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Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Along Gaza Border – Health Ministry – 23 November 2014

RT logoIsraeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian farmer near the Gaza border, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. This is the first fatality since the latest tentative ceasefire agreement in August, when the 50-day Gaza war ended.

The ministry has identified the man as Fadel Mohammed Halawa, 32. He was allegedly shot dead to the east of the Jabalya refugee camp. According to the man’s relatives, he was out in search of song birds, who inhabit trees located near the border. They are said to be quite expensive in Gaza’s markets.

Emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra says the bullet hit Halawa in the back and was most likely fired from a nearby army watchtower.

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Jon Rappoport – My Matrix Collections: A Backgrounder – 23 November 2014

jon7There are 3 collections. They all take on the nuts and bolts of consensus reality, which is to say, invented reality.

Not only on political, economic, and social levels, but on the level of the mind.

We live in a limited spectrum of perception. The actual arc is much greater than we experience.

Even more important, the vast majority of human beings live in a small corner of their creative potential. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Balance Is Found When We Transcend The Ego – Part 2/2 – 23 November 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

We all face unique inner battles, and my biggest woes come from feeling like nobody cares about me; nobody appreciates the things I do or the love I strive to give. Only now do I see that striving for attention or recognition is the polar opposite of unconditional love, but I’ve struggled with feeling like the people in my life only care on a surface level.

My ego’s constantly concerned that it isn’t receiving the love, attention or nurturance it feels like it offers others, and this can cause depressive thoughts and feelings that are essentially like a mental/emotional tar pit. Continue reading

Plant-Based Gel Can Seal Bleeding Wounds Instantaneously – 23 November 2014

Image from suneris.co
Image from suneris.co

A New York based startup has developed a gel capable of sealing even the most severe bleeding wounds in mere seconds. The plant-based polymer is on the course to save human lives after already being tested in veterinarian use on animals.

Time has been of the essence in trying to save patients suffering from an open flesh wound, because if the bleeding isn’t stopped in time, the patient will die from bleeding out. And while there are various similar gels on the market, they can stop the bleeding in up to 10 minutes, while VetiGel, according the inventors, can get the job done in maximum 20 seconds.

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French Police Unleash Water Cannon, Tear Gas Against Anti- Brutality Protesters – 23 November 2014

RT logoWater cannons and tear gas have been used against protesters in Southern France. Public anger over police brutality is boiling over in France following the death of an environmental activist killed by a police stun grenade last month.

Rémi Fraisse was killed by French police on October 26 during a protest against a dam construction in Tarn, near Toulouse. The 21-year old was part of an environmental group which protested the construction.

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John Smallman – Saul – You Are All Spiritual Beings, And Nothing Can Change That – 23 November 2014

john-blog-pics-0135As all the channels are telling you, the “event” is incredibly close.  Keep holding your Light on high and intend in each moment to be only loving.  You can do it because you are doing it!  And that is why the event is almost upon you.  You, all of you, even those who appear to you as dark, are simply and powerfully bringing it on.  So congratulations are in order, and we are showering them down on you incessantly.  Just be willing to receive them because you truly have earned them.

Do not embrace the gloom and doom that so much of the mainstream media dishes out because that just drains your energy.  Focus on the vast quantity of loving occurrences that are happening daily all across the planet, the stuff the mainstream ignores because it is so boring, YAWN.  They want explosions, and crashes, kidnappings, and other disasters, the more the better, and when you focus your attention there you help to bring them about! Continue reading

Cleveland Cop Shoots 12Yo Boy Carrying BB Gun – 23 November 2014

RT logoA 12-year-old boy who according to police was armed has been shot and seriously injured in the stomach in an “officer involved shooting” at a recreation center in Cleveland, Ohio. The boy’s weapon turned out to be an air gun “resembling” real pistol.

The shooting happened around 3:30 pm at Cudell Rec Center located at 1910 West Boulevard, after police responded to a distress call about a male allegedly threatening people near the center with a gun.

READ MORE: ‘Totally innocent’ unarmed 28yo ‘accidentally’ shot dead by NYPD police

Police Patrolman’s Association president Jeff Follmer said “the 12-year-old had a weapon,” according to Newsnet5 Cleveland, and he allegedly refused officer commands and reached into his waistband before being shot by an officer “relatively new” on the force.

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‘Biden Get Out!’ Turks Protests US VP Visit To Istanbul – 23 November 2014

RT logoTurkish protesters have rallied against the visit of US Vice President Joe Biden under banners saying ‘Yankee Go Home’. In Istanbul Biden has been encouraging Europe to reduce energy dependence on Russia and announced aid to Syrian refugees.

Around 300 people chanting “Biden get out. The country is ours,” took to the streets in Istanbul on Saturday. The event had been organized by the Youth Association of Turkey which also “greeted” three US Navy sailors last week stating a similar “Yankee, go home!”.

Biden was lucky not to witness the protests himself, as the sailors last week were doused in paint meant to symbolize blood while calling the victims “murderers.”

READ MORE: US sailors ambushed by nationalists in Istanbul (VIDEO)

Speaking at the Atlantic Council’s energy security summit in Istanbul on Saturday, Biden called on Europe to continue diversifying its energy supplies to reduce dependence on Russia.

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Laura Bruno – Please Keep The Prayers And Thoughts Coming – 23 November 2014


Please keep these people and anyone dealing with the massive snow and anticipated floods in NY, in prayer and calm, loving energy. May they find peace amidst the storms and aftermath, and may we each carry peace and clarity as we face our own storms — whether natural, unnatural or metaphorical. Blessings, love and calm….. this, too, shall pass.

Continue reading

Police Pepper Sprays Protest In Germany As Activists Storm New EU Central Bank HQ – 23 November 2014

RT logoGerman police used pepper spray and clashed with anti-EU protesters, who stormed and vandalized the new European Central Bank building, which is under construction now in central Frankfurt.

Calling themselves Blockupy, thousands of activists gathered in the city center on Saturday and marched to the goal of their protest, the new ECB office, which is to be inaugurated next March.

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