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Thousands Rally For Greek Anti-Austerity Party Promising End To ‘Humiliation’ – 23 January 2015

RT logoTens of thousands gathered in Athens in support of Syriza, a leftist party demanding an end to austerity cuts and a debt write-off from the EU. Recent polls indicate it’s the most likely winner in Sunday’s upcoming elections.

The center of Athens was swarming with people carrying red and white Syriza flags on Thursday evening in what’s been described as the party’s biggest rally ever.

Greece is having a snap parliamentary election on Sunday. It was triggered by the parliament’s failure in December to elect a president.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 994 – New World Next Week With James Evan Pilato – 23 January 2015

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Top Google Executive Predicts End Of The Internet – 23 January 2015

RT logoAt the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Google guru Eric Schmidt gave an answer regarding the evolution of the web. “I will answer very simply that the internet will disappear,” Schmidt said on Thursday.

“There will be so many IP addresses, … so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it, it will be part of your presence all the time,” he explained. “Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room.”

“A highly personalized, highly interactive and very, very interesting world emerges,” Schmidt concluded.

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Flight Logs Place Bill Clinton On Sex Offender’s Jet Multiple Times – Report – 23 January 2015

RT logoFlight logbooks show that former President Bill Clinton took more than a dozen flights on the private jet of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to a new report by Gawker.

The logbooks also show Clinton flew alongside a woman who prosecutors believe procured underage girls to service Epstein and others. In other instances, Clinton reportedly flew with a soft-core porn actress who appears in Epstein’s address book under an entry for “massages.”

The logbook, obtained and first reported on by Gawker, has surfaced amid a scandal that erupted earlier this month over a civil lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts against Epstein, an American financier, in the US Federal District Court of Southern District of Florida. In the suit, Roberts alleges that Epstein forced her to have sex with prominent people, including Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz, when she was underage.

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ZeroHedge – Has The ECB QE Already Failed? 5 Year Inflation Expectations Decline Since Draghi’s Announcement – 23 January 2015

ZeroHedgeJust as we pointed out explicitly yesterday, ECBQE will ‘not’ provide the inflation-expectation-lifting hope that every talking head proclaims as its raison d’etre… just as FedQE did not. We noted previously that Draghi’s actions would likely send the most deflationary signal ever to the world’s policymakers, and sure enough European 5Y5Y inflation expectations have dropped 10bps from yesterday’s highs and round-tripped to the levels seen before Draghi unleashed the money printing machine.

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CIA Leak Trial’s Closing Arguments: No Direct Evidence Linking ‘Bitter’ Whistleblower – 23 January 2015

RT logoClosing arguments were heard Thursday in a trial involving a CIA whistleblower accused of illegally revealing classified information on a mission meant to slow Iran’s nuclear program, with prosecutors arguing the officer was retaliating out of bitterness.

Despite this claim, attorneys representing the United States government acknowledged that there is no direct evidence connecting former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling to the leak. Regardless, prosecutor Eric Olshan said there is a vast amount of circumstantial evidence against 47-year-old Sterling, AP reported.

Despite this claim, defense attorneys argued that the leak could have come from a number of different sources, urging the jury not to jump to conclusions in order to make up for the government’s lack of evidence.

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Saudi King Abdullah Dead – State TV – 23 January 2015

RT logoSaudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has died in hospital while undergoing treatment for pneumonia. An official statement has named Saudi Crown Prince Salman the new king.

“His Highness Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and all members of the family and the nation mourn the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, who passed away at exactly 1 a.m. this morning,” said the statement on Saudi Arabian state TV channel attributed to Salman.

Salman has immediately appointed his half-brother Muqrin as his crown prince and heir.

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ZeroHedge – Gold & Silver Suddenly Shellacked – 23 January 2015

ZeroHedgeBecause nothing says sell precious metals in huge size like another central bank printing a trillion dollars…

BIS is in da house!!


No apparent catalyst is clear though we note Treasury yields also started to tumble and EURCHF jumped 60 pips at the same time

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Mystery Radio Waves From Deep Space Captured LIVE, Sender Unknown – 23 January 2015

RT logoAn unknown radio signal, which may have come from a black hole, colliding neutron stars (or – for those who ‘believe’ – alien life), has been picked up by astronomers live for the first time ever. Its origins remain mysterious.

The fast radio bursts are quick, bright flashes of radio waves that last only milliseconds, but still emit as much energy as the sun in an entire day.

This is the first time that these radio waves have been spotted live. The first burst was picked up in 2007 by sifting through old data at the Parkes Radio Telescope in Eastern Australia. Only seven others have been seen since then.

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‘We Didn’t Even Really Know Who We Were Firing At’ – Former US Drone Operator – 23 January 2015

RT logoFormer US drone sensor operator Brandon Bryant admits he “couldn’t stand” himself for his participation in the country’s drone program for six years – firing on targets whose identities often went unconfirmed.

Since 2001, and increasingly under the Obama administration, the US has been carrying out drone strikes against targets believed to be affiliated with terrorist organizations in countries like Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. The program, which has been shrouded in secrecy, has been routinely criticized for the high number of resultant civilian casualties.

Pakistan’s Peshawar High Court ruled in 2013 that the attacks constitute a war crime and violate the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Meanwhile the Obama administration continues to insist that drone warfare is a precise and effective method of combat.

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