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Wes Annac – The Voice Within: The Purpose Of Your Existence – 28 January 2015

wesannac2As long as you stay aware and active, nothing will keep you from making the revolutionary inner and outer changes you’ve come to earth to make.

The purpose of your existence on earth, beyond awakening and uplifting others, is to awaken and uplift yourselves; to find the higher vibration you strive to help the rest of humanity feel.

You can’t help anyone else feel it if you don’t have a pure glimpse of it yourself, and for this and plenty of other reasons, you’re encouraged to do everything you can to keep your spiritual links open, strong and flowing. Continue reading

Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 28 January 2015

AishaNorthJanuary 27, 2015 in Channelings

By now, much has been set into motion that will once again necessitate a period of incubation before it can take fully hold, and what we mean by that is simply this: you have once again completed one of many cycles whereby your energetic environment, both on the inside and on the outside, has been reset to such a degree, the overall effect it has on your physical and mental vehicle is so great, it needs to be incrementally digested. In other words, look upon this as a period of more quiet reflection, and when we use the word reflection, we use it on purpose. For now is the time to not only cast your eyes about in ways that will be better suited to take in the inner workings of your own physical vehicle, but also in a manner that will enable you to entrain yourself with what is being broadcast from all the sources around you, both in the way of all of the physical sources for these new frequencies, but also the more esoteric ones. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Did You Know The IRS And The Fed Are Private Corporations? – 28 January 2015

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Pao L. Chang, Guest
Waking Times

Most people living in the USA have no clue that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a foreign agency. To be more accurate, the IRS is a foreign private corporation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and is the private “army” of the Federal Reserve (Fed). Its main goal is to make sure the American people pay their tax and be good little slaves.

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Steve Lendman – Russia Counters US Big Lies With Hard Truths – 28 January 2015

StevelendmanUS Big Lies proliferate with disturbing regularity. Obama is a notorious serial liar. His January 20 State of the Union address the latest example.

A previous article said it combined demagogic rubbish, duplicitous boilerplate, pure fantasy, colossal arrogance, and a contemptible assertion of US supremacy.
Boastful empty rhetoric substitutes for responsible leadership. Obama’s legacy reflects permanent wars on humanity at home and abroad.
More murders by drones than all his predecessors combined. Death squad diplomacy worldwide.

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NaturalNews – Jennifer Lilley – Water Dallas Voting To Possibly End Water Fluoridation Wednesday – 28 January 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Wednesday, January 28, 2015, is a date that anti-fluoridation activists in Dallas, Texas — and perhaps around the nation– are eagerly awaiting. It’s the date that City Hall officials are expected to decide whether or not fluoridation of the public water works will continue.(1)

Sites dedicated to getting such toxicity out of the area water supply are in full swing, one being the Fluoride Action North Texas Facebook page. Several posts there encourage making one’s voice heard about the issue, urging people to appear at Dallas City Hall (1500 Marilla Street) at 8:00 in the morning on decision day.(2)

The Facebook page is filled with informative videos addressing the problem of fluoride in drinking water and also includes numerous images of people holding signs with the January 28 date along with the wording, “Dallas City Council Vote No!”(2)

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5 Sub-Earth-Sized Planets Discovered Orbiting Ancient Sun-Like Star – 28 January 2015

RT logoAn international team of astronomers has discovered an “unusual” star system that is comprised of the oldest known star hosting planets, 11.2 billion years old. To compare, the Big Bang is considered to have happened 13.8 billion years ago.

The discovery of an ancient star located 117 light-years from Earth, was based on observations made by NASA’s Kepler satellite, and was announced on Tuesday in the Astrophysical Journal by scientists from Europe, Australia and the US.

The oldest star to have been found so far hosting planets slightly smaller than the Earth, Kepler-444 has five planets orbiting it. Their sizes vary between those of Mercury and Venus, and they orbit their parent star in less than 10 days, at less than one-tenth Earth’s distance from the sun. The lack of liquid water and high levels of radiation make them uninhabitable, scientists revealed.

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‘If SWIFT Gets Weaponized, An Alternative System Is Absolutely Realistic’ – 28 January 2015

RT logoWhile the West may try to slap Russia with more sanctions, the SWIFT banking payment system will try to stay out of political crossfire, economist Max Fraad Wolff told RT, adding that if it eventually gets weaponized, an alternative will emerge.

READ MORE: Russian PM vows ‘unrestricted’ response if banned from SWIFT payment system

RT: Do you think Russia will be blocked from SWIFT, or is this just an idle threat?

Max Fraad Wolff: So far it seems like it is mostly talk. But this has been threatened. We have seen it come up a few times. The rumor mill suggests it came up around comments by VTB Bank and the folks associated with that large Russian bank in and around Davos. Obviously the Russian sanctions were a major conversational piece in Davos most recently. And we have seen the escalation of sanctions.

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