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German Air Force In Catastrophic Disrepair – Report – 27 August 2014

RT logo(Lucas: The USA, UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, etc all have problems with austerity measures and cuts on military budgets and cuts in spending of equipment and material. To keep their forces equiped to deploy them sufficiently in real war zones it would take lots of spending.  Seeking fights with others and not being able to fight the fights or the ones were the countries in NATO are pulled into is not a good thing. So not only economic sanctions backfire but also the big mouth of military actions and wars is seemingly less and less believable unless atomic weapons and or new EMF weapons and biological warfare is used….We need to stop fighting wars for others and some institute like NATO that was based on cold war doctrines and having enemies or even now creating enemies by getting involved in wars and conflicts of others we have no part in nor should have. Or instigating new conflicts and wars. It has to stop somewhere and maybe talking and taking a backseat were it is needed as things are changing in this world. The old order seems to fight and have even in fights. Things as slipping away and need to be brought back into balance and in reality with all of humanity.)

The German Air Force is in a slump with terrible funding shortages and a lack of parts, as a pessimistic report by Der Spiegel blasts it ahead of a major NATO deployment in Eastern Europe. Defense officials, however, blasted the assessment as inaccurate.

The damning report comes on the eve of NATO making big plans for edging its combined military might closer to Russia. The analysis by Der Spiegel has already caused much concern among Germany’s defense community.

The confidential document was reported on in the magazine’s new issue. It calls into question further strategies by Germany to take part in NATO activities in 2015.

Proponents of the view feel that with the EU taking on one of the leading roles in providing the world with some stability in these difficult times, Germany’s predicament as a leading military player is a matter of great concern.

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Cars In The US Might Soon Be Mandated To Broadcast Speed And Location Data – 27 August 2014

image from www.dot.gov

image from http://www.dot.gov

The United States Department of Transportation is taking the next step towards creating a “vehicle-to-vehicle” communications system that will allow light autos on the road to receive and broadcast critical information to one another.

Last week, the DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, published an “advance notice of proposed rulemaking” in the Federal Register announcing the department’s intention to move forward with plans that officials believe could save thousands of lives.

“By warning drivers of imminent danger, V2V technology has the potential to dramatically improve highway safety,” David Friedman, NHSTA’s deputy administrator, said in a statement announcing the rulemaking, according to FedScoop. “V2V technology is ready to move toward implementation and this report highlights the work NHTSA and DOT are doing to bring this technology and its great safety benefits into the nation’s light vehicle fleet.”

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Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Higher-Dimensional Ego And The Transcendence Of Obstacles – Part 2/2 – 27 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

Now, we’ll move on to our next question.

Question #2: Feeling Stuck

“I have been working on building my dream for years. I have followed spiritual teachings and channels. I have worked hard to turn my life around and to be a conduit for the light. I help others as much as possible. Yet I cannot seem to get the break or support I need to continue. Every time I think I have turned a corner it fizzles out. I feel stuck. Why?” Continue reading

Wes Annac – Transforming The Earth: A New Paradigm, Disclosure, And Ascension – Part 2/3 – 27 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Continued from Part 1

Now, we’re going to look at the significance of ‘disclosure’ to the spiritually inspired society we want to create. As many of you know, disclosure is a worldwide confession of everything our governments have hidden from us, and it becomes clear to anyone who does some digging that they have a lot to confess. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Interview 931 – USA Watchdog: Global War, Fukushima Update And More – 27 August 2014

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

via USAWatchdog.com:

Journalist James Corbett thinks much of the world’s problems can be traced back to the Federal Reserve and recently produced a free online documentary to back up his charge. Corbett says, “The central banking issue and who controls the money supply is really at the root of so many of the problems we see taking place right now; it’s not only economically, but geopolitically. The United States ability to wage war around the globe is predicated on the ability to continue issuing debt in order to create more money in the economy. . . . By any measure you want to use . . . the Federal Reserve, it is a stunning failure because it fails to live up to all the reasons it was created for including insuring the stability of the money supply and the stability of the purchasing power of the dollar which has declined a staggering 97% since the creation of the Fed 100 years ago. . . . That failure keeps snowballing on itself. So, the problems keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. . . . It is a system designed for and by the private banking cartel, and it serves their interests very well to the detriment of everybody else in the country.” Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Gaza Ceasefire: Hold The Cheers – 27 August 2014

StevelendmanOn Monday, both sides agreed to open-ended ceasefire terms. Peace talks will resume in Cairo within a month.

Terms agreed on include opening border crossings, “enabl(ing) the rapid entry of humanitarian aid,” as well as construction supplies for rebuilding.
Monitoring will ensure reconstruction is solely for civilian purposes.
Effective immediately, coastal fishing waters will expand from three to six nautical miles. They’ll gradually increase to 12 miles by yearend.

Continue reading

08 – 08 Gateway Live Transmission Of At The Tor Glastonbury By Anrita Melchizedek And Méline Lafont – 27 August 2014

Uploaded on 27 August 2014 by Méline Lafont Continue reading

TheIndependent – Schools Forced Into Desperate Measures To Deal With £1Bn Budget Black Hole – 27 August 2014

The Independent

By Nigel Morris

A school has been forced to turn a roof into a playground as councils take desperate measures to cope with a £1bn-plus black hole in their education budgets, local authority leaders warn today.

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TheIndependent – Rotherham Child Abuse Report: Police Commissioner Who Headed Council’s Child Safeguarding Department Refuses To Resign – 27 August 2014

The Independent

Shaun Wright was the cabinet member for children’s services for five years

By Lizzie Dearden

Rotherham’s police commissioner has refused to resign over the failure to confront 16 years of horrific sexual exploitation in the town that affected 1,400 children.

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NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Media Conspiracy To Bury CDC Whistleblower Story Protects Vaccine Makers At The Expense Of Human Life – 27 August 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) One of the most extraordinary stories in American history is unfolding before our eyes today as the entire mainstream media conspires to suppress and bury the true story of a CDC scientist blowing the whistle on runaway scientific fraud at the agency. To date, not a single mainstream media source has published even one article on this historic turning point in medical history, where Americans learned that the CDC had been deliberately lying to them about the supposed safety of MMR vaccines. Continue reading