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Rising China Arms Exports Threaten US Influence Worldwide – Report – 23 March 2015

RT logoChinese-made advanced weapons systems flooding the international market over the next 10 years will cause instability, and make it a lot harder for the US to intervene in other countries, Foreign Policy magazine warned.

FP analyzed the impact of Beijing’s rapidly increasing role in the global arms market in an article titled: ‘China’s Weapons of Mass Consumption.’

China’s shift from small arms to advanced weapons systems is proven by the sale of drones to Africa and the Middle East in 2011, a contract to supply three frigates to Algeria in 2012 and Turkey’s surprise choice of a Chinese air and missile defense system over US, Russian, and EU offerings a year later.

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Idle (and Extremely Late) Threat Of The Day By Fed’s Bullard: Raise Rates Or Face ‘Devastating’ Bubbles – 23 March 2015

MishMikeShedlockThe laugh of today comes from Fed non-voting member James Bullard who says Raise Rates or Face ‘Devastating’ Bubbles.

The US risks inflating asset price bubbles with “devastating consequences” if it leaves interest rates at zero, according to a senior Federal Reserve official.

James Bullard, head of the Reserve Bank of St Louis, told the Financial Times on Monday the Fed “should get on with normalisation” as soon as possible so that it does not have to raise rates more aggressively later causing significant market volatility. Continue reading

Smog-Beater: First Hydrogen Powered Tram Developed In China – 23 March 2015

RT logoTrams fueled by hydrogen could soon be appearing on the streets of China. The country has mastered the technique of using this clean energy source, which has been widely used elsewhere for cars and other forms of mass transport.

According to Liang Jianying, who is the chief engineer of the Sifang Company, a subsidiary of the China South Rail Corporation, this is the first time a hydrogen-powered tram has been developed. It was built in Qingdao, a city 650 kilometers southeast of the capital Beijing.

“It took two years for Sifang to solve key technological problems, with the help of research institutions,” Liang said, according to the local Xinhua news agency.

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Prince William Makes Secret Trip To GCHQ Spy Base Amid Hacking Fears – 23 March 2015

RT logoThe second in line to the throne was flown by helicopter to the headquarters of Britain’s elite spy agency for a secret visit amid fears members of the royal family could have their emails and social media hacked by spies.

The four-hour visit to GCHQ took place on Friday and would likely have remained a secret if local office workers had not seen Prince William arriving at an airfield near Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham aboard the royal family’s chopper.

He was met by bodyguards, who then drove him onwards to the secure facility from which Britain conducts both global and domestic mass surveillance activities.

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Hyper Report – 150322 – Stuffing The Mattress – 23 March 2015

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Spain Austerity Protest: ‘Things Got Worse Than Last Year’ – 23 March 2015

RT logoThe situation in Spain is deteriorating as the money it got from Europe went to bailing out banks which continue to foreclose homes, but not help ordinary people, anti-austerity activist Clara Valverde told RT.

RT: Last year’s Dignity March in Spain against austerity saw a huge turnout. Why are people taking to the streets again, twelve months on?

Clara Valverde: Things have got worse not better. For instance now we are up to 500 foreclosures a day and people are hungry, children are hungry and for the first time since we have democracy people are dying in the winter time because of the lack of heating because they cannot afford heating in their homes. This is a much worse situation than a year ago.

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Anti-Base Okinawa Governor Blocks Relocation Of US Marines – 23 March 2015

RT logoOkinawa’s governor ordered a halt to an underwater survey needed for reclamation of land for a new $8.6-billion base, which would host US troops after the Futenma facility on the island is closed.

Takeshi Onaga is delivering on the promise he made to voters to oppose the construction, after his election last November. At a media conference on Monday, he announced that defense ministry contractors must stop the survey due to the damage it’s causing to corral reefs. If they don’t, Onaga said he would revoke approval for drilling operations given by his predecessor in December 2012 within days.

The survey is necessary for the eventual construction of an off-shore runway for the future US military base in the less populous area of northern Okinawa, which would house thousands of troops after the closure of the Futenma base in the south.

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John Ward – Merkel & Tsipras Latest: Good For Gold And Bad For The Euro. Or The Other Way Round. Or Something – 23 March 2015


This morning, gold is leaping up and down like a seismograph on the San Andreas fault, as everyone waits to see what sort of smoke appears at 5 pm CET from Berlin. And don’t forget we must allow an extra hour for Tsipras to be beaten up before the press conference. The general tenor of feedback so far is that it’s not going terribly well between Geli and the Greek, but she who walks on water is hinting that there may be a way through. “Greece is not obliged to carry out all Troika reforms if they have better ones,” she said last night. Not sure that’s how the IMF sees it, but there you go.
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Nuke Talks: ‘US Unrealistic Expecting Iran To Give Up’ – 23 March 2015

RT logoTehran won’t make any concessions to the US in nuclear talks until the Americans agree to Iranian terms, particularly regarding the multilateral sanctions, not only oil and banking, says Gareth Porter, journalist and American foreign policy expert.

Another round of Iran nuclear talks have concluded. The US Secretary of State John Kerry described the results as “positive” while the Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, accused the US of pressuring his country economically and religiously.

RT: US Congress members are seeking to cut off taxpayer money for the talks leaving US officials with no government funds for travelling, staying in hotels or any activity connected with the talks. Will it have any impact on the negotiations with Tehran do you think?

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US Biggest Climate Skeptic Receives Money From ‘Eco-Friendly’ BP – Report – 23 March 2015

RT logoOne of America’s most powerful opponents of climate change regulation, Senator Jim Inhofe, has been receiving campaign money traced back to oil giant BP, including chief executive Bob Dudley.

The Oklahoma Republican, Jim Inhofe received $10,000 from the BP political action committee (PAC), according to a Guardian exclusive.

PACs in the US are set up to assist US companies and trade unions that can’t give direct support to political candidates, who fit their values and business aspirations. Instead, they pool donations from the companies’ higher-ups and the money is then disbursed by a board.

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