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Wes Annac – We’re All Incarnate Masters – 24 September 2014

wes-annac-300x229 Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Every conscious seeker’s an incarnate master who doesn’t realize it yet. Despite that we’ve taken on a ‘veil of forgetfulness’ here in the lower realms, we’ll grasp our true mastery as our spiritual awareness continues to grow and we’ll see that we’re the spiritual warriors we’ve been waiting for.We’re capable of making all of the miraculous changes that need made before we can collectively ascend, and I think it’s important to realize just how powerful we are. Some people in the conscious community might not resonate with the idea of power, but just because it’s been corrupted doesn’t mean it isn’t still an important or helpful concept. Continue reading


James Corbett – The Corbett Report – “The Lone Gladio” Reviewed – 24 September 2014

Today James reviews “The Lone Gladio,” the new novel by FBI whistleblower and BoilingFrogsPost.com founder Sibel Edmonds. To learn more about the book or to purchase a copy, please visit the book’s website:


To view the Gladio B interview series, please visit:


Sibel Edmonds on the Lew Rockwell Show

Sibel Edmonds on Traces of Reality

www.corbettreport.com  /link to original article

Steve Lendman – Reactions To Obama’s Naked Aggression Against Syria – 24 September 2014

StevelendmanOn Tuesday, Obama attacked another country lawlessly. Syria poses no threat to America.
Obama bombed multiple sites. He did so with no legal authority. He committed lawless aggression.
He’s done it repeatedly throughout his tenure. It’s the highest of high crimes against peace.
He violated international, constitutional and US statute laws. The 1996 US War Crimes Act calls them “grave breaches.”

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Magenta Pixie – The Quantum Wizard And The Shadow Set (Training Ground Within Hyperspace) – 24 September 2014

Uploaded on 24 September 2014 by Magenta Pixie Magenta Pixie’s website: http://www.magentapixie.com Products: http://www.magentapixie.com/shop
Within the expansion of the multidimensional aspects of self and the journey into full actualization and integration, the training ground is a most useful place.
Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video arranged by Catzmagick. Media c/o freeimages, motionbackgroundsforfree and Kevin Macleod.

John Ward – Something Brewing In Berlin: Is Merkel Weighing The Cost Of Past US/EU Folly Against A Future With Sino-Russian Revival? – 24 September 2014

merkput Fossil fuels, sovereign debt, Islam, the euro, American debt, German gold and deregulated credit may be combining to push Merkel closer to Putin.

There exists today a geopolitical continuum in which energy, credit, fiat currency collapse, sovereign debt and banking derivative exposures blur one into another. Saudi power, ISIS fury and Western duplicity have all rendered what used to be thought wild conspiracy theories into everyday geopolitics. Something is being planned in Berlin, but what is it?
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Obama: ISIS Must Be Destroyed, There Will Be No Negotiations – 24 September 2014

RT logoPresident Barack Obama presented a four-pronged approach to battling violent extremism from the likes of the Islamic State on Wednesday and pleaded with the international community for assistance during an address at the United Nations.

From the UN headquarters in New York City, Pres. Obama asked member states and the rest of the world to come together in order to combat the Islamic State — also known as ISIS, or ISIL — in the midst of a months-long campaign of violence in the Middle East that in recent days and weeks has been met with military strikes from the United States and its allies.

Speaking at first generally of what he referred to as the dangers posed by religiously motivated fanatics such as members of Al-Qaeda, Pres. Obama soon after set his sights specifically on the Islamic State and asked his audience in the General Assembly to consider a blueprint that aims to eradicate those groups by first eliminating ISIS before taking a broader approach intended to curb the creation of similar factions in the future.

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‘Westminster Isn’t Working For Wales’: Welsh Join Scots In Call For More Powers – 24 September 2014

 Image from Scottish referendum solidarity rally, partyofwales.org

Image from Scottish referendum solidarity rally, partyofwales.org

Forty-nine percent of Welsh citizens are demanding the same devolved powers currently offered to Scotland following last week’s referendum. But a new poll shows support for Welsh independence has dropped to its lowest level.

Leanne Wood, leader of Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, said the current Wales Bill should be redrawn and that a new one should be introduced alongside the revised Scotland Bill.

“It would be unthinkable and unacceptable if MPs voted for substantial new powers for Scotland whilst also voting on a second rate bill for Wales,” Wood said in a party statement.

“If our devolution journey has taught us anything it is that piecemeal, incremental change in our settlement leads to unsatisfactory outcomes for the people of Wales,” she said. “The Wales Bill is already inadequate and it would be insulting for its inadequacy to be further highlighted by new arrangements for Scotland.”

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Laura Bruno – A Lyrical, Joyous Post By Julian Rose – 24 September 2014


(Thanks to Ann K. for the photo.)

Spinning the Web of LifeSeptember 22, 2014

by Julian Rose


Spiders do it. Take a look – oh what an amazing creation! Working their way out from the first circle; filling-in every loop of the circuit; spinning on the outward pull; determined, full of intention, guided by Divine. So my friends, why can’t we? Continue reading

Brazil Begins Dairy Exports To Russia – 24 September 2014

RT logoThree so-far-unnamed Brazilian dairy companies have received the proper paperwork to start deliveries to Russia, a representative of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture said. The new imports will help fill a gaping hole left by EU suppliers.

One of the companies has already started deliveries, Marcelo Junqueira, secretary for international affairs of the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry Marcelo said, ITAR-TASS reported.

The new deliveries will help fill the 57 percent gap of imported dairy products after Russia introduced a one-year food embargo in August on certain agricultural products from the EU, US, Australia, Canada, Australia and Norway.

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Over 1,000 Arrested In Europe Crackdown On Organized Crime – Europol – 24 September 2014

 Exterior of the Europol headquarters (AFP Photo)

Exterior of the Europol headquarters (AFP Photo)

European police have arrested more than 1,000 suspects in an unprecedented nine-day swoop on organized crime. At least 30 Romanian children have been saved from child traffickers and over 2,000kg of drugs have been seized.

Operation Archimedes, lasting from September15 to 23, “was the single largest coordinated assault an organized crime in Europe,” the chief of the European police organization, Rob Wainwright, told reporters on Wednesday.

Organized crime groups and their infrastructures was the target of the operation that involved Eurojust, Frontex and Interpol.

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