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Aisha North – The manuscript Of Survival – Part 431 – 27 December 2014

AishaNorthFor now, you have already attained so much of what you came here to do, but there is still a while yet before you can see the full scope of your accomplishments. Indeed, you will all find yourself wallowing in frustration at one time or another in the time ahead, and the reason for that will be the simple fact that you all know at a higher level of your being that what you see around you in no way resembles the reality you have already stepped into energetically. In other words, what you SEE is not what you have, and as such the gap between the two is one that will be difficult to navigate for many of you in the time ahead. Continue reading


‘​Just For Lulz’: Hackers Leak 13,000 Passwords From Sites Incl Amazon, PlayStation & Xbox – 27 December 2014

RT logoA group, claiming to be affiliated with the hacktivist collective Anonymous, released a file containing 13,000 passwords and usernames along with credit card numbers from popular sites like Amazon and Walmart.

The information was released in a massive text document posted to Ghostbin, a filesharing site on Friday. By Saturday afternoon the document was no longer accessible.

The leaked account information came from several popular sites, including PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Hulu Plus, in addition to a handful of porn sites. The Daily Dot has published a full list of the nearly 40 websites whose users may be compromised.

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Afghanistan Against US Plans To Transfer Military Equipment To Ukraine – Kabul Official – 27 December 2014

RT logoKabul is against Washington’s alleged decision to transfer weapons and machinery left from its military mission in Afghanistan to Ukraine, an Afghan presidential administration official told TASS. The issue will be discussed with Obama, he added.

American specialists in Afghanistan are currently preparing US army MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles to be transferred to Ukraine, according to the information obtained by the Afghan presidential administration. The US combat mission command refuses to discuss the issue with Kabul, saying the White House is in charge, a representative of Ashraf Ghani’s administration told the agency.

Ghani will raise the question during his visit to Washington in January. He plans to urge Obama not to move the equipment to Ukraine, the agency’s source said. “The issue is directly connected with sustaining the country’s strategic partnership with the US,” the official added.

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Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 27 December 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe! Think of something wonderful you would like to create in the new year! You have just begun to recreate yourself and you life. You have just set your sights down the pathway you desire.

Breathe again. Once again think of something you would like to create or experience in the new year. Now imagine you are at the end of 2015, looking back, feeling the satisfaction and joy of having had this experience. Breathe in that joy. Breathe in that satisfaction. Breathe in that love. Continue reading

Crude Price Drop Triggers Major Layoffs In US Oil Industry – 27 December 2014

RT logoThousands of recently highly paid workers have been laid off after the oil price plummeted 50 percent in 2014. At least four American oil-producing states are already facing budget problems due to decreasing oil revenues.

The price plunge has affected petroleum production in all oil-extracting countries, including the US.

READ MORE: Putin says US and key oil producers may be equally interested in lower oil

Currently cheap fuel is still believed to be providing an overall boost to the US economy, as consumers can spend less on gasoline and more on shopping and services. But for the American energy sector the future looks less bright. It’s effecting places like Alaska, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas, the New York Times reports.

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‘10.0 Quake-Resistant!’: Demolishers Desperate, High-Riser Intact After 2 Blasts – 27 December 2014

RT logoAfter two attempts to blow up a building in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, demolition authorities were forced to leave the illegal structure teetering at a 20-degree angle for several hours.

In Ruplty video footage, onlookers laugh and holler as demolition experts tried to detonate the building twice on Friday, both times unsuccessfully.

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Sandra Walter -Preparation For The Christ/Kryst DNA Encodement Drop – Gateway December 25 / 29 – 27 December 2014

mount shasta christmas double rainbow

I AM shown a trigger point tomorrow, December 27, for this Gateway. We had a double rainbow in Mount Shasta on Christmas, which lasted for over three hours! Double Rainbows showed up all over the World on Christmas, and I always hold them as a reflection of our Divine work. This Christmas gateway is especially powerful as the Wayshowers prepare to embody purer, higher levels of the Christ/Kryst throughout 2015. Continue reading

Yes To Bitcoin! Russian Ministry Says Quasi-Money Ban May Endanger Banks, Retailers – 27 December 2014

RT logoRussia’s Ministry of Economic Development has reacted negatively to the bill to ban cash equivalents, including electronic money, such as bitcoins. It said the proposed ban could hit major telecom operators, retailers and banks hard.

The Ministry of Finance has developed a draft law on the introduction of responsibility for handling cash equivalents after President Vladimir Putin’s request in March. In the law “On the Central Bank” the Ministry is proposing to define quasi-money as monetary units and objects of property rights not provided for by the law. It would include those in electronic form, used as a means of payment and (or) exchange.

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6 months Of Earth In 6 mins: Astronaut Shares ISS Voyage In New Stunning Time-Lapse – 27 December 2014

RT logoA German astronaut has made a Christmas gift for all space lovers by combining thousands of photos he took during his ISS mission into one 4K-quality video. The six-minute clip captures the drama and beauty of planet Earth viewed from orbit.

European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut and social media celebrity Alexander Gerst returned from a six-month mission on the International Space Station, where among his other duties he took 12,500 photos of Earth and space.

The photos included images of the Milky Way, the auroras, lightning, cities at night, and twinkling lights following the path of the river Nile in Egypt.

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Laura Bruno – Caring Spirit – 27 December 2014

laura-of-the-rocksOriginally posted on Tania Marie’s Blog:

caring spiritDaily Thought from Shakti Gawain’s Reflections in the Light: Daily Thoughts and Affirmations:

~ The spirit of giving ~

Take a few minutes to reflect on how you give of yourself to the world. Often we get caught up in the frenzy of buying and giving things. Look at the ways you give appreciation, friendship, energy, time, love, and affection, and give of your special talents and abilities throughout the year. Acknowledge yourself for having enriched the lives of others. Spend some time loving yourself for the giving light that you are.

I honor myself for all that I give.

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