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Cance-R-Evolution: Shrimp Eyes Help Scientists Develop ‘Cancer-Seeing’ Phone Camera – 28 September 2014

RT logoThe brilliant natural design of the Mantis shrimp’s eyes allows the colorful crustacean to see cancer within our bodies. Now, scientists in Australia have reproduced the critters amazing ability in a camera that might one day be put in your smartphone.

Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia announced the discovery earlier this week, which could revolutionize the way we detect one of the top global killers.

The mantis shrimp has one of the most elaborate visual systems ever discovered. Researchers at the university found that the shrimp’s compound eyes are perfectly designed to detect polarized light, which reflects differently off of different types of tissues, including those of the cancerous or healthy variety.

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Pentagon Think Tank Hires ‘Call Of Duty’ Creator To Advise On Future Threats To US – 28 September 2014

 Screenshot from "Call of Duty"

Screenshot from “Call of Duty”

You would think war-themed video games copy real life, and not the other way around. Not this time. A Washington think tank has hired the maker of the acclaimed “Call of Duty” game to envision the kind of future wars the US could be fighting.

The key reason for this, according to the Atlantic Council think tank, is that, with all its money and capabilities, America really isn’t thinking creatively about the various threats it could face in the 21st century.

Dave Anthony, the creator of the billion-dollar Call of Duty franchise, will be joining other authors, screenwriters and entertainment figures in an initiative called ‘The Art of Future War Project,’ set to launch next week, according to AFP.

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John Ward – Smile, It’s The Sunday Slime – 28 September 2014

newmarkMother of 5 Lucy Newmark and her virtual partner Brooks

Few Ministers go the extra mile to quite the extent that Brooks Newmark did in his role as Women’s Champion. Indeed, I know of no cases where such a chap sent an ECU dick-shot by email in order to declare his commitment to a member of the opposite gender. I don’t know of any – but we are talking Conservative politicians here, so I’d imagine such tokens of virtual affection are quite common. Wife Lucy is one would imagine very familiar with Brooks’s willy, as they have five children. But I’d imagine things are a bit tense over the breakfast table Chez Newmark this morning. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Spirit World Chronicles: The Borderlands – Meeting Departed Loved Ones – Part 2/2 – 28 September 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

A lot of things about Stead’s experience was similar to his experiences on earth, he admits, including he and his father’s clothing.

“My father and I, with my friend also, set out immediately. A curious thing struck me. I was clothed exactly as I had been, and it seemed a little strange to me to think I had brought my clothing with me! … Continue reading

WashingtonExaminer – Obama Should Seek Congressional Authorization On Campaign Against The Islamic State – 28 September 2014

Washington Examiner

By Bradley Burne

In August, I participated in a trip to the Middle East led by House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon, R-Calif. While there we met with several heads of state, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Steve Lendman – Israel: Guilty Of Genocidal High Crimes – 28 September 2014

StevelendmanA previous article explained the following:
The Russell Tribunal (RT) is an activist peace organization. It’s known as the International War Crimes Tribunal.
It condemns America’s permanent war agenda. It opposes New World Order extremism. Its members include academics, intellectuals and artists.
It’s inspired by the BRussells Tribunal. It was named after after famed philosopher/mathematician/anti-war/anti-imperialism activist Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970).
He warned many years ago:

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PositiveNews – Open-Source’ Seed Released To Nurture Patent-Free Food – 28 September 2014

Positive News

A new initiative will help farmers overcome intellectual property law restrictions on quality seeds

An ‘open-source’ seed initiative has released 36 varieties of 14 food crops, which the project’s leaders say could help poor farmers get access to better quality seeds

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ZeroHedge – Ready Or Not… The Unsustainable Status Quo Is Ending – 28 September 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Chris Martenson via Peak Prosperity,

~ Walking straight in a hall of mirrors

I have to confess, it’s getting more and more difficult to find ways of writing about everything going on in the world.

Not because there’s a shortage of things to write about — wars, propaganda, fraud, Ebola — but because most of the negative news and major world events we see around us are symptoms of the disease, not the disease itself.

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Jon Rappoport – Imagination And The Fire – 28 September 2014

jon7Once upon a time, human beings lived in cultures where images were alive. What we now call superstitions were, to them, gods and demons and intermediary entities that transmitted or stole the juice and the energy and the power of life.

It’s nearly impossible to project ourselves into such an environment and experience the burgeoning passions that infused experience—because a great shift has occurred.

The West entered, with anticipation, a temple where images were aligned with so-called rational faith. Continue reading

John Ward – Mark Feckless Decision To Join UKip Sparks Brooks Newmark Jihadist Breakaway As MI6 Brands Former Tory Minister Newmark Self-Confessed Pink Oboe Mutilator – 28 September 2014

And in a double blow for Tory supremo Cavedin Dammerung, Brooks Newmark, the Conservative minister for civil society, has resigned to join UlickmyDickonline (ULiMDon) a radical Jihadist offshoot from the Faragist Ukip mainstream. CIA sources claim that Jihadi Bro (the man clearly seen circumcising harmless MP aid shirkers during videos far too gory for any of us to watch) has finally been identified as Bro J Newmark – the former Conservative minister for civil society.

The FBI has since put ULiMDon on its Most Wanted List of genital mutilaters. Later today, MI6 sources were adamant that ULiMDon is now the greatest threat to purple helmet heterosexuals since Kenneth Williams. And in a special session, MPs voted overwhelmingly to employ on-the-ground troops in order to nip these circumstantial circumcisions in the bud.

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