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Jon Rappoport – Screenshots Of ‘CNN iReport’ On CDC Whistleblower Before CNN Censored Story – 25 August 2014

jon7Following up on my earlier post (about Bobby Dee (pseudonym/handle) who posted a CNN iReport on CDC whistleblower William Thompson saying he cooked data to hide a vaccine-autism connection), here are the screens of Bobby Dee’s report before CNN censored the story:

http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1164046 Continue reading


An Uptic in Solar Flaring – 24 August 2014


Today – Strong M5.98 solar flare from sunspot region 12151 at 12.58

The 22nd August we had a moderate M1.24 solar flare.

The 21st August we had a strong M3.43 solar flare.

I suspect an uptic in the solar flaring activity  and probably X-flares also coming….. We will see if a strong CME also directioned to earth is  coming. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Rob Schneider Says He Has Smoking Gun In CDC Vaccine-Autism Fraud – 24 August 2014

jon7Here is a copy of a letter actor and comedian Rob Schneider sent to California Governor Jerry Brown’s office Friday. It is posted at canaryparty.org.

Schneider is to be commended and supported in every possible way for stepping forward.

Schneider writes: “I have copies of the original CDC report that was later suppressed and fraudulently changed.”

I urge Schneider to post that report now. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – CNN iReport On CDC Whistleblower Spreads Like Wildfire, Then Censored – 24 August 2014

jon7On August 22, a user named Bobby Dee posted a CNN iReport about the CDC whistleblower who states he cooked data to hide a vaccine-autism connection.

CNN iReports aren’t official CNN stories. They’re “user generated news…opinions belong to the submitter.”

Well, Bobby’s submission, as Celia Farber reports at truthbarrier.com, rocketed to 45,232 views in a matter of hours. 178 comments, 17 thousand shares.



Then it was axed, removed, deleted. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings: Enjoy Your Creative Works – 24 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Your abilities as awakening lightworkers and starseeds go beyond any description we could give, and you’re endlessly encouraged to find and remain in a lasting, positive space when it seems like depletion is all you can feel. In reality, you can root yourselves in the heart in every moment and experience the resulting pure, flowing spiritual connection, and all you have to do is let yourselves believe this is achievable. Continue reading

Judith Dagley – What Will Help You Most To Know NOW– DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP! – 24 August 2014

judiththe breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
don’t go back to sleep.
you must ask for what you really want.
don’t go back to sleep.
people are going back and forth between the
door sill where the two worlds touch.
the door is round and open.
don’t go back to sleep.

Multidimensional information is impossible to grasp through a linear perspective. That is just physics– so obvously so that it is even perceivable through mere logic, alone. What matters, therefore, is not whether one is ready to grasp it or not– ALL of us are ready. What matters is whether one is willing to be ready. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – TLC, Resting With Angels On Cloud 9, & Rising Anew To An Even Lesser Traveled Road – I Love Alaska- 24 August 2014


Tania and I kept in frequent touch via photos and informative texts during her Alaska journey, but seeing ALL of these breathtaking images in context is quite the treat! One thing we both kept commenting on was that despite everyone calling Earth “Gaia” that we had both for a long time secretly been feeling led to say “Terra.” I know Clif High felt this, as well. In any case, this is a gorgeous collection from one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It makes me wish I’d moved to Homer, AK one of the many times I considered doing so. 🙂 Stunning vistas and warm people! Thank you, Tania for sharing these. Continue reading