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Abraham Hicks – The Clarity of Alignment =O! – 24 June 2014

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USSG – Earthquakes Significant : Alaska and New Zealand – 24 June 2014

6.6 52km E of Buldir Island, Alaska2014-06-24 03:15:41 UTC35.0 km deep
7.9  24km SE of Little Sitkin Island, Alaska2014-06-23 20:53:09 UTC107.5 km deep
6.3  87km SSE of Raoul Island, New Zealand2014-06-23 19:21:48 UTC20.0 km deep
6.9  96km SSE of Raoul Island, New Zealand2014-06-23 19:19:16 UTC20.0 km deephttp://www.earthquake.usgs.gov


Militia Down Chopper Near Slavyansk, 9 Feared Dead – Military Spokesman – 24 June 2014

RT logoNine people are feared dead after self-defense forces in the Donetsk region shot down a Ukrainian army helicopter, which was used for transporting military cargo, a Kiev spokesman said.

“Yes, it was brought down,” eastern Ukraine military operation spokesman, Vladislav Seleznyov, said when asked by Reuters about the helicopter’s fate.

“There was a three-man crew, in all nine people,” the spokesman is cited as saying.

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Unknown Planes Bomb ISIS Positions In N. Iraq, Pentagon Denies It’s US – 24 June 2014

RT logoUnidentified bombers have reportedly launched an air strike on ISIS positions in the northern Iraqi city of al-Qaim. Iraqi television has claimed they are US planes, but the Pentagon has denied responsibility.

US planes were identified by Iraqi television, but the Saudi Al-Arabiya network claims that the raid was carried out by Syria, citing local tribal chiefs.

The Turkish Anadolu Agency has claimed that 20 people have died, and 25 more were injured in the raid, which allegedly targeted the local market.

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‘God Particle’ Teaches That Universe Should Have Ceased To Exist – 24 June 2014

RT logoA refitted Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is being readied to delve deeper into the secrets of the Universe’s structure, a new British scientists’ model considering Higgs boson data claims the Universe should have collapsed immediately after the Big Bang.

Confirmation of the Higgs boson’s existence in July 2012 did not actually add clarity to the general picture of our Universe after all. The information acquired raised new, even more complex, questions.

Physicists at King’s College in London claim they have recreated the conditions following the Big Bang, but this time using the new information acquired with the help of the LHC. British scientists maintain now that the new data related to the so-called ‘God particle’ suggests the universe should have expanded excessively fast after the Big Bang and collapsed billions of years ago.

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ISIS In Iraq Stinks Of CIA/NATO ‘Dirty War’ Op – 24 June 2014

RT logoFor days now, since their dramatic June 10 taking of Mosul, Western mainstream media have been filled with horror stories of the military conquests in Iraq of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, with the curious acronym ISIS.

ISIS, as in the ancient Egyptian cult of the goddess of fertility and magic. The media picture being presented adds up less and less.

Details leaking out suggest that ISIS and the major military ‘surge’ in Iraq – and less so in neighboring Syria – is being shaped and controlled out of Langley, Virginia, and other CIA and Pentagon outposts as the next stage in spreading chaos in the world’s second-largest oil state, Iraq, as well as weakening the recent Syrian stabilization efforts.
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Lisa Gawlas – When You Have Given All Your Pearls of Wisdom Away – 24 June 2014

lisagawlas2I hope y’all have had as great a solstice weekend as I did.  Holy heaven batman. It is so wonderful when you can get your hug on, share with joy and tears and and even just Be without the need to say a word.  Thank you ladies, and gents, for a wonder-full weekend!! (You know who you are… smile.)

On my 8 hour drive to Loveland, Colorado I popped on the audio book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers.”  I never finished reading my kindle version and really wanted to hear the story narrated, plus I tend to get lost along certain area’s, so I also wanted to hear what I may have missed.  Keeping in mind, with all the information that has been coming thru in the readings this wild and wacky month of June, topped off with the number five stocking me, and the feeling… the knowing, something is changing… I would really like a bit of clarity on what I am getting myself into now.  There is something about road trips and the right audio-book that can bring so much into clarity for myself.  I got a hellofa lot more than I bargained for! Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Transmutation Of Life Part 2 – Kundalini, The Inner Fire – 24 June 2014


My reverie of being in the Arcturian Corridor was interrupted when Lantern said, “I have prepared a quick breakfast before we break camp.” Sandy then immerged from the tent and came to give me a morning hug. I stood up, hugged Sandy and we walked the short distance to where Lantern had prepared our simple breakfast. Continue reading

ActivistPost – John W. Whitehead – 16 Ways The Supreme Court Built The Police State And Destroyed Your Rights – 24 June 2014

Logo_activistpost-com“[I]f the individual is no longer to be sovereign, if the police can pick him up whenever they do not like the cut of his jib, if they can ‘seize’ and ‘search’ him in their discretion, we enter a new regime. The decision to enter it should be made only after a full debate by the people of this country.”—U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

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Pro-Russian Separatists Down Ukraine Chopper As Putin Revokes Right To Military Intervention – 24 June 2014

ZeroHedgeIn a rather stunning step for the West’s propaganda machine, ‘devil-incarnate’ Putin has asked the Russian parliament to revoke the right of military intervention in Ukraine. As The BBC reports, Vladimir Putin’s move was aimed at “normalising the situation” in the conflict-torn eastern regions of Ukraine, his press-secretary said. Ukraine added that this move was a “first practical step” towards settling the crisis in the east. Presidential spokesman Peskov said the move was linked to Monday’s launch of talks between Kiev and separatist leaders in the east (with the case-fire deadline ending Friday). One can only wonder, why now? for Putin’s gesture of peace? Cold showers enough in Kiev? Or is it that oil prices are high enough to help thanks to the Iraq situation and his Syrian ‘aid’ is needed as Ukraine festers?

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