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FBI Seizes 80,000 Emails From Murdoch’s News Corp – 26 June 2014

RT logoA probe of media mogul Rupert Murdoch might soon take shape in the United States upon reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has 80,000 emails in its possession seized from the servers of the tycoon’s News Corp headquarters.

The Daily Beast reported on Wednesday this week that “the FBI has copies of at least 80,000 emails taken from the servers at News Corp in New York,” prompting Britain’s Daily Mail to allege that new hacking allegations could be lobbed at Murdoch in the US as matters on the other side of the Atlantic near wrapping up.

According to reporters Nico Hines and Peter Jukes at the Beast, this correspondence is contained on a single compact disc and was obtained by the FBI during the just resolved, high-profile phone hacking case in the UK surrounding journalists employed by Murdoch’s since-shuttered News of the World paper. The journalists also allege that the message include communications sent up the chain of command by Murdoch protégée Rebekah Brooks, who was spared by a jury in London this week of involvement in the NOTW hacking scam.

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Thousands Of Indian Muslims Volunteer To Protect Holy Shrines In Iraq – 26 June 2014

RT logoThousands of Shia Muslims in India have volunteered to go to Iraq to protect Shia holy shrines and provide humanitarian aid as radical Sunni militants have captured a major part of the country in their rampage towards Baghdad, killing at least 1,300.

READ MORE: UK, Aussie jihadists call to join ISIS militants in Iraq, Syria

Amid the spreading insurgency in Iraq, where the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS, ISIL) terrorists are pushing government forces from cities and towns, Indian Muslims spearheaded by a religious organization are recruiting volunteers pledging to protect Shia holy shrines in the country.

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Suzanne Lie – Make Ascension Normal And Ascension Conversations YouTube – 26 June 2014

As I am completing my fourth book of the Pleaidian Perspective on Ascension series, I am also completing many other area of my life. I have always had a huge affinity for nature, even though I was raised in the city and did not see much of it until I was an adult. I know that I have come into embodiment this time to assist Gaia, and She has paid me back with many wonderful adventures on Her beautiful planet.
When I started writing, actually receiving, as I do not know what I will write until I see it on the page, information about the fifth dimensional Elementals something began to shift inside of me. I LOVE plants. My house looks much like a plant store and my yards are wondrous. I also live a few blocks from the ocean, which has the most wonderful air imaginable. I can walk to the Pacific Ocean, so the hot Sun of Southern California is calmed by the ocean breeze.

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ActivistPost – Brandon Turbeville : Zbigniew Brzezinski: The Decline Of The US And The End Of The American Empire – 26 June 2014

Logo_activistpost-comEver since 9/11, it has been apparent that the American empire is living on borrowed time. In more recent years, the inevitable collapse of American world hegemony and the unipolar world is one that very few informed observers can continue to ignore.

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TheAustralian – Clive Palmer’s ETS Already Dead – 26 June 2014

The Australian

By David Crowe

A NEW scheme to put a price on carbon has been scotched within hours of being unveiled, with Tony Abbott sealing an agreement to scrap the carbon tax but rejecting plans to put an emissions trading scheme in its place.

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WashingtonExaminer – Supreme Court Throws Out NLRB Appointments, Along With The Decisions They Made – 26 June 2014

Washington Examiner

By Sean Higgins

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that three of President Obama‘s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were invalid because they occurred during a “pro forma” session of the Senate.Sean Higgins

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Now EPA Says It Can’t Find Emails Requested By Congress Because Of Hard Drive Crash – 26 June 2014

Washington Examiner

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By Sean Higgins

Does the federal government have any systems at all to back its email archives? Maybe not, because the Environmental Protection Agency is now using the same excuse as the IRS is using in response to a Congressional subpoena: the computer ate our homework.

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WashingtonExaminer – At Export-Import Bank hearing: GOP Dings Big business; Dems Exalt Corporate America – 26 June 2014

Washington Examiner

By Timothy P. Carney

Republican Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling opened today’s hearing on the Export-Import Bank by excoriating corporate welfare and calling out big businesses by name in something of a populist speech:

Who benefits? Overwhelmingly — and indisputably — it’s some of the largest, richest, most politically-connected corporations in the world — like Boeing, General Electric, Bechtel and Caterpillar. …\

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PressForTruth – Caleb McMillan – How Stephen Harper Destoyed Iraq – 26 June 2014

Press For Truth

www.calebmcmillan.com In 2003 Stephen Harper, then leader of the Official Opposition, argued that Canada should join the United States in what Eric Margolis calls, “the stupid war in US history.”

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Suck It, Nanny State! Court Kills NYC Soda Ban – 26 June 2014

RT logoBig Apple residents with big thirsts were victorious Thursday this week when an appeals court in the Empire State said New York City officials lacked the authority to implement a ban against large beverages.

The decision handed down by the state’s Court of Appeals in Albany by way of a 4-2 ruling Thursday morning now means that former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign to keep big drinks out of area businesses has officially hit the end of the road.

New York City’s Board of Health voted unanimously in 2012 to accept the Bloomberg-led initiative to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces from local eateries, movie theatres, sports stadiums and food carts, but the effort was fought tooth-and-nail by beverage companies, bottlers and restaurant industry stakeholders who said the city had overstepped its bounds.

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