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UK Column News – 23 September 2014

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O, Bomber! Obama Bombs 6Th Country In 6 Years – 23 September 2014

RT logoAmerican jets hit targets in Syria on Tuesday in the US-led fight against Islamic State. Although the US has not declared war since 1942, this is the sixth country that Barack Obama, the holder of the Nobel Peace Prize, has bombed in as many years.

Syria has become the latest country to have been openly targeted by the US, with Washington predictably not seeking the approval of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The US and NATO started a bombing campaign in the north of the country on Tuesday against Islamic State militants, who have taken over parts of the north and east of the country. The death toll from Tuesday’s campaign was put at 70, though this figure could rise, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, who also said that eight civilians had lost their lives.

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TSA Officers Try To Screen Passenger After This Flight, Threaten Him After Refusal – 23 September 2014

 Screenshot from youtube by Kahler Nygard

Screenshot from youtube by Kahler Nygard

​A man was recently stopped by TSA agents in the Denver International Airport and asked to undergo additional screening after he had already flown from Minneapolis. The man refused their requests, capturing the encounter on video.

Kahler Nygard says he has assumed based on his treatment at airports in recent years that he has a low-level designation on the United States government’s no-fly list, possibly given past contributions to web forums that discuss anti-government sentiments, he said.

Once he stepped off his plane that had just arrived in Denver, Nygard wasapproached by Transportation Security Administration officers who asked him to submit to an additional security screening. He resisted, asked why he was subject to a post-flight search. Nygard had a friend tape his initial screening before the flight, where he was “thoroughly screened” but had no problems.

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FBI Forces Police Departments Across The US To Keep Quiet About Cellphone Spying Gear – 23 September 2014

RT logoNot only are local police departments across the United States increasingly relying on so-called StingRay devices to conduct surveillance on cell phone users, but cops are being forced to keep quiet about the operations, new documents reveal.

Recent reports have indicated that law enforcement agencies from coast to coast have been turning to IMSI-catcher devices, like the StingRay sold by Florida’s Harris Corporation, to trick ordinary mobile phones into communicating device-specific International Mobile Subscriber Identity information to phony cell towers — a tactic that takes the approximate geolocation data of all the devices within range and records it for investigators. Recently, the Tallahassee Police Department in the state of Florida was found to have used their own “cell site simulator” at least 200 times to collect phone data without once asking for a warrant during a three-year span, and details about the use of StingRays by other law enforcement groups continue to emerge on the regular.

But while the merits of whether or not law enforcement officers should legally be able to collect sensitive cell information by masquerading as telecommunication towers remains ripe for debate — and continues for certain to be an issue of contention among civil liberties advocates — newly released documents raise even further questions about how cops use StingRays and other IMSI-catchers to gather great chunks of data concerning the whereabouts of not just criminal suspects, but seemingly anyone in a given vicinity that happens to have a phone in their hand or pocket.

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Jon Rappoport – CDC Liars: “1 Million Ebola Cases By January” – 23 September 2014

jon7In “WHO: 21,000 Ebola cases by November if no changes” (AP/USA Today), 9/22, there is this:

“CDC scientists…also predict that the two countries [Sierra Leone and Liberia] could have a staggering 550,000 to 1.4 million [Ebola] cases by late January.”

CDC employees don’t know they’re alive unless they’re lying.

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TheAustralian – Arab Nations Join US Strikes On ISIS In Syria – 23 September 2014

The Australian

By John Lyons and Dennis Shanahan

THE US and five Arab countries have launched the first in an ­expected series of airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State, opening a new front in the fight against the ­jihadists and signalling a turning point in the politics of the Middle East.

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New Ebola Strategy: Liberia To Move Patients Out Of Homes Into ‘Care Centers’ – 23 September 2014

RT logoA fresh approach to the fight with the fatal Ebola virus has been revealed by Liberia, the World Health Organization and partners: infected people are set to be transferred to special centers with basic care.

The initiative is expected to be launched in the next few weeks, and is aimed at reducing the risk that the families of the patients will contract the deadly virus from their relatives.

The newly set-up “care centers,” as the authorities are calling them, would consist of 15 to 30 beds, with as many as 70 centers established across the country if the move is successful.

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Israel Shot Down Syrian Aircraft Over Israeli-Controlled Airspace – 23 September 2014

 A Soviet-made MiG-21 of the Syrian Air Force. (foroaviones.com)

A Soviet-made MiG-21 of the Syrian Air Force. (foroaviones.com)

​An Israeli Patriot missile shot down a Syrian aircraft that flew into Israeli-controlled airspace on Tuesday, Reuters reported, citing the military.

“Moments ago a Syrian aircraft infiltrated Israeli airspace. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) intercepted the aircraft in mid-flight, using the Patriot air defense system,” a military statement said. The type of plane was not disclosed.

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Anti-ISIS Coalition Bombing Terrorist Positions In Syria LIVE UPDATES – 23 September 2014

 Still from RT video

Still from RT

The US-led coalition is conducting airstrike assault on positions of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) organization on the territory of Syria. The strikes reportedly involve a mix of fighter, bomber and tomahawk land-attack missiles.

Tuesday, September 23

07:57 GMT:
07:42 GMT:

IS militants claim that a US drone has crashed into a communications tower near the Syrian city of Raqqa.

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John Ward – Analysis: The Goddess Christine Lagarde’s Inadequate, Untutored & Ex Cathedra Eye For The Devil In The Detail – 23 September 2014

lagardeptnetLagarde…not good at seeing beyond the end of her nose for power

I have to share this episode with you all, because it shows – more clearly than any biography could – just how poor Fifi Lagarde is on ‘the detail’. If God is in the detail, then for sure Mme Lafarge lost her soul a long time ago…if indeed she ever had one. For if David Cameron has all the social sensitivity of a scud missile, then Christine Lagarde is up there on the small print with Ronald Reagan.
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