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Lisa Gawlas – Watering The Garden Of Your New Life As Timelines Collapse Into Each Other!! – 26 February 2015

lisagawlas2There is no doubt, we finally arrived as the weird gets unmistakably weirder.  Or should I say, more exciting??  Weirdly exciting, yeah that’s it!!

First tho, lets talk about the energy of the field, it changed from the massive spread of white, silver and gold energy to a more streamlined white with light pink and blue dots in it. It was somehow easy to understand that this energy was releasing all your coming connections: people, places, experiences, and all that goes with the new life you just blew into (excuse me, worked your ass off to align with!!)

So we can look at it as day one was billowing the spiritual (white) energy, the raw heaven and earth energy (silver and gold) into you, onto you, and infused every iota of the ground and airspace with this intense, intermingled high vibration.  Yesterday we can look at the magnetic seeds of new life connecting to the frequency of your body, aligning the pathway to you and vise versa. Continue reading

Crys Crystaqueous – Prayer – 26 February 2015

Hands praying.svgPrayer

I will be very happy to go within my being and see what surfaces regarding the lovely subject called prayer.

However, before I do that I’d like to express how that on the one hand it may be expedient from a human view point to inquire to a trusted other as to how they feel about certain spiritual practices.  But on the other hand I couldn’t emphasize strongly enough how extremely important it is—in the final analysis— that each individual bring to their own heart all their deep spirit questionings and ask there, trusting explicitly that the pure truth will always be thus found.   (Later we will explore how that Truth really could never actually be lost to any). Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Creating Problems (And Solutions) – 26 February 2015

JamyePrice2012closeupAs you begin to Allow more, you are opening to your powerful heart. Your biomechanism is complete in its ability, though ever changing in its details of availability. Humanity is moving from mind focus to heart integration – a profound change in the availability of new solution. Any nature of problem that is in your Earth experience has available solution. It is merely your ability to connect to it that changes.

Your ability to problem solve is in-built into your functionality. As all things, it is a balancing. Through Time, you move from imbalance to balance, the seeking such a compelling that it is natural to you and often unnoticed. Whether you seek peace, excitement or any other sensation, you are on a path of Life progressing that is honored by your willingness to consume it into new experience. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Voice Within: Celebrate Your Existence – 26 February 2015

wesannac2An intuitive message by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

You have every reason to be joyful and celebrate your existence, but it’s easy to feel like you should stifle your excitement because of the bad things that happen on your world every day.

It’s easy to convince yourselves the world is an awful place to live, but life is what you make of it and if you’re willing to have a positive perspective in the face of every negative situation you face, you’ll realize that life doesn’t have to be as difficult as it’s been made out to be.

Your life on earth is precious, and you only get one chance to participate in the shift that’s taking place. Continue reading

Mahala – Life In Perspective – 26 February 2015

MahalaBy Mahala, on February 25th, 2015

Guest article by Mona Delfino @ www.sacredreconnections.com.

When I woke up today, a feeling came over me that ignited my joy. I wasn’t sure at first why suddenly I’d wake from a sound sleep with such a feeling of bliss. So I went into my heart, still laying in bed, and simply asked as I delved into the joy.

The answer I received was clear; “You are in a moment of clarity as to who your soul is.” Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Federal Register – Solicitation Of Written Comments On The Draft National Adult Immunization Plan – 26 February 2015

laura-of-the-rocksThanks to Joe for this disturbing news/action item. In case anyone thought we were being paranoid that all this measles and Ebola hoopla has really been about gaining public demand/consent for mandatory adult vaccinations, here comes the first step of that roll out. The Department of Health and Human Services is accepting comments until March 9, 2015. I cannot advise you what to say, but if we don’t say something, we’re offering tacit permission for this to go forward.


You can read the 52-page NAIP draft here at http://www.hhs.gov/nvpo/national_adult_immunization_plan_draft.pdf Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Beyond The Old Earth System…- 26 February 2015

lisagawlas2I am such a silly silly girl.  One would think I would never be in the realm of expectation, ha!!  I am so human.  I couldn’t wait to see what the field looked like, what this big shift would look like and most especially, what YOU would look and feel like with it.  Or maybe, I am expecting an I Dream of Jeannie moment, blink and its all done.  Not even close!!

But before I get into that, let me share what I didn’t write yesterday.  Again, thru the years, we would be getting direct information thru the readings on the “earth worker” or “sun worker” placement.  I am going to change that language just a bit, still means the same, but I think we have a bigger working model happening.  Earth worker would be in the realm of a true “light worker,” creator energy.  A sun worker (which is the group I fall into) would be the “Love worker,” the energy or fuel for creation to create.  And please don’t take that to mean one is void of the other, impossible.  But knowing where you power source is aligned to, important. Continue reading