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Argentina And UK Falklands Spat Spiced Up By Russian Jets – 29 December 2014

RT logoThe Falkland Islands – a UK overseas territory Argentina lays claim to – have been allegedly reviewing their defenses after news Russia may offer Argentina fighter jets. Moscow could swap them for beef and wheat, UK’s Daily Express says in its report.

The deal reportedly involves a lease/lend of twelve Sukhoi Su-24 all-weather attack aircraft, which NATO calls “Fencer A”. The jets will be able to do air patrols over the Falklands’ capital, Port Stanley. According to the tabloid, Ministry of Defense officials fear Buenos Aires will take delivery of the planes well before the 2020 deployment of the Navy’s 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and its F-35B fighters, leaving a “real window of vulnerability.”

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Ditching US dollar: China, Russia Launch Financial Tools In Local Currencies – 29 December 2014

RT logoChina and Russia have effectively switched to domestic currencies in trading using financial tools as swaps and forwards, as they seek to reduce the influence of the US dollar and foreign exchange risks.

The agreement signed in the end of October comes into force Monday, December 29, and provides a currency swap of CNY150 billion (up to US$25 billion).

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The country’s Foreign Exchange Trade System will carry out similar transactions with the Malaysian ringgit and the New Zealand dollar.

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Jon Rappoport – Boycott, Ban, Criminalize Roundup – 29 December 2014

jon7Glyphosate is the primary active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup.

There is no official figure for the amount of glyphosate used every year in the world. One estimate? 650,000 tonnes, which works out to a staggering 1.3 billion pounds.

Manufactured by Monsanto and a number of other companies, glyphosate use spiked after the introduction of Monsanto’s GMO Roundup Ready food crops in the 1990s.

Here is a sprinkle of information about glyphosate. To say it’s sobering is a vast understatement. Keep in mind that the medical cartel, which would call a mother’s touch a disease if it could get away with it, has no name for any disease or disorder caused by glyphosate. In other words, the cartel doesn’t acknowledge its existence. Continue reading

Wings Clipped? US To Regulate Drone Usage In 2015 – 29 December 2014

RT logoCommercial drone operations are likely to be regulated in 2015 in the US, which possesses the world’s biggest military drone fleet. Professional pilots are concerned about possible collisions between drones and manned aircraft.

Authorities in the US have been working on ‘drone rules’ for practically a decade, yet the two versions presented over that time failed to comply with expectations of either the Transportation Department or the White House, AP reports.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been promising to make the ‘drone rules’ public by the end of this year, but industry officials believe the document is likely to be ready in January.

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£2Mn Cadet Sex-Abuse Silence: UK Def Min Exposed – 29 December 2014

RT logoThe Ministry of Defence (MoD) has paid more than £2 million in out-of-court settlements during the past three years following claims of sexual abuse against cadets, a freedom of information request has revealed.

The information, obtained by the Guardian, showed that the MoD had settled out-of-court payments for allegations including abuse rituals performed by older boys on younger cadets. Some cases were payouts to adults for historic abuse claims, but others were reportedly much more recent.

In 2014, eight payouts, totaling £544,213, were made to cadets who claimed to have suffered abuse in the Army Cadets, Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and Air Cadet Organisation.

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ZeroHedge – Crude Is Tumbling (Again) – 29 December 2014

ZeroHedgeWhile mainstream media desperately played up the fact that oil prices were ‘off the lows’ this morning as some kind of positive news, that narrative is now dashed to winds of under-demand and over-supply. With WTI Crude prices testing the multi-year cycle lows once again, crashing below $54, we wonder how long before the Yellen effect wears off

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German Govt Denies Merkel Staffer’s Laptop Infected By US/UK Malware – 29 December 2014

RT logoThe German government has denied reports a laptop belonging to a top Merkel aide was infected with the highly-sophisticated Regin virus – malware believed to be a product of British and US spy agencies.

Earlier, Bild reported that Regin spy software was discovered on the USB stick of one of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s senior staff members. Merkel’s Head of the Department of European Policy took the stick home to polish a draft of a speech she had been writing. She saved the document on the USB device using her laptop. At work the next day, virus-scanning software revealed the flash drive was infected with Regin spy software.

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Additional checks turned up no infections on any of the 200 high-security laptops in the Chancellery, sources from German security services said, according to the report.

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