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WashingtonExaminer – Eleanor Holmes Norton Says ‘You Don’t Have A Right To Know’ What’s Going On In Government – 27 July 2014

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TheIndependent – News Corp Could Still Face Corporate Charges Over Phone Hacking Allegations – 27 July 2014

The Independent

(Lucas : Again see it for what it is… the actors get off the hook in my view easily and now the corporate charges come in which will be undoubtedly being resolved with settlements and  further business as usual.)

Fresh legal moves are being prepared to hold ‘senior executives’ to account for company failures

By  James Cusick

Quote: Scotland Yard detectives investigating alleged corporate crime are seeking to bring a case that would force senior executives to be held to account for the behaviour of their more junior staff.

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TheIndependent – Ex-Justice Minister Backs Opponents Of Probation Reform – 27 July 2014

The Independent

(Lucas : See what it is all about corporatization and privatising government duties and agencies… for the for profit companies like, Serco, Sodexho, G4S etc. You country is destabilized and sold to the corporations and now even reformed away from common law and  you as the people in charge.)

Labour calls for an inquiry into whether switch in policy resulted in a preventable murder

By Mark Leftly

Quote: A damning dossier of evidence and interviews compiled by The Independent on Sunday reveals the extent of Britain’s probation crisis, as Labour calls for an inquiry into whether the reforms meant a preventable murder took place this month.

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TheIndependent – Fire Started As ‘Serious Disturbance’ Continues At Crisis-Hit Prison HMP Ranby – 27 July 2014

The Independent

Around 120 prisoners have ‘taken control of a unit’

By Neil Lancefield

Quote: A serious disturbance has broken out at a “crisis” prison after 120 inmates refused to return to their cells this afternoon.

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TheAustralian – Most Jobseekers Are To Be Required To Work For The Dole – 27 July 2014

The Australian

( Lucas : a wider and wider spreading disease is governments over the world compulsory letting people work for benefits… that are just for the reason of not having an income out of work or self-employment instated in the first place. It is in violation of Human Rights and is in violation of constitutions all over… as this last resort net of having an income to cover your basics is now abused to make you work in slave labor not being paid minimum wage. The cover for this so called compulsory work is said to be in community jobs, but as seen in other countries, more and more the so-called community volunteers are taken over by those in slave labor for benefits. It even spreads into the normal business and job markets  as these new job slaves are used into positions where someone could be working for normal minimum wage pay.  See it for what it is… it is not normal…. it is also creating a new so-called easy to abuse lower subclass without rights as not complying will be punished with taking away your lawful and constitutional rights to benefits/dole. It is whatever way you look at it forced slave labor.)

ALMOST all jobseekers will be required to work for the dole under tough new federal government rules expanding the scheme.

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Méline Lafont – Méline Portia Lafont – Tsolians Speak About The Replicator – 27 July 2014

MélineMéline: This is a short message from the Tsolians of the Delta Quadrant about what a replicator is, after a friend of mine asked about it.
Greetings beloved,
The replicator, what is been spoken of to you, is a technology that is based on the sun’s particles of Light that merge and re-blend with the atom’s atmosphere in order to form a creation into existence. It is a formula of destination and emergence of certain atomic atmospheres that are sub merged with the incoming light particles of the Sun, whose particles infuse the seeded atomic structures as to how creation is formed.
It is quite an understanding by you to be able and infuse this information and process it through the mind of your human vessel. The elaboration is done by heart and it is with this merging of your human vehicle atomic vessel and your Galactic consciousness that you are able to tap into these waves of vibration and information.. more is to come as you embody this consciousness in the heart and as you level up your vehicle into a Galactic nature.
Welcome to your Galactic consciousness
The Tsolians
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Laura Bruno – Seen At The Elkhart County Fair + A Garden Update – 27 July 2014

laura-of-the-rocksDavid had free tickets to the Elkhart County Fair — a little perk from work — so we decided to go one night this week. I was surprised to find a huge aquaponics display, an up and coming (Amish?) business in nearby Middlebury. In addition to awareness of food security, we saw solar panels. Apparently, our friend Paul’s letter to the editor last year gained traction, because this year we also saw recycling bins and … vegetables! Now, mind you, nearly all of those vegetables were fried; however, an enterprising fair goer could find deep-fried pickles, cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini. David and I also managed to find some “pit-tatoes” cooked in a BBQ pit, which were actually surprisingly yummy. Continue reading

Magenta Pixie – The Akashic Records, Keepers Of The Akash And The Master Librarians – 27 July 2014

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ZeroHedge – Has Fractional-Reserve Banking Really Passed the Market Test? – 27 July 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by World Dollar

Has Fractional-Reserve Banking Really Passed the Market Test?

In 2003, Jörg Guido Hülsmann, a senior fellow of the Mises Institute, published the essay “Has Fractional-Reserve Banking Really Passed the Market Test?” in a Winter edition of The Independent Review. The key conclusion drawn was that it is the obfuscation of the difference between fractional-reserve IOUs and genuine money titles which preserves the the practice of fractional-reserve banking.

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ZeroHedge – Flight MH-17 Black Box Reveals “Massive Explosive Decompression” – 27 July 2014

 ZeroHedgeWhile it was already reported that the black boxes of flight MH 17 were supposedly not tempered with, despite early propaganda attempts via planted YouTube clips to claim otherwise (clips which have since disappeared replaced by other propaganda), the question of what the data recovery team operating in London would find was unanswered, until earlier today when CBS reported that “unreleased data” from a black box retrieved from the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine show findings consistent with the plane’s fuselage being hit multiple times by shrapnel from a missile explosion.