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ActivistPost – Bank Freeze Outs, Glitches And Holds Increasingly Locking Customers Out Of Funds – 28 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comMac Slavo
Activist Post

This image was captured from a real ATM machine not long ago, and could be seen anytime for any reason by anyone operating on the digital grid.

If ever you needed a better motivation to get your funds out of the bank, this is a clear sign that a digital clampdown is coming.

There are increasing examples of technology failures and stricter bank policies that are keep people from getting their money.

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Kauilapele’s Blog – This is HUGE… 3-27-15… “State Of Hawai‘i Judge Rules Hawaiian Kingdom Still Exists”!!! – 28 March 2015

hawaiian_kingdom_shield_28[Update: highlights may be found here.]

When I first heard of this, and then did a web search and found this article (from HawaiianKingdom.org), I knew it was a major development for returning the Kingdom of Hawai’i back to its fullness. Significantly, on 3-5-15, Kingdom Chief Justice Jennifer Pawlowski was in an upper room of that courthouse on another court matter, and prior to that, on 3-3-15, her parents, Ali’i Mana’o Nui Lanny Sinkin and I performed a ceremony at Kilauea on 3-3-15. These were not coincidences. All were connected.

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Jon Rappoport – Power Outside The Matrix: Liberation From Programming – 28 March 2015

jon7There are two major effects of overall mind control.The first is the distracting and confusing of thought processes.

This is defeated and kept at bay by logic, a discipline employed by Plato and refined by his student, Aristotle.

Today, logic needs to be expanded and updated to deal with the flood of information and misinformation we encounter every day.

The second overall effect of mind control is the repression of the individual’s creative impulse. Creation and imagination are, of course, the energies that bring about the invention of new realities.
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Switzerland Launches Criminal Probe into Illegal, ‘Anti-Aging’ Animal Cell Injections – 28 March 2015

RT logoSwiss health regulators have announced that they started a criminal investigation into clinics and people who offered illegal animal cell injection as an anti-aging treatment.

Authorities have said they are aware of at least 35 clinics giving the potentially dangerous procedures, and they don’t have permits to perform the injections, according to AFP.

Most institutions that offer these supposedly anti-aging treatments are situated on the shores of Lake Geneva between Lausanne and Montreux.

Last year, the clinics were already warned to stop the procedures.

In a statement released Thursday, the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP), the Swiss health authority, announced that “criminal proceedings were initiated against several clinics and different people” that engage in the practice, Les Echos news portal reported.

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Lockheed To Build New Precision Weapons For US Air Force – 28 March 2015

RT logoUS defense contractor Lockheed Martin has won a contract from the US Department of Defense to build precision weapons targeting pods for the US Air Force worth $485 million.

The pods are called the Sniper, and use an electro-optical and infrared imaging system that comes in a lightweight compatible casing and uses the latest precision guided weapons. They are then fixed to the bottom of an aircraft and can detect air-to-ground and air-to-air targets.

“Lockheed Martin … has been awarded a $485,000,000 firm fixed price with minimal cost-plus-fixed-fee, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract. Contractor [Lockheed] will provide multiple Sniper advanced targeting pods,” said a statement by the US Department of Defense on Friday.

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Jon Rappoport – Down The Memory Hole: Health Care Workers Refused Vaccine – 28 March 2015

jon7“A basic function of the news is forgetting. It’s vital, if the population is to remain programmed. A story that once had juice was reported, and then…it vanished. No deep follow-up, no relentless investigation, no digging below the surface.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

It’s convenient to forget, when remembering is unpleasant, when remembering makes you think twice about what the truth really is.

ABC News, December 9, 2008, “Docs talk the talk, but do they take flu shots?”:

“According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a significant chunk of health care professionals declined to get vaccinated against the influenza virus during the 2006-07 flu season, with only about 40 percent opting for a jab.” Continue reading

Arab Nations Move Closer To Unified Military Force As Yemen Conflict Escalates – 28 March 2015

RT logoArab leaders hope to fulfill a long-held dream of creating a joint military force as they meet in Egypt this weekend. The project has been given more impetus in the wake of the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen to battle Shia Houthi rebels.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi told an Arab League summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Saturday that he is in favor of creating a united Arab force to help maintain security within the region. He also said he has accepted a proposal from the Arab foreign ministers to form the joint Arab military force.

The move to create a joint Arab army comes on the backdrop of a Saudi-led coalition launching airstrikes against Houthi Shia anti-government forces in Yemen. Kuwait’s Emir also spoke on Saturday in Egypt saying that the Houtis posed a threat in the region.

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Russia To Apply For China-Led Infrastructure Bank AIIB – Deputy PM – 28 March 2015

RT logoRussia decided to apply to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said on Saturday.

“I would like to inform you about the decision to participate in the AIIB,” which was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Shuvalov said atthe Boao Forum for Asia.

Shuvalov added that Russia welcomes China’s Silk Road Economic Belt initiative and is happy about stepping up cooperation.

“We are delighted to be able to step up cooperation in the format of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and China…the free movement of goods and capital within the EEU brings economies of Europe and Asia closer. This is intertwined with the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative, launched by the Chinese leadership,” he said.

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Steve Lendman – Israeli Stooge Abbas Supports Obama’s War On Yemen – 28 March 2015

StevelendmanIsrael appointed Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian Authority leader to provide enforcer services – dirty work it subcontracts.

He’s hugely corrupt. He amassed great stolen wealth serving Israeli interests – conspiring against his own people.

He’s a Palestinian Judas, a longtime Israeli collaborator. He has no legitimacy whatever. He belongs in prison, not high office.

On Thursday, he expressed support for Saudi terror-bombing – naked aggression by any standard.  Continue reading

Watchdog Report Raises Questions Over LAPD’s Use Of Patrol Car Videos – 28 March 2015

RT logoThe inspector general for the Los Angeles Police Department said it is inconsistently reviewing and using patrol car videos, and recommended a new mandate for officers to turn on the devices during stops, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Additionally, the report suggested regular reviews by the independent watchdog.

The report concerned the review of videos from 211 vehicle and pedestrian stops by police officers from the South Bureau – the first squad to be outfitted with the technology. It found the department’s practice was to regularly review recordings of critical incidents such as police shootings, pursuits, or when a complaint was made against an officer.

Under new policies by the watchdog body, there will be a systematic review of the footage to improve training and to make sure officers follow department policy and “constitutional and legal standards.”

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