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Support Of China’s Development Bank Is ‘Gigantic Concession’ By US – 24 March 2015

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Washington and the World Bank have no choice but to co-operate with Beijing on the new China-led development bank. The US has changed its tune after first opposing its allies cozying up to China.

“This is a gigantic concession on the part of the US, that it is not the world’s only superpower,” Jeffrey Albert Tucker, CLO of the Foundation for Economic Education, told RT.

Instead of fighting the new China-led development bank, the US was forced to add its support to the development bank after allies jumped ship to join the $100 billion China-led project that could rival the World Bank.

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‘We’re Going To Succeed In Implementing Our Economic Policies’ – Greek Minister – 24 March 2015

RT logoWhat Greece is trying to achieve negotiating with the EU is to have time and political space in order to implement a social program of reform, Greek Minister or Administrative Reform George Katrougalos told RT.

The Greek Prime Minister lexis Tsipras met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on March, 23 in Berlin to discuss the progress Greece is making to pay back the bailout money it owes.

RT: Nothing solid came out of the meeting, did you put a lot of hope into it?

George Katrougalos: Of course this is not a formal meeting that is going to make some final decisions. What we hope to achieve is a better understanding between the two sides, and an improvement of the climate because we already had an agreement with our partners on February 20 but we have problems in implementing it.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – You Are Being Programmed To Accept The Global ID Control Grid – 24 March 2015

Half a century ago people had to be reassured their social security card was not being used for identification. Now there are federally standardized and globally synchronized ID cards, government-sponsored online ID projects, DNA databases, and even secret databases of your newborn baby’s genetic information and nobody bats an eyelid. How did we get here, and how can we break this conditioning? Continue reading

Ferguson-Filming Journalist Arrested At Protest Gets Court Hearing – 24 March 2015

RT logoA reporter arrested while videotaping demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, in the aftermath of the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown is heading to court, the first of about two dozen journalists taken into custody.

Mary Moore, whose videos have been used by the Associated Press, was among 13 people arrested by police during a demonstration outside Ferguson police headquarters on October 3, 2014.

Moore claims she was only shooting video, but was nevertheless taken into custody by police amid violent protests after ex-Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

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New Realities: Parliamentary BRICS – 24 March 2015

RT logoThe idea to establish a parliamentary forum emerged as a result of the active development of diverse cooperation within the framework of BRICS.

Leaders of the member-states regularly hold top-level meetings. A new BRICS bank – New Development Bank – is being currently established. The BRICS countries are united by their aspiration to make common cause on issues concerning global development and shaping a global financial architecture that meets the requirements of the 21st century. They actively cooperate within the G20, and contribute substantially to its agenda. There are currently 25 areas where BRICS cooperate. So it would be logical to add a parliamentary dimension to them.

Traditional European parliamentary forums, on their part, cover only Europe or the OSCE space at most. They do not operate outside these regions.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Justin Trudeau: Canada’s “Hope And Change” Deception – 24 March 2015

Dan Dicks of PressForTruth.ca joins us today to discuss the current leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and potential future Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Riding on the coattails of his father and the support of a Canadian public sick of the long-running Harper government, Trudeau looks set to become Canada’s answer to Obama’s Hopenosis. But in a forthcoming documentary, Press For Truth prepares to blow the lid off of The Trudeau Deception.

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Austerity Hits Poor, Migrant Children Hardest – Parliamentary Report – 24 March 2015

RT logoChildren from poor families have been disproportionately harmed by Britain’s austerity policies, a parliamentary report has found. Youngsters’ reduced access to legal aid will serve to blacken the government’s human rights legacy, it added.

In a report published on Monday, Britain’s Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR), examined the government’s compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

While the JCHR acknowledged the government has made a degree of progress in recognizing the rights of the child in Britain, it warned much remains to be done.

The cross-party committee of MPs concluded the government should have monitored the impact of its austerity measures more stringently, and made an effort to work harder to soften their effect.

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Aircraft-Less Carriers: No Point In New Navy Vessel If No Jets Supplied, MPs Warn – 24 March 2015

RT logoBritain cannot afford to launch the second of its new aircraft carriers, HMS Prince of Wales, because of planned cuts in the defense budget, a committee of MPs said on Tuesday.

The total cost of operating the aircraft carrier, which includes deploying additional ships to protect it and jets to launch from it, exceed Britain’s projected military spending, MPs warned.

Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed the government’s intention to bring HMS Prince of Wales into service at the NATO summit in Wales last September.

At the time, Cameron said the second aircraft carrier would enable the UK to “always have one carrier available, 100 percent of the time.

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Jon Rappoport – To People Who Still Think Obama Is The Answer – 24 March 2015

jon7To people who still think Obama is the answer

Suppose he never intended to bring about a jobs recovery?

Suppose he’s been actively against it for at least six years?

Create new solid US jobs?

End the unemployment crisis?

That was never, ever Obama’s agenda.

And people who think it is are being betrayed. Continue reading

$100Bn NATO Claim: Serbian NGOs Seek Compensation For Yugoslavia Bombing – 24 March 2015

RT logoTwo non-governmental organizations have said NATO should be required to pay compensation for the massive damage inflicted during the 1999 bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.

A meeting of the Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals and the Club of Generals and Admirals in Belgrade presented an initiative to hold 28-member NATO financially accountable for the damage that Yugoslavia sustained in the attacks.

Serbian experts put the price tag of the devastation between $60 and $100 billion.

Retired General Jovo Milanovic said that NATO’s military offensive, which was unsanctioned by the United Nations, represented “a violation of all norms of international law that caused enormous material damage to Yugoslavia and huge human casualties,” Tass quoted him as saying.
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