Davos. He says it’s too early to react to QE measures in Europe, but they will clearly deepen the crisis of trust between the rich and the poor.

The European Central Bank announced Thursday a €1.14 trillion ($1.3 trillion) quantitative easing program from March. The bank will buy government debt by monthly injecting €60 billion in public and private securities. The move is expected to drive inflation to the target of 2 percent and overcome a triple-dip recession in the eurozone.

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Jon Rappoport – Psychiatric Police State: Notes From The Underground – 23 January 2015

jon7These are wide-ranging quotes from my work-in-progress, The Underground. They take, as a starting point, the subject of psychiatry, the absurd pseudoscience licensed by the State.

“Whenever you come across a pseudoscience, you’re looking at a mask that covers an ideology. And that ideology intends to limit freedom, the free person, the free soul, the free mind, the free psyche, the free creative impulse.”

“Modern psychiatry is an updated version of the CIA’s MKULTRA mind-control program, adjusted for the masses.”

“Psychiatry is basically a mechanism to control people who are dissatisfied, disaffected, rebellious, independent, thoughtful, and then, secondarily, a mechanism to control those who just want to surrender their lives to an external authority and can’t believe in religion anymore. Instead of a priest and a church, they have drugs.” Continue reading

Former Gitmo Australian Inmate Proclaimed Innocent – Lawyer – 23 January 2015

RT logoUS authorities have told self-proclaimed jihadist David Hicks’ lawyer that the Australian is innocent of the crimes he allegedly committed in Afghanistan in the early 2000s, which cost him six years in Guantanamo prison.

The US conviction was “not correct in law or fact,” commented Hicks’ lawyer Stephen Kenny, a human rights solicitor from Adelaide, who has received an official letter from the US authorities, which couldn’t be released publicly.

“There is no doubt that David Hicks is and has always been innocent of any crime,” he said, adding that it “was all but a done deal,” Kenny said as quoted by news.com.au

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