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John Ward – In A Manner Of Speaking – 25 January 2015

chanceSpeak in enigmatically mixed metaphors, and you won’t go far wrong

Right, pay attention: George Osborne says that the EU will have to jolly well pull its socks up if it wants Britain to stay in. Somewhere in Frankfurt on Friday night, Mario Draghi was probably using Google Translate to try and work out what this might mean. Mario quite likes his sober Brooks Brothers socks, which have elasticated tops to ensure minimal hirsute calf exposure when sitting. But Google Translate tells him that, in Italian, Osborne is suggesting he must tug at the footwear. The ECB boss is confused….but now more convinced than ever that the products of English public schools are almost all fetish perverts. Continue reading

Military-Clad English-Speakers Caught On Camera In Mariupol Shelling Aftermath – 25 January 2015

RT logoArmed people in uniform speaking fluent English with no accent have been spotted in Mariupol in the aftermath of the rocket hit, fuelling allegations that foreign private military contractors are serving among Ukrainian troops.

The port city in eastern Ukraine, under Kiev’s control, saw a surge of violence on Saturday, when several rockets hit a residential area in the east of the city, reportedly killing 30 civilians. Numerous videos from the scene showed destruction in the aftermath of the attack, for which local militia and Ukrainian troops blamed each other.

But among footage shot in Mariupol, there are some videos showing armed men in military uniform, who speak English fluently.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

Boiling Point: Hundreds Of Anti-Fascist Protesters Clash With Police In Italy – 25 January 2015

RT logoClashes broke out at an anti-fascist rally in Cremona, Italy when around 2,000 protesters took to the streets to object to an attack by far-right group supporters. The fracas left a political activist in hospital.

A couple of thousand anti-fascist protesters attended the rally on Saturday, which started off peacefully. The protesters marched through the city center chanting slogans and waving banners to draw awareness to the plight of anti-fascist activist Emilio Visigalli, who is currently in hospital in a serious condition, following last week’s attack by the far-right group CasaPound. He was injured when the event organized by the CSA Dordoni cultural center was attacked on January 18 by dozens of neo-Nazi supporters.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 25 January 2015

marlene1-1January 25-February 1, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Many of you are finding the adage “know thyself” as a common theme that is shared by all at this time in one form or another. The fine tuning and recalibrating is still taking place and now you look ever more closely within yourselves to look at all the patterns you have played out throughout your lifetime and are now willing to face self in all its many facets. You are willing to take full responsibility for all that has shown up in your lives. You know you are the one who first created the experience in order to bring this pattern to the surface as that which has limited you in your forward movement and which needs to be transmuted and released. Open your hearts wider to this experience and be willing to see the beauty of the gift it has given you. It has brought you freedom from self imposed suffering and has assisted you to move beyond former limitations, sometimes in unexpected and totally surprising ways. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Why Olive Oil Is aA Best Brain Food (& Smart Buying Tips) – 25 January 2015

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Deane Alban, Guest
Waking Times

Olive oil has many benefits for your brain and overall health. Learn how to choose quality olive oil, why it’s safe for cooking, and how to avoid fake olive oil …

Olive oil is one of the world’s healthiest foods.

It’s a major component in the Mediterranean diet that’s widely considered the healthiest way to eat for health and longevity. (1)

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Laura Bruno – Does The Evolution Of Awareness Proceed In Stages? If So, Here’s One Way To Parse Them – 25 January 2015


Are you on an inner or outer path? If you feel alone in your awakening, this article explains why, but also offers perspective and suggestions. I feel grateful that through my work I know so many people doing incredible things on both the inner and outer paths. I know for a fact that you are not alone, even if it sometimes feels that way. Though thinly dispersed, we are many, and we are growing. Thanks, Ann! Continue reading

Sandra Walter – Crystal Codes : Galactics Sending Love – 25 January 2015

SandraWalterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Mid-way through the Gate passage today, I aligned with the Gateways and a few moments into meditation, Shazam – the bright flash of my Team coming through. They left us a new greeting in one of my Gate crystals! I felt the Team surround me, sending pure LOVE.

There is an incredible amount of lovelight washing through me with this Gate, and the crystal has anchored it, like a transceiver beaming Divine Love through my heart and my space. Thank you, beloveds! I feel this is a beautiful gift for all of us aligning with Divine Choice.

In Love, Light and Service,
Sandra Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Lunatics Run The Washington Asylum – 25 January 2015

StevelendmanNever in world history has one nation threatened humanity’s survival like America. Wars without end rage.
Against invented enemies. New ones follow with disturbing regularity. Peace is pure fantasy.
Obama wants congressional authorization for unconstrained war. Ignoring international law. Claiming it’s to fight IS. One of his many Big Lies.
A companion article suggests Pentagon officials now direct Kiev’s war on Donbas. Besides supplying its military with heavy weapons and munitions covertly.

Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Meditation Is The Key – 25 January 2015

LarryLarsonMeditation is the key where you can begin to make a stronger connection with your own broader nonphysical self. And it’s not that there is this la-la land out there where everything is peace and cookies. It’s that you are this nonphysical angelic being who is peace. Your broader nonphysical self knows that all is well, and that everything is indeed going exactly right. You only have to connect with your own greatness to know that, to feel that. Continue reading

ActivistPost – CDC’s Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link – 25 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comSayer Ji
Activist Post

The CDC’s own research has found that the long denied vaccine-SIDS link is real.

If you believe the official pronouncements of top governmental health agencies like the CDC and FDA, all the vaccines in the present day schedule are a priori safe and effective.

Read the full story at: www.activistpost.com / link to original article